July 2, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2012 Triple Crown Of SUP – Race #1 (Maliko)

Triple Crown of SUP, Maliko // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Full results are in from Race #1 of the 2012 Triple Crown of SUP, where local charger Livio Menelau has taken out the victory ahead of Australia’s Dave Kissane. No surprises in the women’s race, with Andrea Moller notching up yet another downwind victory.

The 2nd annual Triple Crown of SUP is happening all this month in Hawaii and, outside the Molokai-2-Oahu, provides arguably the toughest test for ocean SUP racers.

The first race was the classic 9 mile Maliko Run, from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor on Maui. Race #2 is next weekend, on Maui’s south shore from Kihei to Makena and again it’s another 9 mile downwinder.

Race #3 is the big one though; a 27 mile ocean crossing from Maui to Molokai.

Paddlers earn points from each of the three events, which are combined to crown the Triple Crown Champion. Maui’s Livio Menelau is looking good for the title; he’s taken an early lead plus he’s already been there before, having finished 2nd overall in the 2011 Triple Crown (behind only Connor Baxter).

Scroll down for full results from the Triple Crown of SUP Maliko Race. Big thanks to Jimmie Hepp Photography for the pics (check out his work on Facebook).

Race start at Maliko Gulch // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Triple Crown of SUP, Maliko // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Triple Crown of SUP, Maliko // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Triple Crown of SUP, Maliko // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Triple Crown of SUP, Maliko // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Livio Menelau inside the harbour and close to the finish // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Livio takes the win // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Australia’s Dave Kissane takes 2nd // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Plenty of wind out there! // photo © Jimmie Hepp

Jim Glinn, Scott Trudon (3rd) and Livio Menelau (1st)


Triple Crown of SUP Race #1 RESULTS

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#NameTimeClassClass #
1Livio MENELAU1:11:14Unlimited1
2David KISSANE1:12:45Unlimited2
3Scott TRUDEN1:13:47Unlimited3
4Noa GINELLA1:17:2114'1
5Andrea MOLLER1:17:37F Unlimited1
6Will ANIDO1:17:44Unlimited4
7Masao FUKAYAMA1:21:14Unlimited5
8Dylan FRICK1:21:2114'2
9Michael SCHWEIGER1:23:5912'6"1
10Edward WHEELER1:25:40Unlimited6
11Claudio CHIAN1:27:25Unlimited7
12Ron ST. JOHN1:27:3914'3
13Rebecca JAKENAY1:28:45F Unlimited2
14Izaak TYRRELL1:29:4214'4
15Jim GLINN1:31:38Unlimited8
16Justin GORDON1:32:16Unlimited9
17Roger CASEY1:33:1514'5
18Sonja HOWCHEID1:33:35F 14'1
19Robert STONER1:33:42Unlimited10
20William BOYUM1:34:01Unlimited11
21Scott MERCIER1:34:47Unlimited12
22Mike BENNETT1:35:57Unlimited13
23Marjorie KAHOOKELE-PEA1:37:48F Unlimited3
24R.J. WHENER1:39:1714'6
25Vetea RIBET1:39:4814'7
26Andrew MCGINNIS1:40:1314'8
27Ron GALLEMORE1:41:07Unlimited14
28Sharon LI1:43:43F 14'2
29Margaret KING1:44:19F Unlimited4
30Kim HERRERA1:46:51F Unlimited5
31Abby STONER1:48:11F 14'3
32Pat MCCARTHY1:48:36Unlimited15
33Josh SANDS1:50:0012'6"2
34Hillary RUNNER1:52:43F 14'4
35Axel ROSENBLAD1:57:0312'6"3
36Bruce MCKINNEY2:00:0814'9
37Amber LEE2:05:22F 14'5