December 17, 2011
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2011 Battle of the Paddle (Hawaii) Open Age Race

The Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Open Age race took place on 14th May 2011.

It was a chance for serious and casual stand up paddlers to have some fun before the Elite Race kicked off a few hours later.

Over one hundred paddlers took to the waters of Waikiki Beach, with Kawika Carvalho snagging the overall 1st place on his 14′ board and Jeff Chang (Unlimited) taking 2nd. Halie Harrison was the first woman across the line, with Australia’s Angie Jackson the runner-up.

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2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Open Age Race Results

PlacingNameTimeBoard Class
1Kawika CARVALHO45:10.314'
2Jeff CHANG45:25.0Unlimited
3Micheal DIBETTA47:10.214'
4Tama AUDIBERT47:25.3Surfboard
5Scott MCPHAIL47:45.114'
6Troy MCASEY47:46.5Stock 12'6"
7Edmund PESTANA48:03.614'
8Kimo MIRANDA48:19.1Surfboard
9Riggs NAPOLEON48:38.4Surfboard
10Mo FREITAS49:28.8Stock 12'6"
11Jody RAGSDALE49:28.8Unlimited
12Ulu NAPEAHI49:34.8Surfboard
13Dolan EVERSDLE49:59.5Stock 12'6"
14Alex MATERO49:59.5Stock 12'6"
15Trent HICKMAN50:45.2Stock 12'6"
16Martin SUNDBERG51:05.2Stock 12'6"
17Alika WILLIS51:08.9Stock 12'6"
18Gavin SMITH51:32.814'
19Sam GEORGE51:34.9Stock 12'6"
20Cory LAR RIUE51:54.614'
21Tom SWANECAMP51:59.114'
22Gerry LOPEZ52:24.4Stock 12'6"
23Halie HARRISON52:35.4Stock 12'6"
24Danny TAYOAKTE52:36.2Stock 12'6"
25Beau OLIVEIRA52:49.5Stock 12'6"
26David CORDELL52:58.4Unlimited
27Hugh JEFFRYS53:04.714'
28Ben CHALMERS53:09.414'
29Sparkey LONSLEY53:15.114'
30Angela JACKSON53:32.3Stock 12'6"
31Kelly TAMSING53:41.714'
32Robert PICAYO53:51.314'
33Walter MACHADO54:17.1Surfboard
34Warwick GRAY54:43.9Stock 12'6"
35Marciano WHITFORD54:49.0Stock 12'6"
36Cory YAMAMOTO55:27.6Surfboard
37Jerry MOSEL55:37.614'
38Joe BARK55:41.314'
39Roger ANDERSON55:49.614'
40Leighton LAM55:50.314'
41Ben CABAN56:01.114'
42Christopher BLUTHAR56:29.4Stock 12'6"
43Tommy DONNELLY56:31.7Stock 12'6"
44Randy VIVEIROS56:37.2Stock 12'6"
45Nappy NAPOLEON56:40.7Stock 12'6"
46Bryce RHODES56:52.214'
47Nick MURAGIN57:08.1Stock 12'6"
48Evann YAMADA57:20.9Stock 12'6"
49Kimo SANOOC57:24.0Stock 12'6"
50Heather JEPPESEN57:32.3Stock 12'6"
51Simon OSNER57:40.1Stock 12'6"
52Kala ALEXANDER57:45.6Unlimited
53Gene SMITH57:50.4Stock 12'6"
54Sue RHODES58:04.0Stock 12'6"
55Brett HUF58:09.514'
56Trent VENTURA58:14.7Stock 12'6"
57Vanina WALSH58:38.0Stock 12'6"
58Robret ETIENHE58:40.2Stock 12'6"
59Mike BENNETT59:02.6Stock 12'6"
60Shane SAKAI59:20.1Stock 12'6"
61John MCMAHON59:36.6Stock 12'6"
62Jeff MADDOX1:00:14Stock 12'6"
63Teva FOURCADE1:00:51Stock 12'6"
64Nicole MADOSIK1:01:11Stock 12'6"
65Sam PA'E1:01:2714'
66Tom HOLBROOK1:01:3914'
67Michael BERTOLAC1:01:48Stock 12'6"
68Herbie TITCOMB1:01:48Stock 12'6"
69Waimea MCLLEAGUE1:02:16Surfboard
70Marj TAKABAYASHI1:02:31Stock 12'6"
71Grace EMANUEL1:02:31Surfboard
72Ken RYMER1:02:34Stock 12'6"
73Nicholas SALANOA1:02:46Surfboard
74Leighton MIYACH1:03:04Surfboard
75Kiyotaka KITAJIMA1:03:33Surfboard
76Delmer WOWK1:03:43Stock 12'6"
77Philip LIZARES1:03:58Stock 12'6"
78Aaron COOK1:04:08Stock 12'6"
79Scott ADAMS1:05:24Stock 12'6"
80Micha LIANA1:05:43Stock 12'6"
81Keola AUWAE1:05:52Stock 12'6"
82Myron VAN GIESON1:06:1314'
83Alex COLOMA1:06:17Stock 12'6"
84Dean MCPHAIL1:06:24Stock 12'6"
85Warren CURRIE1:06:26Stock 12'6"
86Chad CHAPMAN1:06:52Stock 12'6"
87Kiki URBANO-PEPEE1:07:28Surfboard
88Malia CHAUL1:07:28Surfboard
89Marty SANTOS1:07:34Surfboard
90Bucky GOO1:07:58Surfboard
91Mark DAYAO1:08:14Stock 12'6"
92Heidi BURGOYNE1:08:20Surfboard
93Dallas AUWAE1:09:04Surfboard
94Kalaeloa ROBINS JR1:09:18Surfboard
95Victor CHING1:09:18Surfboard
96Paul TAUBLIEB1:09:47Stock 12'6"
97Greg STRICKLAND1:11:16Stock 12'6"
98Tonia FARMAN1:11:41Surfboard
99Andre NIEMEYER1:11:44Stock 12'6"
100Kevin KONDO1:12:25Stock 12'6"
101Earl BUNGO1:12:31Stock 12'6"
102Mandy MCDONNELL1:12:55Stock 12'6"
103Audrey LEE1:13:24Stock 12'6"
104Christy BARBADILLO1:13:59Stock 12'6"
105Mike GARROW1:14:57Surfboard
106Daniel BISCOE1:15:09Surfboard
107James YOUNG1:15:40Surfboard
108Stephen PUGH1:16:10Stock 12'6"
109Carolyn ANNERUD1:18:01Stock 12'6"
110Danielle SILVA1:18:16Surfboard
111Heather MYERS1:18:2914'
112Tricia KIM1:19:00Surfboard
113Frank PERNA1:19:1514'
114Eva DAVIS1:20:45Surfboard
115Jennifer FORBES1:26:57Stock 12'6"
116Nani ROSS1:31:10Surfboard
117Scott AMONA1:31:11Surfboard
118Christopher STAFFIELD1:31:20Surfboard
119Harry RHODES1:31:48Stock 12'6"
120Susan LALANNE1:32:1814'
121(Tako) Leslie LONO SOARES1:35:51Surfboard
122Kathleen LEAHY1:35:5314'
123Kellie IRWIN1:35:53Surfboard
124Michelle KEARNEY1:42:32Surfboard

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