December 17, 2011
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Elite Race

The 2011 Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle, Hawaii, took place the 14 & 15 May 2011 on Waikiki Beach.

The main draw at every BoP is the Elite Race, where paddlers race in and out through the waves. It’s become one of the biggest races of the year, and 2011’s Hawaii event brought out a stacked field.

Defending champion Danny Ching came in as favourite, after an all conquering 2010 saw him win all four BoP events (both Hawaii and California’s Elite and Long Distance races). But the runner-up from BoP Hawaii 2010, Aussie Travis Grant, pushed Ching all the way and eventually broke free on the last lap. The result was a virtual reversal of the previous year, where Ching & Grant also set an early lead and battled the whole race together, before Ching finally stole a lead in the dying minutes.

On the women’s side it was another crazy performance from Candice Appleby, beating the 2nd place finisher (Jenny Kalmbach) by just over a minute and keeping her winning streak intact.

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2011 Battle of the Paddle (Hawaii) Elite Race RESULTS

(click “M/F” to switch between the Men’s and Women’s results)

M1Travis GRANT1:21:021
M2Danny CHING1:21:562
M3Connor BAXTER1:23:283
M4Slater TROUT1:24:084
M5Kelly MARGETTS1:24:335
M6Georges CRONSTEADT1:25:006
M7Matthew BECKER1:25:187
M8Aaron NAPOLEON1:25:288
M9Eric TERRIEN1:25:369
M10Eric PAVAO1:25:3910
M11Kai LENNY1:26:1011
M12Paul JACKSON1:26:2812
M13Armie ARMSTRONG1:26:4013
M14William REICHENSTEIN1:27:0014
M15Andrew LOGRECO1:27:4015
M16Jerry BESS1:27:5316
M17Noa GINELLA1:28:0217
M18Scott GAMBLE1:28:0418
M19Anthony VELA1:28:5819
M20Tyson POPPLER1:29:3820
M21Colin MCPHILLIPS1:29:4821
M22Charles PATTERSON1:29:5422
M23Sepa NAPOLEON1:29:5923
M24Fielding JENSEN1:30:0324
M25Brennan ROSE1:30:3925
M26Bart DEZWART1:31:0226
M27Nick MCDONALD1:31:0527
M28Jim TERRELL1:31:1028
M29Andy DAVIES1:31:1929
M30Dane MORRISSEY1:31:2030
M31Jared VARGAS1:31:3231
M32Byron KURT1:31:4032
M33Noland KEAULANA1:31:4833
M34Steve WALKER1:32:2534
M35Kolaiah JARDINE1:33:1235
M36Steve QUILLER1:33:3636
M37David BOEHNE1:33:4537
M38Brian HAAG1:33:5538
M39Kaeo ABBEY1:34:0139
M40Joseph NAPOLEON1:34:2340
M41Eugene ANCHETA1:34:2941
M42Alex MATERO1:34:4142
M43Simon HUNNYBUN1:34:5143
M44Trevor CABELL1:35:5245
M45Troy MCASEY1:36:1047
M46Tomo MURABAYASHI1:36:1848
M47Kainoa LUM1:36:3249
M48Riggs NAPOLEAN1:36:3850
M49Mo FREITAC1:36:4452
M50Hilton ALVES1:36:5353
M51Tama AUDIBERT1:36:5554
M52Tom HOLBROOK1:37:0255
M53Nestor MAI1:38:0057
M54John GRIFFITH1:38:5058
M55Dane DEBOER1:40:4562
M56Robert TERIITLEAU1:42:0564
M57Travis ROSS1:42:3166
M58Kimo MIRANDA1:43:2667
M59Ozzie CLARKE1:43:5268
M60Marciano WHITFORD1:45:0670
M61Rami ZUR1:46:0071
M62Alika WILLIS1:47:3673
M63Todd CARANTO1:49:3778
M64Akeo CUBAN1:50:3079
M65Gerry LOPEZ1:51:0580
M66Simon OSNER1:52:2781
M67Tim MARTIN1:53:2182
M68Herbie TITCOMB1:53:5883
M69Nate BURGOYNE2:00:3486
M70Helgo WILHELM2:01:1387
M71Mark KOBAYAASHI2:06:2088
F1Candice APPLEBY1:34:5444
F2Jenny KALMBACH1:35:5546
F3Rachel BRUNTSCH1:36:3851
F4Gillian GIBREE1:37:5256
F5Kirsty HOLMES1:38:5159
F6Morgan HOSETEREY1:39:5160
F7Heather BAUS1:40:1261
F8Brandi BAKSIC1:40:5263
F9Mariko STRICKLAND1:42:1965
F10Sondra PURSER1:44:2069
F11Sonja HONSCHEID1:46:1272
F12Krisztina FAZEKAS1:47:5574
F13Jennifer LEE1:48:0575
F14Mary Anne BOYER WILLS1:48:5676
F15Simone HORSFIELD1:49:3177
F16Suzy STRAZZULLA1:55:1584
F17Jodi KEALOHA1:57:1385

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