June 11, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race

UPDATE: Check out the Santa Monica Pier Paddle VIDEO from Quickblade.


Check out results from the 2012 Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race.

Byron Kurt took line honours exactly one minute ahead of Quickblade’s Jim Terrell, while Mike Murphy won the stock 12’6″ class and scored a 4th place overall.

Meanwhile in the women’s race it was the 2012 ISA World Champion (and recent U.S. Champion) Brandi Baksic who dominated, finishing five minutes clear of 2nd place Alison Riddle.

Check out the full race results below from both the 5.5 mile Elite Long Course and the 1.5 mile Fun course (…and click here for results from the prone paddleboard divisions, won by Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela).

The Mad Scientist himself, Jim Terrell, cruising to the finish in style // photo Copyright © On It Pro

Click here for some more pics of the action courtesy of On It Pro.


Santa Monica Pier Paddle RESULTS: Long Course

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #DivisionDiv #
1M1Byron KURT1:05:1414'140-491
2M2Jim TERRELL1:06:1414'240-492
3M3Chance FIELDER1:06:4714'340-493
4M4Mike MURPHY1:08:2212'6"140+1
5M5Brendan LIGHT1:09:0414'416-391
6M6Dane MORRISSEY1:09:3212'6"2Under 401
7M7Tucker INGALLS1:09:4614'516-392
8M8Karl RING1:09:4814'640-494
9M9Dave BOEHNE1:10:1412'6"3Under 402
11M11Seth SPRINGER1:11:2114'816-393
10M10Neal DRINKWARD1:11:2114'740-495
12M12John BECKER1:11:5214'950+1
13M13Brent CAMPBELL1:12:1614'1016-394
14F1Brandi BAKSIC1:14:12F12'6"1Under 401
15M14Jayson CAMPBELL1:14:3812'6"4Under 403
16M15Patrick O'hea O'HEA1:14:3914'1116-395
17M16Trent HICKMAN1:14:4012'6"5Under 404
18M17Matthew HUGHES1:15:1912'6"6Under 405
19M18Jack WYGAL1:16:2214'1240-496
20M19Chuck TROUT1:17:1014'1340-497
21M20Phil COFFMAN1:17:3612'6"740+2
22M21Gene Tarsan SMITH1:19:2812'6"840+3
23F2Alison RIDDLE1:19:54F12'6"2Under 402
24M22Bob FARRAR1:20:0014'1450+2
25M23John GOODMAN1:20:0912'6"940+4
26F3Sara JUREK1:20:47F12'6"3Under 403
27M24Mace CAMHE1:21:4614'1540-498
28M25Tom CORBRIDGE1:22:1414'1650+3
29F4Antoinette COCCO1:22:31F12'6"4Under 404
30M26Luke THOMAS1:22:4114'1716-396
31M27Christian SHUBIN1:23:1614'1816-397
32F5Michelle TARAJCAK1:23:34F12'6"5Under 405
33M28Mike VAUGHAN1:23:4812'6"1040+5
34M29Doug ANDERSON1:24:1912'6"1140+6
35M30Gerry WALLFESH1:25:1512'6"1240+7
36M31Chris CURL1:26:2014'1916-398
37M32Tim SANFORD1:28:4814'2016-399
38M33Barkley UNKNOWN1:28:5612'6"1340+8
39M34Marcus YOUNG1:29:4812'6"14Under 406
40M35Alex PAPPAS1:31:3314'2116-3910
41M36Aj JOHNSON1:32:1312'6"15Under 407
42M37Nicholas DANGELO1:32:3512'6"16Under 408
43M38Mat WESNER1:33:0312'6"1740+9
44M39Allen BROSTOWICZ1:34:0812'6"1840+10
45M40Simon SWART1:34:0914'2240-499
46M41Michael BROWN1:34:2212'6"1940+11
47M42Evan JENSEN1:35:4612'6"20Under 409
48M43Alan LATTERI1:36:22Surfboard1Open1
49M44Kyle KUSHNER1:45:4012'6"21Under 4010
50M45Greg WELCH1:45:50Surfboard2Open2
51M46Scott HUBBARD1:45:50Surfboard3Open3
52M47David THAU1:47:33Surfboard4Open4
53M48Nicholas IADONISI1:48:4712'6"22Under 4011
54M49Gary LEONG1:50:1112'6"2340+12
55M50Kurt SIMPSON1:51:1314'2340-4910
56M51Oso SNELL1:52:53Surfboard5Open5
57F6Sandy HILL1:54:18F12'6"640+1
58M52Juerg GESER2:10:4114'2440-4911


Santa Monica Pier Paddle RESULTS: Fun Course

Overall #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1Raphael LUNETTA26:4112'6" Men's Open1
3Mike VAUGHAN27:1112'6" Men's Open3
2Seth SPRINGER27:1112'6" Men's Open2
4Sam GEORGE27:1212'6" Men's Masters1
5Andrew SOLMSSEN28:01Surfboard Men's Open1
6Benton WARD28:47Surfboard Men's Open2
7Mike DOWNEY29:1712'6" Men's Masters2
8Chris WILINSKI29:44Surfboard Men's Open3
9Frank UMIPIG30:1312'6" Men's Masters3
10Ross FURUKAWA30:5512'6" Men's Open4
11Matthew MINICH32:08Surfboard Men's Open4
12Ian LIGHT32:1212'6" Men's Open5
13Jean ROUSSEAU33:0612'6" Men's Open6
14Cliff SIMON33:13Surfboard Men's Open5
15Jericho POPPLER33:3512'6" Women's Masters1
16Kevin MCCARTHY34:0612'6" Men's Masters4
17Scott AMMONS34:27Surfboard Men's Open6
18Emily DOLBER35:0912'6" Women's Open1
19Jose GONZALEZ35:2112'6" Men's Open7
20Jesse KREGER35:25Surfboard Men's Open7
21Brian BUSBY35:2612'6" Men's Open8
22Kenny Yat-choi KWONG36:3712'6" Men's Open9
23Daniel CHEVALLIER37:4112'6" Men's Open10
24James YANOSCHIK39:2912'6" Men's Masters5
25Tom DUNBABIN43:17Surfboard Men's Open8
26Randie HALLETT43:1812'6" Women's Open2
27Juli SCHULZ45:1612'6" Women's Masters2
28Erwin GALICINAO45:2712'6" Men's Open11
29Tommy TILTON45:38Surfboard 13-16 yrs1
30Max SWART45:45Surfboard Under 12 yrs1
31Cade COHEN46:11Surfboard Under 12 yrs2
32Holly PERRY47:0412'6" Women's Open3
33Gabe WALLACE47:2712'6" Men's Open12
34Tom ANDERSON47:4512'6" Men's Open13
35Shari DAVIS49:0112'6" Women's Masters3
36Samson GRUNWALD49:40Surfboard 13-16 yrs2
37Ross ROMIEN49:5912'6" Men's Open14
38Rey Cano CANO50:0312'6" Men's Masters6
39Brittny BURFORD50:1912'6" Women's Open4
40Suzy GREENWOOD51:2312'6" Women's Open5
41Jose BACALLAO52:3412'6" Men's Open15
42Jin PARK53:44Surfboard Men's Open9
43Marti WEST54:3012'6" Women's Masters4
44Jacqueline PATT54:3212'6" Women's Open6
45Carrie TILTON54:4212'6" Women's Masters5
46Andrew BROWNE55:1412'6" Men's Open16
47Ingrid FARO55:4412'6" Women's Masters6
48Junior CACHERO58:45Surfboard Men's Open10
49Kate BURGER59:51Surfboard Women's Open1
50Kelly MUELLER59:52Surfboard Women's Open2
51Francesca MARTIN59:54Surfboard Women's Open3
52Mitch BRODY60:4112'6" Men's Open17
53Judy ALINSANGAN64:36Surfboard Women's Open4