October 14, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Pacific Paddle Games: Complete Results (and Big Updates to the World Rankings)

Pacific Paddle Games

Party wave(s) at the Pacific Paddle Games (photo credit: Andrew Welker)

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It’s taken us a few days to come down from the high that was D-Day at Doheny, but now that the dust has settled and dings have been repaired, it’s time to sign off on this amazing event by posting the full and final results from the 2015 Pacific Paddle Games.

We all know by now that Connor Baxter and Candice Appleby reigned supreme in some of the craziest racing our humble little sport has ever seen, however now we can take a look at the complete and final standings.

And we can also see big changes to the SUP Racer World Rankings.

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Pro Women’s OVERALL
Pro Men’s Course Race
Pro Men’s Distance Race
Pro Women’s Course Race
Pro Women’s Distance Race
All Other Results
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– World Rankings: Women’s Top 10
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The Pacific Paddle Games scored 81.0% on the men’s Race Index and 63.0% on the women’s, making it the most competitive race of the past 12 months. That gave the top performers at the PPGs a big bag of points, and caused plenty of changes on the Top 100 and Top 50 Leaderboards.

The biggest change is that Connor Baxter reclaims his world number one ranking, which he surrendered to Danny Ching at the Gorge seven weeks ago. Danny held onto the #1 spot for six weeks, with Travis Grant holding it for one week following the BOP-pocalypse.

But now Connor is back on top, with Trav getting dropped to world number two and Danny treading water at #3.

His win at Doheny becomes Connor’s best result of the past 12 months, but that wasn’t the only thing that elevated him back to the top of the world.

The Starboard superstar has enjoyed a stellar year that includes a fourth-straight OluKai title (his fifth-best result of the past 12 months), a gold medal at the ISA Worlds (his fourth-best result), as well as a big win at Europe’s two most competitive races, the Lost Mills (his second best result) and Barcelona (his third best points haul from the past 12 months). Oh and he also won the overall Euro Tour title, just for good measure.

Awesome recap from Doheny thanks to the Rogue SUP crew:

Trav, who is only just behind Connor on points and who has arguably been the in-form paddler of 2015 after wins at Carolina and Molokai, can perhaps consider himself unlucky that we don’t have “protected events” on the world rankings, something we may introduce next year to correct the imbalance of low-scoring specialty events such as Molokai 2 Oahu.

Travis famously won the most prestigious race of the year by over 15 minutes, but was let down by our Race Index algorithm that gave the race a relatively low score. This is my system but I’m the first to admit it has a few flaws, and these protected events are something I’m leaning towards including next season. Though exactly which events should be protected is where the real debate begins…

But no matter what, both Trav and Connor have had amazing seasons, and both clearly deserve to be at the pointy end of the field.

Kai Lenny drops two spots after failing to pick up any meaningful points at the PPGs. Kai looked like the man to beat in the heats and semi-finals of the surf race, but crashed out of contention in the distance event before getting caught in the chaos of the surf race final.

As this was the first ever Pacific Paddle Games, nobody was dropping any points from last year’s event (because it didn’t exist), which means every competitor either increased their total points or remained level. So Kai didn’t slide backwards in total points, however Danny and Connor earned enough to leapfrog him.

Pacific Paddle Games

Mo Freitas’ dominance of the surf race final was one of the best performances we’ve ever seen… (photo credit: Andrew Welker)

Another big move comes from Mo Freitas, whose heroics in the surf race final on Sunday afternoon earned him an overall podium finish (and a huge amount of respect from his fellow paddlers). That was enough to jump young Mo up into the world’s most exclusive club: The Top Five.

Despite being three or four years the junior of the other young guns like Kai and Connor, Mo has clearly announced himself as one of the world’s absolute best all-round paddlers. I daresay we’ll be seeing the name “Freitas” on a lot more podiums in the coming years (oh and he’s got a charging little brother named Marvin, who took out the under 11s title at the PPGs, so we could be in for a real dynasty here).

And Mo could have actually won the entire event if he stayed on his feet in the distance race. In extremely unchracteristic move, Mo fell of the wave right near the finish line that, if he’d held it to the beach, would have seen him battle for third place and a shot at the overall title.

Though Mo will have to keep his good form running: Next week is the race at Turtle Bay, where he finished runner-up to Kai Lenny 12 months ago. It looks like this year’s race will be slightly less competitive than 2014, so Mo will have to win to avoid losing points.

Mo’s elevation comes at the expense of Titouan Puyo, who had one of the most heartbreaking weekends imaginable. Titou got himself in a position to realistically win both races – he was leading the distance race early, won his semi-final in the course race and was sitting out front with Mo in the final – however a couple of tiny mistakes at critical moments sent him tumbling outside of the overall top 10 for the weekend.

Titou now sits #6 on the world rankings, though I get the feeling he’ll never be much lower than that. This guy has such a flawlessly perfect technique that he could easily be world number one in a couple of years.

Casper Steinfath, who went oh so close to winning the overall title at the PPGs, remains at world number seven but has greatly improved his position, increasing his overall points tally by 42.47. That puts the Danish Viking in a virtual tie with Titou and knocking on the door of the Top Five.

Pacific Paddle Games

Felipe Rodriguez high-fives Kai Lenny at the Pacific Paddle Games (photo credit: Andrew Welker)

Other big gainers include Kody Kerbox, who flew under the radar to finish a mighty impressive 6th place overall at Doheny. That result returns Kody to the Top 20.

Another strong performance came from Chuck Glynn, who was in a clear second halfway through the surf race final and, despite a late fade that saw him finish 7th in that race, still picked up his best result of the year.

Young Frenchman Martin Letourneur, who upstaged his more highly-fancied compatriots to finish 8th overall at Doheny, jumps seven spots. Martin is now ranked #25 in the world and looks on track to crack the Top 20 next season.

Aussie dark horse Michael Booth surprised everyone in California (but nobody in Australia) by sitting next to Danny and Travis at the front of the distance race all the way until the final buoy. The sprint through the surf and up the beach didn’t favour Boothy, however he still finished 11th overall for the weekend.

Despite holding just three results from the past 12 months (meaning he’s carrying 2x zero-point “donuts” in his best five), this guy is now ranked #37. Anyone that watched the distance race will know that the skies the limit for Boothy, who has successfully crossed over from the world of elite surf ski racing. Also in his favour are the Aussie Titles being held this week, which may just count for points and where Boothy is one of the favourites.

View the updated SUP Racer World Rankings: Top 100 Men’s Leaderboard

Pacific Paddle Games

Charging groms at the Pacific Paddle Games (photo credit: Andrew Welker)

On the women’s side there were plenty of changes as well, despite the PPGs scoring lower on the women’s Race Index (63.0%) than it did on the men’s (81.0%).

We use a slightly different formula to calculate women’s events, taking into consideration that women’s races do, on average, attract a much smaller field of competitors. However it still came up a little short of the men’s score.

But 63.0% still makes the PPGs the most competitive women’s race of the past 12 months, and the only event to peak above 50% this year (Carolina hit 48.0% back in April). This actually highlights a bit of a problem with the women’s side of our sport: Very rarely do we see a large field of competitors, and very rarely do the top athletes get to compete against each other.

There could be numerous factors causing this, such as less sponsorship opportunities for women, but either way it’s hard to argue with the numbers: Elite women’s SUP racing is very small. There were just 24 elite women in the PPGs, yet amazingly that’s the second-highest turnout we’ve seen all year. Only the Carolina Cup with 34 participants was greater. A quick look at the results from the big races of 2015 shows that we rarely see more than a dozen women in an elite race.

This could be one more reason to introduce the much talked about “protected events” feature to the SUP Racer World Rankings next year, which would guarantee a minimum Race Index score for certain races rather than waiting until after each event to see how much it was worth.

But anyway that’s an argument for another day though, let’s not get sidetracked from the amazing performances we saw at the Pacific Paddle Games.

The undisputed champion of the event, Candice Appleby, makes the most significant move. Candice was ranked #4 in the world following last week’s BOP-pocalypse but now she’s back near the top of the table.

Candice was in vintage form on the weekend, throwing the clock back to 2010 and 2011 when she was untouchable at Doheny. The 30-year-old set a mean pace in the distance race that very few could match, before using her surf skills to reel in, then overtake a fast-starting Annabel Anderson in the final of the surf race.

Pacific Paddle Games

L-R: Terrene Black, Shae Foudy, Candice Appleby and Annabel Anderson leading the surf race final (photo: Andrew Welker)

Triumphing at the Pacific Paddle Games caps off a big year for the Infinity team rider, who won a pair of individual golds at the ISA Worlds back in May and who has swept the World Series all year.

The only reason Candice isn’t ranked world number one by our algorithm is because all her other big wins this year (eg. the Worlds and the World Series) were against relatively shallow fields of competitors. It doesn’t mean her performances were any less impressive, or that she’s in anything but world-beating form right now, it just means that some of her wins weren’t worth as many points, mathematically speaking.

On the flip side, despite losing to Candice at the big dance on the weekend, Annabel is holding solid points from claiming three of the other biggest races of the year – Carolina and the two Gorge races – which keeps her safe at the top. It’s also worth noting that Annabel, who had a terrible preparation for Doheny by only being allowed through U.S. customs 48 hours before the event, finished above Candice at the fifth biggest race of the year, the Payette River Games.

But no matter what happens around her, if Candice continues her stellar form into the new year, and if we see her at the first big race of the year in Carolina, she may find herself on top of the rankings in 2016.

It’s been interesting to see the Candice vs. Annabel rivalry continue. I thought it might have run its course last year, however the level of competition between these two seems to reach a new zenith with each big race. While neither of them wants to play it up, it certainly does add an interesting dynamic to the world of women’s SUP racing and makes their contests more entertaining to watch.

In much the same way the Kai/Connor rivalry has provided a subplot to the men’s side of the sport, Candice and Annabel continue to bring attention to the world of women’s SUP racing every time they go head to head. And considering the numbers we threw out earlier – about just how small the women’s sport has been this year – I think we need as many stories as we can get.

Pacific Paddle Games

The Champ: Candice Appleby celebrates her win at the Pacific Paddle Games (photo: Andrew Welker)

Other gainers on the women’s Top 50 include East Coast #1 April Zilg, who fills her “five best results” quota and instantly jumps 10 spots to #13.

Though one of the most impressive performances came from local girl Lexi Alston, who finished 7th in the distance and 7th in the surf race to claim, not surprisingly, 7th place overall.

The most amazing part: Lexi is just 13 years old. Definitely a name to watch in the future.

There are plenty of other movers on the leaderboard, so check out the complete SUP Racer World Rankings: Top 50 Women to see the latest.

Or you can just scroll down to view all the results from the weekend…

Men, Women and Junior Champs
Pro Women’s OVERALL
Pro Men’s Course Race
Pro Men’s Distance Race
Pro Women’s Course Race
Pro Women’s Distance Race
All Other Results
– World Rankings: Men’s Top 10
– World Rankings: Women’s Top 10
Live Blog and Webcast Replay

Pacific Paddle Games PPGs 2015 results

(Note: The overall results from the PPGs that were posted on the official website Sunday night were slightly incorrect. To their credit, the organisers immediately corrected the error when it was pointed out.)

Pro Men’s Overall Results

Combined points from Distance Race and Course Race
Pacific Paddle Games scored 81.0% on the men’s Race Index
(World ranking points awarded based on overall result, not each individual race)

#AthletePPG PointsDistanceCourseWorld Ranking Points
1Connor Baxter17501481.00
2Casper Steinfath17253260.75
3Mo Freitas15508148.60
4Travis Grant14005540.50
5Danny Ching135021034.43
6Kody Kerbox125011328.35
7Chuck Glynn11009724.30
8Martin Letourneur90014820.25
9Jake Jensen81043818.23
10Arthur Arutkin77062816.20
11Michael Booth76072414.58
12Titouan Puyo750121412.96
13Zane Schweitzer74032612.15
14Giorgio Gomez69021911.34
15Kelly Margetts625201110.53
16Kai Lenny57517169.72
17Josh Riccio57023128.91
18Felipe Rodriguez55522138.10
19Beau O'Brian54010327.29
20Georges Cronsteadt46013336.48
21Vinnicius Martins42519206.08
22Matt Nottage40015355.67
23Bullet Obra37031175.27
24Slater Trout34616444.86
25Fernando Stalla34518314.46
26Kenny Kaneko34024224.21
27Lincoln Dews33533183.97
28Noa Ginella325DNS153.73
29Brennan Rose28026263.48
30Justin Bing27540193.24
31Jayden Jensen27028253.08
32Paul Jackson24539212.92
33Ryan Helm22029292.75
34Eric Terrien22025362.59
35Thomas King21842232.43
36Chase Kosterlitz16727532.27
37Greg Closier16034342.11
38Benoit Carpentier130DNS271.94
39Bicho Jimenez12930611.78
40Niuhiti Buillrd11237471.62
41Tucker Ingalls10938411.54
42Noa Hopper100DNS301.46
43Matt Arensman9743401.38
44Tomoyasu Murabayashi9536651.30
45Jeramie Vaine9535701.22
46Kione Dahlin9246421.13
47Jay Wild8747461.05
48Tommy Buday Jr8244540.97
49Byron Kurt7456500.89
50Alex Look7454520.81
51Jeremie Mandin6949620.00
52Mike Tavares6861510.00
53Garrett Fletcher6857550.00
54Corey Taylor6651630.00
55Cyril Burguiere6648660.00
56Dave Boehne65DNS370.00
57Chance Fielder6341760.00
58Jarrko Simonen6062580.00
59Alexandre Rouys5845770.00
60James Donovan5653710.00
61Pete Kosinski55DNS390.00
62Buzzy Kerbox5469570.00
63William Swezey Jr5359680.00
64Jedd Hasay5058720.00
65Rodney Ellis4950810.00
66Billy Miller4868640.00
67Nick Scheel47DNS430.00
68Caio Vaz45DNS450.00
69Ian Vaz42DNS480.00
70Taylor Rambo41DNS490.00
71Alex Matero4055750.00
72Christopher Norman3852DNS0.00
73Alex Maldonado3565800.00
74Vincent Verhoeven34DNF560.00
75Bernd Roediger31DNS590.00
76Brian Schmid3164850.00
77Karl Ring30DNS600.00
78Daniel Russell3060DNS0.00
79Robbie Brink2767860.00
80Brent Campbell2763DNS0.00
81Ryan Knysh2466DNS0.00
82Nakoa Decoite23DNS670.00
83Mace Camhe21DNS690.00
84Tim Burke2070DNS0.00
85Taylor Resnick17DNS730.00
86Riggs Napoleon16DNS740.00
87Stephen Sinkus12DNS780.00
88Max Fleming11DNS790.00
89Masao Fukayama8DNS820.00
90Patrick Cleveland7DNS830.00
91Joshua Brackett6DNS840.00
92Ryan james3DNS870.00
93Connor Bonham2DNS880.00

Pro Women’s Overall Results

Combined points from Distance Race and Course Race
Pacific Paddle Games scored 63.0% on the women’s Race Index
(World ranking points awarded based on overall result, not each individual race)

#AthletePPG PointsDistanceCourseWorld Ranking Points
1Candice Appleby20001163.00
2Annabel Anderson16504247.25
3Fiona Wylde15255337.80
4Shae Foudy14753631.50
5Terrene Black14006426.78
6Angie Jackson14002922.05
7Lexi Alston12007718.90
8Sonni Honscheid115010515.75
9April Zilg97511814.18
10Sophia Bartlow82581712.60
11Tarryn King800131111.34
12Penelope Strickland775121310.08
13Bailey Rosen70016129.45
14Shelby Taylor6709228.82
15Talia Decoite65020108.19
16Victoria Burgess62517147.56
17Alyson Fromm57515186.93
18Silvia Mecucci55019156.30
19Celine Guesdon54014205.67
20Mab Mab41521195.04
21Lori Park300DNS164.73
22Krisztina Zur25018DNS4.41
23Mini Crash18022DNS4.10
24Jade Howson180DNS213.78

(ties were separated by who had the best result in the course race)

Pro Men’s Distance Race Results

#AthleteTimePPG Points
1Connor Baxter0:44:02.41,000
2Danny Ching0:44:04.0900
3Casper Steinfath0:44:11.4825
4Jake Jensen0:44:12.0750
5Travis Grant0:44:12.5700
6Arthur Arutkin0:44:12.7650
7Michael Booth0:44:15.0600
8Mo Freitas0:44:30.6550
9Chuck Glynn0:44:36.3500
10Beau O'Brian0:44:42.7450
11Kody Kerbox0:44:43.3425
12Titouan Puyo0:44:43.7400
13Georges Cronsteadt0:44:45.7375
14Martin Letourneur0:44:57.9350
15Matt Nottage0:44:58.9325
16Slater Trout0:45:06.4300
17Kai Lenny0:45:06.9275
18Fernando Stalla0:45:07.5250
19Vinnicius Martins0:45:07.6225
20Kelly Margetts0:45:07.6200
21Giorgio Gomez0:45:08.2190
22Felipe Rodriguez0:45:21.0180
23Josh Riccio0:45:21.3170
24Kenny Kaneko0:45:36.1160
25Eric Terrien0:45:37.1150
26Brennan Rose0:46:05.7140
27Chase Kosterlitz0:46:07.2130
28Jayden Jensen0:46:09.0120
29Ryan Helm0:46:13.5110
30Bicho Jimenez0:46:13.6100
31Bullet Obra0:46:13.995
32Zane Schweitzer0:46:14.390
33Lincoln Dews0:46:16.185
34Greg Closier0:46:28.080
35Jeramie Vaine0:46:29.375
36Tomoyasu Murabayashi0:46:49.770
37Niuhiti Buillard0:47:00.165
38Tucker Ingalls0:47:18.460
39Paul Jackson0:47:21.055
40Justin Bing0:47:33.750
41Chance Fielder0:47:37.249
42Thomas King0:47:47.348
43Matt Arensman0:47:49.047
44Tommy Buday0:47:54.046
45Alexandre Rouys0:48:53.145
46Kione Dahlin0:48:59.944
47Jay Wild0:49:00.443
48Cyril Burguiere0:49:01.142
49Jeramie Mandin0:49:04.541
50Rodney Ellis0:49:04.740
51Corey Taylor0:49:32.439
52Christopher Norman0:49:34.538
53James Donovan0:49:44.237
54Alex Look0:49:44.536
55Alex Matero0:49:45.035
56Byron Kurt0:50:36.134
57Garrett Fletcher0:50:51.633
58Jedd Hasay0:50:58.332
59William Swezey Jr0:51:00.031
60Daniel Russell0:51:19.430
61Mike Tavares0:51:45.529
62Jarkko Simonen0:51:50.728
63Brent Campbell0:52:59.827
64Brian Schmid0:53:17.826
65Alex Maldonado0:53:26.825
66Ryan Knysh0:53:46.124
67Robbie Brink0:53:59.123
68Billy Miller0:55:19.022
69Buzzy Kerbox0:56:33.621
70Tim Burke0:58:10.620

Pro Men’s Course Race Results

#AthleteTimePPG Points
1Mo Freitas0:29:10.01,000
2Casper Steinfath0:30:45.8900
3Kody Kerbox0:30:45.9825
4Connor Baxter0:30:47.8750
5Travis Grant0:30:47.9700
6Zane Schweitzer0:30:48.4650
7Chuck Glynn0:31:17.5600
8Martin Letourneur0:31:24.1550
9Giorgio Gomez0:31:24.2500
10Danny Ching0:31:52.5450
11Kelly Margetts0:32:07.8425
12Josh Riccio0:32:11.0400
13Felipe Rodriguez0:32:11.2375
14Titouan Puyo0:32:11.7350
15Noa Ginella0:32:15.5325
16Kai Lenny0:32:23.3300
17Bullet Obra0:34:00.0275
18Lincoln Dews0:34:00.0250
19Justin Bing0:34:00.3225
20Vinnicius Martins0:34:00.7200
21Paul Jackson0:34:01.2190
22Kenny Kaneko0:34:01.3180
23Thomas King0:34:11.7170
24Michael Booth0:34:54.4160
25Jayden Jensen0:35:04.2150
26Brennan Rose0:35:04.6140
27Benoit Carpentier0:35:07.6130
28Arthur Arutkin0:40:24.0120
29Ryan HelmDNF Final110
30Noa HopperDQ Final100
31Fernando StallaSemi-Final95
32Beau O'BrianSemi-Final90
33Georges CronsteadtSemi-Final85
34Greg ClosierSemi-Final80
35Matt NottageSemi-Final75
36Eric TerrienSemi-Final70
37Dave BoehneSemi-Final65
38Jake JensenSemi-Final60
39Pete KosinskiSemi-Final55
40Matt ArensmanSemi-Final50
41Tucker IngallsSemi-Final49
42Kione DahlinSemi-Final48
43Nick ScheelSemi-Final47
44Slater TroutSemi-Final46
45Caio VazSemi-Final45
46Jay WildSemi-Final44
47Niuhiti BuillardSemi-Final43
48Ian VazSemi-Final42
49Taylor RamboSemi-Final41
50Byron KurtSemi-Final40
51Mike TavaresSemi-Final39
52Alex LookSemi-Final38
53Chase KosterlitzSemi-Final37
54Tommy BudaySemi-Final36
55Garrett FletcherSemi-Final35
56Buzzy KerboxSemi-Final34
57Vincent VerhoevenDNF Semi-Final33
58Jarrko SimonenRepechage (DNS Semi)32
59Bernd RoedigerRepechage (DNS Semi)31
60Karl RingRepechage (DNS Semi)30
61Bicho JimenezRepechage (DNS Semi)29
62Jeremie MandinRepechage28
63Corey TaylorRepechage27
64Billy MillerRepechage26
65Tomoyasu MurabayashiRepechage25
66Cyril BurguiereRepechage24
67Nakoa DecoiteRepechage23
68William Swezey JrRepechage22
69Mace CamheRepechage21
70Jeramie VaineRepechage20
71James DonovahRepechage19
72Jedd HasayRepechage18
73Taylor ResnickRepechage17
74Riggs NapoleonDQ Repechage16
75Alex MateroPrelim (DNS Repechage)15
76Chance FielderPrelim (DNS Repechage)14
77Alexandre RouysPrelim (DNS Repechage)13
78Stephen SinkusPrelim (DNS Repechage)12
79Max FlemingPrelim (DNS Repechage)11
80Alex MaldonadoPrelim (DNS Repechage)10
81Rodney EllisPrelim (DNS Repechage)9
82Masao FukayamaPrelim (DNS Repechage)8
83Patrick ClevelandPrelim (DNS Repechage)7
84Joshua BrackettPrelim (DNS Repechage)6
85Brian SchmidPrelim (DNS Repechage)5
86Robbie BrinkDNF Prelim4
87Ryan JamesDNF Prelim3
88Connor BonhamDNF Prelim2

(*Kai Lenny crossed the line in 8th place but was penalised 1:00 for interfering with another competitor at a buoy turn)

Pro Women’s Distance Race Results

#AthleteTimePPG Points
1Candice Appleby0:49:05.41,000
2Angie Jackson0:49:05.9900
3Shae Foudy0:49:07.0825
4Annabel Anderson0:49:30.4750
5Fiona Wylde0:49:33.7700
6Terrene Black0:52:12.5650
7Lexi Alston0:52:41.7600
8Sophia Bartlow0:52:41.7550
9Shelby Taylor0:52:50.0500
10Sonni Honscheid0:52:54.6450
11April Zilg0:53:14.4425
12Penelope Strickland0:54:37.0400
13Tarryn King0:54:56.1375
14Celine Guesdon0:55:02.1350
15Alyson Fromm0:55:08.7325
16Bailey Rosen0:55:10.5300
17Victoria Burgess0:55:15.4275
18Krisztina Zur0:55:31.3250
19Silvia Mecucci0:55:49.5225
20Talia Decoite0:57:43.9200
21Mab Mab0:58:56.4190
22Mini Crash0:59:39.3180

Pro Women’s Course Race Results

#AthleteTimePPG Points
1Candice Appleby0:31:53.11,000
2Annabel Anderson0:33;07.7900
3Fiona Wylde0:33:32.2825
4Terrene Black0:33:47.1750
5Sonni Honscheid0:37:11.4700
6Shae Foudy0:37:20.3650
7Lexi Alston0:37:39.2600
8April Zilg0:39:48.6550
9Angie Jackson0:39:49.8500
10Talia Decoite0:40:31.6450
11Tarryn King0:42:43.1425
12Bailey Rosen0:44:03.7400
13Penelope Strickland0:44:51.4375
14Victoria Burgess0:48:13.1350
15Silvia Mecucci0:48:19.8325
16Lori Park0:48:54.5300
17Sophia BartlowPrelim (DNF Final)275
18Alyson FrommPrelim (DNS FInal)250
19Mab MabPrelim (DNS FInal)225
21Shelby TaylorPrelim (DQ)200
22Jade HowsonPrelim (DQ)190
23Celine GuesdonPrelim (DQ)180

More Results…

Results from the junior races, open races, prone races and manufacturer’s challenge can be found on the official event website.

SUP Racer World Rankings: Men’s Top 10

Pacific Paddle Games scored 81.0% on the men’s Race Index

1+3Connor Baxter232.00+54.0119HawaiiStarboard
2-1Travis Grant216.00+16.1310AustraliaNSP
3-Danny Ching198.06+19.438USA404
4-2Kai Lenny181.38-10HawaiiNaish
5+1Mo Freitas166.98+36.9011HawaiiFocus
6-1Titouan Puyo158.68-14FranceStarboard
7-Casper Steinfath158.48+42.4713DenmarkNaish
8-Kelly Margetts113.60-9AustraliaLahui Kai
9+1Jake Jensen104.36+5.0215AustraliaFanatic
10-1Georges Cronsteadt102.96-7TahitiSIC

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SUP Racer World Rankings: Women’s Top 10

1-Annabel Anderson207.75+21.3810New ZealandLahui Kai
2+2Candice Appleby168.50+42.759USAInfinity
3-Fiona Wylde150.68+17.5512USAStarboard
4-2Sonni Hönscheid142.00-11GermanySIC
5+1Angela Jackson119.08+4.4212AustraliaOne
6+1Terrene Black116.01+10.638AustraliaECS
7-2Lina Augaitis115.93-8CanadaSIC
8-Shae Foudy104.98+17.637USARiviera
9+1Penelope Strickland67.74+10.085New Zealandfree agent
10-1Celine Guesdon62.69-9FranceBIC

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Bonus pic if you managed to read all the way through this post… (photo: Andrew Welker)