February 17, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Greg Closier Makes It Two From Two In France’s Swell Beach Race Series

Yoann Cornelis, Greg Closer, Arthur DanielMore SUP race action from France this weekend, with the 2nd round of the Swell Beach Race Series. The race was held today at “Plage des Blancs Sablons” (which I think translates to “The White Sandy Beach” in English, but I know sounds very cool in French). As you can see, it’s freezing cold in the waters of Brittany right now, but that didn’t stop 40 die hard Stand Up Paddlers from pulling on their wetsuits and taking their race boards out for some fun.

After claiming the first Swell Beach Race Series event, Greg Closier made it two from two, leading home young gun Arthur Daniel and Yoann Cornelis by a very slim margin. The top three were clearly in a tight race of their own; only 16 seconds separated them after almost an hour of paddling, but then it was a further four minutes back to the next finisher.

Check out the full results below and then take a look at some awesome pics of the action…

Swell Beach Race Series, France, Race #2 Results

1Grégory ClosierOpen0h48'59''Hobie 12'6 Flat Water
2Arthur DanielJunior0h49'10''F-One 12'6*24
3Yoann CornelisOpen0h49'15''Fanatic Falcon 12'6*25
4Olivier GaretOpen0h53'05''Fanatic Fly Race 12'6*27,75
5Martin LetourneurJunior0h54'01''Hobie 12'6 E-Race
6Franck Le VenOpen0h56'28''Naish 12'6
7Stéphane GuiomarOpen0h56'36''Naish 12'6
8Pierre-Yves BodetOpen0h56'38''Naish Javeline MC 12'6
9Grégoire VitryOpen0h56'53''NahSkwell Scow 12'6
10Marc JuliotOpen0h57'19''Fanatic Falcon 12'6*27,5
11Yves GondreOpen0h57'32''Hobie Raw 12'6
12Jérémy BranchuOpen0h57'37''Naish 12'6
13Thomas HebertJunior0h57'53''Naish Javelin LE 12'6
14Christophe GuerinOpen0h58'27''Fanatic Fly Race 12'6*27,75
15Thomas KimpflinOpen0h58'38''Fanatic Falcon 12'6*25
16Jean-Baptiste DanielOpen0h59'59''F-One 12'6
17Fred IstinOpen1h01'32''Starboard 12'6
18Philippe BiarnesOpen1h02'03''Riviera 404
19Mathieu RaimonOpen1h02'17''Korvenn 12'6 race
20David DomalainOpen1h02'40''RRD Race 12'6
21Théo VigourouxOpen1h03'50''Bic 12'6
22Christophe LyOpen1h05'11''NahSkwell Scow 12'6
23Ronan BotrelOpen1h05'42''Surtech J. Mitchell Latitude 12'6
24Jean-Pierre LetourneurOpen1h06'42''Jimmy Lewis Slice
25Martin VitryJunior1h07'58''NahSkwell Scow 12'6
26Ildut MarzinOpen1h08'13''NahSkwell 12'6
27Jean LetourneurJunior1h08'26''Jimmy Lewis Blade III
28Patrice MercereauOpen1h08'27''JP Air 12'6
29Eric GricourtOpen1h08'57''F-One 12'6*29
30Erwan BordierOpen1h09'59''Fanatic Falcon 12'6*30
31Cécile GondreWomen's1h11'17''Bic Ace Tec 12'6
32Erwan PriolJunior1h13'38''Fanatic Fly Race 12'6*30
33Anne CrozetWomen's1h14'19''Jimmy Lewis Slice 12'6
34Jean-Marc HebertOpen1h16'21''Naish Javelin 12'6
35Johan BretonOpen1h20'08''NahSkwell Scow 12'6
36Tanguy RichardJunior1h23'04''NahSkwell 12'6
37Gilles Le BorgneOpen1h29'30''Riviera Voyager
38Frédérique GuilleminWomen's1h29'55''Naish One 12'6 inflatable

All photos by Loic Olivier and © Swell Addiction. Click any photo to open our awesome full-screen gallery.