August 7, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Interview With Molokai Champ Travis Grant

Travis Grant MolokaiListen to a great interview with the newly crowned Molokai 2 Oahu champ Travis Grant. If you somehow missed the news about Molokai last week (I don’t know how you possibly could have, but just in case), Aussie Travis Grant blizted an all-star field to claim the title.

It was a gruelling race, with slow conditions meaning even Travis took almost five hours to complete the crossing, while some paddlers were out there for over eight (and those are the ones who actually made it… M2O had it’s highest ever drop-out rate this year).

You can check out the full interview on (Trav’s section starts at the 17:50 mark) but my favourite quote has to be:

Stoke Radio: “What kind line did you take that give you an advantage?”

Travis Grant: “Well I didn’t do anything special, I just went straight. I went straight from point A to point B. The oldest trick in the book…”


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