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Guilherme dos Reis

April 24, 2023
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

In late 2018, for a brief moment there, the eyes of every SUP racing fan in the world were locked on one young man: Guilherme dos Reis from Brazil. Guilherme, or just "Gui" as he's known, was leading the final of the Pacific Paddle Games aka the biggest race of the year. The traditional "Super Bowl" event that took over from the Battle of the Paddle and kept southern California as the centre of the sport for a few more years. It was a big deal.

April 23, 2023
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

With all the buzz building ahead of next weekend's big double header in Carolina and Spain, let's not forget that another important event is happening right now... The Pan American Surfing Games - sort of like the "ISA Worlds of the Americas" - are being held in Panama this week as a second-chance qualifier for the 2023 PanAm Games in Santiago, Chile - sort of like the "Olympics of the Americas"

March 11, 2019
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

The pre-season shuffle is virtually complete with nearly a dozen athletes changing teams ahead of the international race season. I call it "Trade Week" in honour of the big sporting leagues (NBA, AFL, etc) that have set periods each year where players can be poached by rival teams. SUP athlete