February 18, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

ISA Paddleboard World Champs: Germany Trudges Through Snow & Ice To Reach Peru

Germany Stand Up Paddle boardingSix days and counting until the 2013 ISA World Champs kicks off in Peru and the list of nations that’ll be competing is just about finalised. We’ve already met a dozen teams – USA, Denmark, Japan, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, France, and Australia – and they’ll be joined by New Zealand, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Tahiti, Puerto Rico and a few more in Miraflores, Lima from the 24th Feb to 2nd March.

Today one more paddling nation joins the list: Team Germany. The Germans have a strong history in the world of paddling, winning countless Gold Medals in sprint canoe and kayak events, so it’s no surprise to see a growing Stand Up Paddle scene over there.

Flying the flag in Peru will be Petra Offermans, Norman Weber and Moriz Mauch. Petra is the brains behind the excellent SUP-Guide.com and took out 2nd place in the recent national champs. Norman Weber is an ex-champion whitewater kayaker, with several national title and world cup victories under his belt. Meanwhile Moriz is the current SUP surfing champion living in exile down in the (much warmer) the Canary Islands.

Unfortunately for the Germans, the ISA Worlds are timed in the middle of winter, and this year the winter has been particularly cold. Based on the pics below, it seems a large part of their SUP race training consists of searching for water that’s not frozen solid…

So now it seems to be a three way battle between Sweden, Canada and Germany for the “Most dedicated SUP team” award. Check out the full team lineup and pics below, and if you’re feeling generous get in on the Germans’ fund-raising raffle for Peru.

2013 ISA World Paddleboard Championship – Team Germany

SUP Racing Women
Petra Offermans

SUP Racing Men
Norman Weber

SUP Surfing Men
Moriz Mauch