February 4, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 12 Towers Ocean Race (Gold Coast, Australia)

Results from the 12 Towers Ocean SUP Race held on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Conditions were awesome, with a good tail wind kicking in right before the start of the race to make for some super fun downwinder conditions.

There was a fair bit of swell though, which made it pretty tough getting out the back to the start line (and even tougher getting in to the finish line…).

Travis Grant put in a huge effort to beat an all-star field, narrowly edging out Jamie Mitchell. Amazingly, both finished the roughly 13km course in under an hour.

Local young-gun Jake Jensen took the final podium spot in a three-way battle with fellow Gold Coasters Beau O’Brian (4th) and Paul Jackson (5th).

The competition was intense on the women’s side as well, where New South Wales’ Terrene Black snatched victory from local favourite Angie Jackson.

Massive effort by the organisers, SUPSA, in pulling off such a great event. Huge credit also for the crew at Watershack.com.au, who stepped up as the major sponsor of the race.

Travis Grant 
Angie Jackson
– Paul Jackson
Jamie Mitchell


It was a mission just making it out the back to the start line…

…and even more of a mission making it to the finish line
(Thanks to Piros for the great pics)


12 Towers Ocean SUP Race RESULTS

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M/F   Overall # NameTime Class   Class # Division Div. # 
M1Travis GRANT0:56:18M12'6"1M Open1
M2Jamie MITCHELL0:57:02M12'6"2M Open2
M3Jake JENSEN1:00:15M12'6"3M Open3
M4Beau O'Brian1:01:30M12'6"4M Open4
M5Paul JACKSON1:01:40M12'6"5M Open5
M6Lincoln Dews1:04:20M12'6"6M Open6
M7Matt CARTER1:04:50Unlim1M Open1
M8Dylan MAGEE1:05:00M14'1M Open1
M9Mark WALDECK1:05:30Unlim2M 50+1
M10Andy DAVIES1:05:45M12'6"7M Open7
M11Paul JONES1:06:10M12'6"8M Open8
M12Ryan KECK1:07:14Unlim3M Open1
M13Steve WALKER1:07:22Unlim4M Open2
M14Heath BROWN1:08:15M14'2M 40-491
M15Dale CHAPMAN1:09:43M12'6"9M 40-491
M16Christopher PARKER1:12:52M12'6"10M Open9
M17Steve QUILLER1:13:40M12'6"11M 40-492
M18Wayne JOHNSTONE1:13:42M12'6"12M Open10
M19Noel GRAHAM1:14:13M12'6"13M 40-493
F20Terrene BLACK1:14:20F12'6"1F Open1
F21Angela JACKSON1:15:11F12'6"2F Open2
M22Greg BEER1:15:23M14'3M 40-492
M23Kyle HUGHES1:16:20M14'4M Open2
M24Errol VON BEINKE1:17:00M12'6"14M 50+1
M25Andrew HAMILTON1:17:33Unlim5M 40-491
M26Dallas HALFORD1:17:50M14'5M Open3
M27Dion PARKER1:18:15M12'6"15M Open11
M28Michael STOKES1:18:25M12'6"16M 50+2
F29Karla GILBERT1:18:40F14'1F Open1
M30Andrew Edhouse1:19:35M14'6M 40-493
M32Shane LYNCH1:19:50M14'7M 40-494
M31Warwick ROSE1:19:50M12'6"17M 50+3
F33Alison FULLAGAR1:20:10F12'6"3F Open3
M34Adam SCOTT1:20:30M12'6"18M Open12
M35Scott ROBERTS1:21:30M12'6"19M 40-494
M36Julian BLANCHARD1:23:25M12'6"20M 50+4
F37Jenny RYAN1:25:17F12'6"4F Open4
M38Rob CRIBB1:25:50M12'6"21M 40-495
F39Molly WALKER1:26:00F12'6"5F Open5
F40Elyse Comerford1:26:27F12'6"6F Open6
F41Simone HORSFIELD1:26:36F14'2F Open2
M42Alan MCARTHUR1:26:42M12'6"22M Open13
M43Robert EYRE1:26:45M14'8M 50+1
M44Peter TURNER1:26:48M12'6"23M 50+5
M45Trevor TUNNINGTON1:26:59M12'6"24M Open14
M46Ben Cahill1:27:35M14'9M Open4
F47Sondra PURSER1:27:36F12'6"7F Open7
M48Neil ENGLISH1:29:00Unlim6M 50+2
M49Scott PENWARN1:29:30M12'6"25M 40-496
M50Justin SMALL1:30:30M12'6"26M 40-497
M51David GULLIS1:31:30M12'6"27M 40-498
M52Dave HILL1:32:43M14'10M 40-495
M53Matt ROSER1:33:20M12'6"28M Open15
M54Ryan RISTUCCIA1:34:00M12'6"29M Open16
M55Duncan CORBEIT1:36:20M14'11M 50+2