January 21, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Results + Photos: France’s “Swell Beach Race Series” Event #1

Swell Beach Race Series SUP - Race #1
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Europe is one of the most underrated destinations for Stand Up Paddle racing. It’s got some of the world’s very best paddlers, very best beaches, and some of the best races. While the SUP world often looks to California, Hawaii, and to a lesser extent, Australia, a lot of action goes unseen in Europe. And by far the strongest SUP nation in Europe is France.

France holds a LOT of SUP races every year, and yesterday another new series kicked off: The 2013 Swell Beach Race Series. Event #1 was held at the very picturesque “Plage de Saint Michel en Grève” (everything sounds better in French…) in Brittany on the West Coast. Conditions looked chilly but that didn’t stop 33 die-hard Stand Up Paddlers from donning their wetsuits and having a crack at a Battle of the Paddle-style race.

Yoann Cornelis leads Greg ClosierTwo of France’s (and Europe’s) leading paddlers Greg Closier and Yoann Cornelis dominated the race. Greg is on the podium of pretty much every SUP race in France, while Yoann has made a quick rise through the ranks and now finds himself on the French team for the ISA Stand Up Champs in Peru next month.

The pair battled it out yesterday for over 40 minutes, before Greg finally took the win a minute ahead of Yoann (who is a Saint-Michel-en-Grèves local).

There’s a full recap of yesterday’s race on the official site (click here for the Google translation).

The Swell Beach Race Series continues on February 17th at “Le Conquet” (gotta love the French language) and you can see the full schedule on our 2013 SUP Race Calendar. Get the results from race #1 below and then scroll down for some great photos of the action.

Swell Beach Race Series – Event #1 RESULTS

1Greg CLOSIERMen0:43:24
2Yoann CORNELISMen0:44:40
3Amaury DORMETMen0:46:52
4Yves GONDREMen0:47:06
5Martin LETOURNEURJunior0:47:24
6Marc JULIOTMen0:49:11
7Christophe GUERINMen0:51:53
8Samuel URVOYMen0:51:59
9Pierre LE COQMen0:52:10
10Fred ISTINMen0:52:30
11Martin VITRYJunior0:52:59
12Franck LEVENMen0:53:10
13Thomas KIMPFLINMen0:53:18
14Greg VITRYMen0:53:43
15Philippe BIARNESMen0:54:00
16Christophe REISHLEMen0:54:19
17Stéphane GUIOMARMen0:54:47
18Jérémy BRANCHUMen0:56:05
19Loïc PICOTMen0:57:44
20Erwan BORDIERMen0:59:02
21Ronan BOTRELMen0:59:08
22Solange PRUVOSTWomen0:59:37
23Vincent GUILLAUMEMen1:00:08
24Christophe LYMen1:00:13
25Patrick ROCHARDMen1:01:21
26Patrice MERCEREAUMen1:01:28
27Jipé LETOURNEURMen1:01:30
28Jean LETOURNEURJunior1:01:32
29Stéphane PRIGENTMen1:01:50
30Cécile GONDREWomen1:02:34
31Frédéric LE COZMen1:04:00
32Jean Mat BOYDRONMen1:10:34
33Karine DORMETWomen1:10:41

All photos by Loic Olivier and © Swell Addiction. Click any photo to open our awesome full-screen gallery.