July 15, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Triple Crown Of SUP – Race #3 (Maui-Molokai)

The 2012 Triple Crown of SUP wrapped up on Saturday with the Maui to Molokai race. The series saved the best for last, with epic conditions making way for some awesome SUP racing (and incredibly fast times).

Connor Baxter was first over the line in a time 2 hours and 55 minutes. With the course being roughly 26.5 miles long (42.6kms) that means the Maui wunderkind paddled at an average speed of 9.1 mph (14.6 kms/h) for almost three straight hours. Crazy…

Dave Kalama was in fine form as well, finishing in 2nd place just two and a half minutes behind Connor and setting up an exciting rematch at the Molokai-2-Oahu in two weeks. Livio Menelau was third while underrated Aussie charger Dave Kissane snagged fourth.

In the women’s race it was Andrea Moller who again dominated. The Brazilian (who now calls Maui home) made it three from three in the 2012 Triple Crown of SUP, not only beating home 2nd place woman Terrene Black, but also out-paddling three quarters of the men…

Scroll down past the pics to see the full race results and check back soon for plenty more pics and video of the action. You’ll also find a great race recap on the Zone forums.

To catch up on the rest of the Triple Crown of SUP series, take a look at results form the first two races:

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Connor Baxter leading the way // photo © Karen Baxter

Connor and Dave duking it out // photo © Karen Baxter

This is why downwind racing is so much fun… // photo © Karen Baxter


Triple Crown of SUP – Race #3 (Maui to Molokai)

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Overall #NameTimeClassClass #
1Connor BAXTER2:55:46Men's Unlimited1
2Dave KALAMA2:58:12Men's Unlimited2
3Livio MENELAU2:59:51Men's Unlimited3
4Dave KISSANE3:08:34Men's Unlimited4
5Scott TRUDON3:09:40Men's Unlimited5
6Kaeo ABBEY3:17:00Men's Unlimited6
7Zane SCHWEITZER3:21:15Men's Unlimited7
8Andrea MOLLER3:21:40Women's Unlimited1
9Mark RAAPHORST3:24:07Men's Unlimited8
10Robert STEHLIK3:24:12Men's Unlimited9
11Mo FREITAS3:27:32Men's Unlimited10
12Bart DE ZWART3:29:23Men's 14'1
13Masao FUKAYAMA3:33:51Men's Unlimited11
14Alessandro MATERO3:34:24Men's Unlimited12
15Luiz GUIDA3:34:25Men's Unlimited13
16Phil GREGORY3:35:13Men's Unlimited14
17Yves BOUWENS3:35:39Men's Unlimited15
18Chuck PATTERSON3:40:56Men's Unlimited16
19Dylan FRICK3:41:55Men's 14'2
20Renato SPIRITUS3:42:54Men's Unlimited17
21Terrene BLACK3:44:48Women's Unlimited2
22James MARTINDALE3:46:52Men's Unlimited18
23Claudio CHAIN3:49:30Men's Unlimited19
24Jeff CHANG3:50:24Men's Unlimited20
25Jim GLINN3:57:48Men's Unlimited21
26Noah GARFIELD3:59:42Men's Unlimited22
27Kaleo PADILLA4:02:06Men's Unlimited23
28Izaak TYRRELL4:08:41Men's 14'3
29Vetea RIBET4:11:56Men's Unlimited24
30Abby STONER4:16:39Women's Unlimited3
31Shep NELSON4:16:41Men's Unlimited25
32Ron GALLEMORE4:16:51Men's Unlimited26
33Zach HANSEL4:18:27Men's Unlimited27
34Teva FOURCADE4:19:29Men's Unlimited28


2012 Triple Crown of SUP – Final Standings

1st: Connor Baxter // 11,000 points (2nd & 3rd leg only)
2nd: Livio Menelau // 10,730 points
3rd: Scott Trudon // 9,780 points

1st: Andrea Moller // 12,000 points
2nd: Terrene Black // 9,000 points (3rd leg only)

MEN’S 14′
1st: Dylan Frick // 10,950 points
2nd: Bart de Zwart // 10,000 points (2nd & 3rd leg only)