May 28, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2012 Tahoe Cup – Donner Lake Memorial Paddle

Rob Rojas, Kody Kerbox and Jay Wild leading the race

Check out the action from Lake Tahoe on the weekend, which hosted the first of the 2012 O’Neill Tahoe Cup SUP Race Series events, the Donner Lake Memorial Paddle.

In true Tahoe fashion conditions were very fresh, with plenty of booties and long johns on display (and some snow cover on the surrounding mountains, just for good measure). The race saw a solid turnout with 68 paddlers crossing the finish line.

It was a super tight battle for victory in the men’s race, with Rob Rojas, Kody Kerbox and Jay Wild sharing the lead the whole race. In the end it was a sprint to the finish with Jay Wild snagging the narrowest of victories over Kody Kerbox and Rob Rojas in third.

Meanwhile Jen Fuller dominated the women’s race to claim the win (and beat two-thirds of the men’s field in the process).

Scroll down past the pics for the full race results.

There’s plenty of SUP racing action happening in Northern California this year – just check out our calendar to find the next Stand Up Paddle Races @ Lake Tahoe.

Plus a big thanks to Peter Spain Photography for the epic shots. Trivia: Peter’s also the inventor of the new Steller Grips paddle handles





Sprint to the line: Jay Wild narrowly ahead of Kody Kerbox and Rob Rojas

Sprint to the finish; Jay Wild leads Kody Kerbox

Jay Wild just snags the victory from Kody Kerbox



Tahoe Cup SUP Race Series: Donner Lake Memorial

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeAgeClass#Division#
1M1Jay WILD0:48:103214'1Open Men1
2M2Kody KERBOX0:48:121814'2M Youth1
3M3Rob ROJAS0:48:213814'3Open Men2
4M4Rand CARTER0:51:1648Unlim1Open Men1
5M5Ronnie AYRES0:51:304414'4Open Men3
6M6Ben SARRAZIN0:51:393912'6"1Open Men1
7M7Jake LAMBERTH0:51:4648Unlim2Open Men2
8M8Seth SPRINGER0:51:503514'5Open Men4
9M9Austin YOUNG0:54:262012'6"2Open Men2
10M10Derek DIAL0:55:544212'6"3Open Men3
11M11Mike TESSLER0:56:104314'6Open Men5
12M12Adam FREEMAN0:56:123212'6"4Open Men4
13M13Chris BRACKETT0:56:244214'7Open Men6
14M14David MEYLER0:56:314012'6"5Open Men5
15M15Scott ESTRADA0:56:334414'8Open Men7
16F1Jen FULLER0:56:5649F12'6"1Open Women1
17M16Michael BOND0:57:335614'9Masters Men1
18M17Brian THOMAS0:57:5747Prone1Open Men1
19M18MacRae WYLDE0:58:194814'10Open Men8
20M19Dino WILSON0:58:315012'6"6Open Men6
21M20Ken ALTMAN0:58:336914'11Masters Men2
22M21James BRUCE1:00:0331Prone2Open Men2
23M22Geoffrey JAMES1:00:044912'6"7Open Men7
24M23Elijah DELAUNAY1:00:271512'6"8M Youth1
25M24Scott BOYLES1:00:394912'6"9Open Men8
26F2Julianne BRACKETT1:00:4518F12'6"2F Youth1
27F3Fiona WYLDE1:02:3915F12'6"3F Youth2
28M25Marcus TINGLE1:02:564214'12Open Men9
29M26Michael MELVILLE1:04:255812'6"10Masters Men1
30M27Jay VALOIS1:06:074814'13Open Men10
31M28Patric HILLENBRAND1:07:1047Unlim3Open Men3
32M29Paul ZARUBIN1:07:225814'15Masters Men3
33M30Nick VIVAR1:07:224814'14Open Men11
34F4Nina OAKLEY1:07:4430F12'6"4Open Women2
35M31Brian MARTINEZ1:08:323714'16Open Men12
36M32Leroy BISHOP1:09:085214'17Open Men13
37M33Adam LAUBER1:09:504012'6"11Open Men9
38M34Larry FERGUSON1:12:005314'18Open Men14
39F5Nichole HULL1:12:0233F12'6"5Open Women3
40M35Joe QUINN1:12:5146Unlim4Open Men4
41F6Helen GALLAGHER1:13:2152F12'6"6Open Women4
42M36Jared BRACKETT1:14:472012'6"12Open Men10
43M37Richard SCHOUTEN1:15:184512'6"13Open Men11
44F7Brie MOORE1:16:1636F12'6"7Open Women5
45M38Mitch BOOTHE1:17:345214'19Open Men15
46F8Connie ALTMAN1:19:0361F12'6"8Masters Women1
47M39Gary LEONG1:19:146512'6"14Masters Men2
48M40Phil SEGAL1:24:466614'20Masters Men4
49M41Josiah BRACKETT1:25:331212'6"16Open Men12
50F9Wendy ACKERMANN1:25:5746F14'1Open Women1
51F10Brenda MCGIRR1:27:0657F14'2Masters Women2
52M42John KEAGY1:27:184414'21Open Men16
53M43Gibson BEELER1:28:595312'6"17Open Men13
54M44Connor HOLLINGSWORT1:30:491412'6"18M Youth2
55F11Maria-Elaina BOWMAN1:31:0036F12'6"9Open Women6
56M45Charlie BOWMAN1:31:063612'6"19Open Men14
57F12Kimmie FIELD1:31:3338F12'6"10Open Women7
58F13Teressmarie TUCKER1:35:2553F12'6"11Open Women8
59M46Jonathan TAY1:36:304612'6"20Open Men15
60F14Jenna BRACKETT1:38:1914F12'6"12F Youth3
61M47Cameron VALOIS1:39:351212'6"21M Youth3
62F15Janessa BRACKETT1:41:5416F12'6"13F Youth4
63F16Kelly WOO1:43:1335F12'6"14Open Women9
64M48Brandon CARTER1:44:443914'22Open Men17
65F17Angela GARDNERANGEL1:45:2240F12'6"15Open Women10
66F18Nancie SCHOENER1:46:0853F14'3Open Women2
67F19Tricia CARTER1:51:1536F12'6"16Open Women11
68F20Kristina BERGSTRAND1:54:0042F12'6"17Open Women12