July 8, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Watermans Paddle For Humanity @ Lake Tahoe

Full results are in from the latest Watermans Paddle For Humanity race held at @ Lake Tahoe yesterday, where Hawaiian young gun Kody Kerbox continued his fine form on the Lake this year by claiming the Elite 10k Race.

Kerbox took out the SUP Cross race at last weekend’s Race The Lake Of The Sky and won the Lake Tahoe Thunderbird Run a couple of weeks before that. The Maui young gun also scored a very close 2nd to local star Jay Wild in Tahoe’s Donner Lake Memorial race back in May, giving himself an impressive string of results on the Lake this Summer.

Tahoe is fast becoming a hotspot for SUP races: it’s hosted half a dozen high profile races this year and there are a couple more yet to come (which you can find on our Stand Up Paddle racing guide).

Take a look at the full race results below plus check out some great race pics from Steller Grips’ Peter Spain.

SKIP TO RESULTS: Elite 10k Race | Recreational 5k Race | Chuck Patterson Rally Race



Watermans Paddle For Humanity Lake Tahoe RESULTS

10km Elite SUP Race

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Kody KERBOX1:07:2214'118
2M2Dean CHRISTENER1:08:2814'222
3M3Seth SPRINGER1:08:4314'335
4M4Rand CARTER1:10:5414'448
5M5Austin YOUNG1:11:5512'6"120
6M6Jeramie VAINE1:12:0612'6"232
7M7Scott ESTRADA1:12:4614'544
8M8David MEYLER1:13:5612'6"340
9M9Eli DELANHAY1:16:1612'6" Youth115
10M10Charles BANFIELD1:16:37Men's 50+150
11M11Reid HARVELL1:16:5912'6"437
12M12Mike DAY1:17:42Men's 50+260
13M13Geoff JAMES1:18:3812'6"549
14M14Kevin CRIFASI1:19:4814'638
15M15Doug STOUP1:20:2914'748
16M16Ciro MANCUSO1:23:41Men's 50+354
17M17Jim GRANGER1:24:1514'859
18M18Walker LEWIS1:24:2714'935
19M19Michael MELVILLE1:25:40Surfboard158
20M20Trey GRIFFIN1:25:4412'6"636
21M21Josiah BRACKETT1:27:5512'6" Youth215
22F1Valerie KHACHADOURIAN1:28:15Women's 50+150
23M22Craig EISENBERG1:28:5312'6"754
24M23Charlie BOWMAN1:29:0514'10na
25F2Brie MOORE1:33:07F12'6"136
26F3Kim FIELD1:38:09F12'6"239
27M24Matt LYLES1:38:4512'6"842
28F4Julie STEVENS1:44:45F12'6"344
29F5Nancie SCHOENER1:47:41Women's 50+253
30M25Garrett MUSCH1:49:0012'6"936
31F6Marissa WERTHEIMER1:50:44Women's 50+355
32M26Barney PUGH1:53:46Men's 50+464
33F7Nancy BARNA1:55:02Women's 50+453


5km Recreational SUP Race

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Jake LAMBERTH29:55:00Unlimited149
2M2Phil VOCI34:46:0012'6"141
3M3Jay WILD36:03:00Prone132
4M4Jay VALOIS37:45:0012'6"248
5M5Ward FIGGE38:18:0012'6"348
6M6Cameron VALOIS39:00:0012'6" Youth112
7F1Teressmarie TUCKER39:06:00Women's 50+153
8F2Jane MCKENZIE39:39:00Women's 50+257
9M7Trent CARTER41:43:0012'6" Youth210
10M8Joshua BRACKETT41:44:0012'6" Youth3na
11F3Jenna GRANGER43:30:00F14'127
12F4Carol LYDA43:50:00Women's 50+362
13F5Daphne JAMES44:50:00F12'6"113
14F6Anik & Elika44:52:00F12'6"240
15F7Gail DEMARCO46:01:00F12'6"354
16M9Dalton LAMBERTH46:58:0012'6" Youth411
17F8Jessica TIMMONS46:59:00F12'6"431
18M10Jeff TIMMONS47:20:0012'6"432
19F9Nickie MISFELDT47:23:00Women's 50+460
20M11Max MONTGOMERY48:11:00Men's 50+150
21M12John STIRLING48:13:00Prone262
22M13Matix SPRINGER48:18:0012'6" Youth58
23M14Doug GREENWOOD50:18:00Men's 50+255
24F10Jennifer ANDREWS50:39:00F12'6"543
25F11Palmira FARROW55:05:00F Surfboard132
26M15Anthony MUSCH56:09:00Surfboard113
27F12Kim FRIEDMAN56:46:00F Surfboard246
28M16Matt FRIEDMAN56:52:00Surfboard249


Chuck Patterson Rally Race

1st: Kody KERBOX // 14′ // 0:47:01
2nd: Ronnie AYRES // 14′ // 0:47:59
3rd: Dean CHRISTENER // 14′ // 0:49:00
4th: Jay WILD // ?? // 0:49:23
5th: Jeramie VAINE // 12’6″ // 0:53:50
6th: Austin YOUNG // 12’6″ // 0:55:30
7th: Reid HARVELL // 12’6″ // 0:55:54
8th: Jake LAMBERTH // Unlimited // 0:56:24
9th: Seth SPRINGER // 14′ // 0:56:37
10th: Scott ESTRADA // 14′ // 1:00:58
11th: Geoff JAMES // 12’6″ // 1:01:20
12th: Charlie BOWMAN // 14′ // 1:06:58
13th: Max MONTGOMERY // 14′ // 1:09:04

1st: Teressmarie TUCKER // 14′ // 47:45

1st: Josiah BRACKETT // 12’6″ // 42:21
2nd: Joshua BRACKETT // 12’6″ // 44:45
3rd: Trent CARTER // 12’6″ // 47:20