January 21, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] “The Doctor” Ocean Race: Connor Baxter WINS

UPDATE: Get The Doctor 2013 race results

Connor Baxter has won the $10k Starboard SUP Challenge at The Doctor ocean race. The young Hawaiian blitzed the 27.5km course in 2hrs 46mins, finishing ahead of Aussies Sam Parker and Kelly Margetts.

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UPDATE: Check out this great race report from Annabel Anderson via SUP-Guide.com


“The Doctor” Ocean Race 2012 RESULTS

(click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s results)

M/F    OverallName                                   Time    Class    Class #  
M1Connor Baxter02:46:5114ft1
M2Sam Parker02:49:3014ft2
M3Kelly Margetts02:55:0414ft3
M4Bart de Zwart02:57:4214ft4
M5Jake Jensen02:59:5314ft5
M6Beau O'’Brian03:01:0014ft6
M7Steve Walker03:06:00Open1
M8Lincoln Dews03:10:1212'6"1
M9Mike Galvin03:13:1914ft7
M10Travis Grant03:14:1414ft8
M11Peter Pridmore03:15:1614ft9
M12Peter Meyer03:19:0012'6"2
F13Annabel Anderson03:20:48F14ft1
M14Marcus Tardrew03:21:4312'6"3
M15Darren Marshall03:22:3714ft10
M16Dale Chapman03:24:1314ft11
M17Cameron McKay03:27:2012'6"4
F18Terrene Black03:28:32F14ft2
M19Roger Goodwin03:28:5814ft12
F20Alison Fullagar03:30:21F14ft3
M21Paul Jackson03:32:2312'6"5
M22Luke Jenkins03:34:0714ft13
M23Scott McKercher03:36:3014ft14
M24Lach Simpson03:42:45Open2
M25Simon Dodd03:46:2414ft15
M26Brett Hall03:51:1214ft16
M27Adam Quinn04:01:5614ft17
M28Wes Stansfield04:06:4114ft18
M29Gordon Stimson04:08:0314ft19
M30Greg Kerr04:08:2412'6"6
M31Adam Mullens04:09:4514ft20
M32Nick Jenkins04:10:2114ft21
F33Elyse Comerford04:12:33F14ft4
M34Chris Gage04:31:0014ft22
MDNFRaphael Bianchini10:00:0012'6"DNF
MDNFJustin Depiazz10:00:0012'6"DNF
MDNFKevin Kemp-Smith10:00:0012'6"DNF
MDNFJoe Fry10:00:0014ftDNF
FDNFAngela Jackson10:00:00F14ftDNF

 Images Copyright © Laurie/Seabreeze.com.au

Image copyright © Kate Brockhurst

Skip to 3:35 and 10:40 for the SUP action. Skip to 13:30 for the interview with Connor.
Thanks to Ocean Sports Media for the vid.


“The Doctor” 2012 Stand Up Paddle Race Results provided by SUPracer.com