August 18, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge: Kai Lenny, Candice Appleby Dominate

The 2012 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge has just wrapped up at Hood River, Oregon, in spectacular fashion. The stacked field of paddlers and awesome race conditions combined to help make this one of the best SUP racing events of the year.

With $18,000 in prize money on the line, a virtual “who’s who” of the stand up paddle race scene battled it out for this year’s Gorge Paddle Challenge. Just making the Top 10 in this event is as impressive as a podium spot in almost any other SUP race around the world.

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Jamie Mitchell, Kai Lenny, Chase Kosterlitz, Talia Gangini, Slater Trout, Chuck Patterson, Candice Appleby, Fernando Stalla, Anthony Vela, Jim Terrell, Matt Becker, Tucker Ingalls, Dave Kalama, Noa Ginella, Dan Gavere, Jay Wild, Jenny Kalmbach, Thomas Maximus and the list goes on…

Yeah, it was a stacked field.

But who stood up and took the glory…?

Just as predicted, Candice Appleby won the women’s Elite Course Race on Day 1, while Kai Lenny took out the men’s Elite race ahead of Jamie Mitchell (2nd) and Chase Kosterlitz (3rd).

But what we didn’t see coming was that Kai would go on to absolutely dominate the Downwind Race on Day 2…

With 35+ knot winds making conditions perfect for a Gorge Downwinder, and with Maui downwind specialists such as Livio Menelau, Jeremy Riggs and Dave Kalama joining the likes of Connor Baxter and Jamie Mitchell in the starting line-up, you could have forgiven Kai Lenny for resting on his laurels and enjoying the race. But instead, the 19-year-old stepped things up to another level entirely, taking the victory by one and a half minutes ahead of Baxter (2nd) and three and a half minutes in front of 10x World Champ Mitchell (3rd).

Candice Appleby also took out the downwinder, claiming the double win along with Kai. Jenny Kalmbach was 2nd and Karen Wrenn grabbed third. However Talia Gangini (2nd woman over the line) was apparently disqualified for riding the wrong board (more on that later).

Kai Lenny’s dominance of the Gorge Paddle Challenge is quite fitting. This was a Naish event (his main sponsor) plus he hosted a feel-good, record-breaking “Grom SUP” event on the Friday. It was Kai’s weekend, basically. The crew at Team Naish couldn’t have written the script any better if they tried.

Check out reactions from the paddlers themselves below, then scroll down for the full SUP race results (also take a look at some epic Gorge Paddle Challenge SUP Race photos).


2012 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge RESULTS

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Elite Course Race (Saturday)

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Men: 14′ boards, women: 12’6″

#M/FM/F #NameTimeAge
1M1Kai LENNY0:50:2619
2M2Jamie MITCHELL0:50:3935
3M3Chase KOSTERLITZ0:50:4626
4M4Slater TROUT0:50:5117
5M5Connor BAXTER0:52:0917
6M6Kody KERBOX0:52:4618
7M7Cyril BURGUIERE0:52:5733
8M8Matt  BECKER0:53:0517
9M9Byron KURT0:53:5648
10M10Anthony VELA0:54:0138
11M11Thomas MAXIMUS0:54:1243
12M12Dan GAVERE0:54:3142
13M13Tucker INGALLS0:54:3614
14M14Kaeo ABBEY0:54:4925
15M15Dustin SOUSLEY0:54:5018
16M16Jim TERRELL0:54:5847
17M17Matt PARKER0:55:0033
18M18Noa GINELLA0:55:1018
19M19Mike TAVARES0:55:1629
20M20Ej JOHNSON0:55:2149
21M21Ingo RADEMACHER0:55:5441
22M22Kristian MULHOLLAND0:56:5140
23M23Dean CHRISTENER0:56:5722
24M24Ben GRODNER0:57:2016
25M25Matt SPENCER0:57:3129
26M26Gary PARSONS0:57:4452
27F1Candice APPLEBY0:57:5626
28M27James THESIGER0:58:1532
29M28Yannick MICHAUD0:58:4635
30M29Livio MENELAU0:58:4834
31F2Jenny KALMBACH0:59:0329
32F3Allison RIDDLE1:00:0326
33F4Lina AUGAITIS1:00:1131
34M30Jeremy RIGGS1:00:2340
35F5Karen WRENN1:00:5540
36F6Shannon BELL1:01:0138
37F7Talia GANGINI1:01:0619
38F8Alyson FROMM1:01:4118
39F9Brit OLIPHANT1:02:1417
40F10Fiona WYLDE1:03:3115
41F11Lysanne LAVIGNE1:11:1629

Open Course Race (Saturday)

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClass#Division#Age
1M1Derek FROMM0:30:2614'1M 17&U115
2M2TJ GULIZIA0:30:3214'2M 18-49136
3M3Art AQUINO0:31:2714'3M 18-49246
4M4J. Macrae WYLDE0:31:4814'4M 18-49348
5M5Patrick AIO0:32:2112'6"1M 18-49139
6M6Rob DIES0:32:2814'5M 18-49436
7M7Spencer SLAVEN-LAZZAR0:32:3712'6"2M 18-49224
8M8Jan BOERSMA0:32:5614'6M 18-49543
9M9Scott VANDE VUSSE0:33:0112'6"3M 18-49333
10M10Tom HANNY0:33:0614'7M 18-49637
11M11John  SCHALKA0:33:2214'8M 50+156
12M12Jim STEVENS0:33:2414'9M 18-49744
13M13Keith COLEMAN0:33:3414'10M 18-49832
14M14Dave BILLENNESS0:33:3512'6"4M 18-49443
15M15Jeff BIGLER0:33:4912'6"5M 18-49535
16M16Paul WILLERTON0:34:0314'11M 18-49943
17M17Brook  STAPLES0:34:0514'12M 18-491044
18M18Gregg LEION0:34:1214'13M 50+254
19M19Tom BURKE0:34:4314'14M 50+355
20M20Doug HOPKINS0:35:0114'15M 50+451
21M21Bob RUETER0:35:0814'16M 50+557
22M22Nakoa DECOITE0:35:1412'6"6M 18-49624
23M23Ford HUNTINGTON0:35:1914'17M 17&U215
24M24Izaak TYRRELL0:35:2312'6"7M 18-49734
25M25Bret WILHELM0:35:2614'18M 18-491142
26M26Ryan BROWN0:35:5414'19M 18-491241
27M27Brian TRACY0:36:2612'6"8M 18-49829
28M28Patrick CORCORAN0:36:4612'6"9M 50+151
29M29Kristian DEWOLFE0:36:5214'20M 17&U314
30F1Elizabeth  SCHALKA0:37:07F12'6"1F 18-49124
31M30Randall BARNA0:37:2014'21M 50+662
32M31Michael WITHERITE0:37:2414'22M 18-491340
33M32Oscar MACIEL0:37:3414'23M 18-491442
34F2Victoria HOPKINS0:37:46F12'6"2F 18-49239
35F3Linda DE JONG0:37:55F12'6"3F 50+153
36M33Michael SKELLY0:37:5714'24M 50+753
37F4Maria RANDLE0:38:04F12'6"4F 18-49347
38M34Travis RONK0:38:1212'6"10M 18-49945
39M35Mike GRODNER0:38:2214'25M 50+854
40M36Todd CLAY0:38:3212'6"11M 50+251
41M37Jason LEXA0:38:3614'26M 18-491537
42M38Nick OGILVIE0:38:4012'6"12M 18-491028
43M39Greg WHITTAKER0:38:5814'27M 18-491641
44F5Tatiana BIGLER0:39:06F12'6"5F 18-49431
45M40Tyler MEBUS0:39:1214'28M 18-491748
46M41Mike JACOBY0:39:2714'29M 18-491843
47M42Aijiro SUZUKI0:39:4014'30M 18-491941
48M43Kenny MALLGREN0:40:0814'31M 18-492025
49F6Jennifer LAWSON0:40:28F12'6"6F 18-49531
50F7Bonnie FROMM0:40:31F12'6"7F 50+250
51F8Lori PARK0:41:02F14'1F 18-49138
52M44Dean BREWER0:44:3512'6"13M 18-491147
53F9Cindy WRIGHT0:46:06F12'6"8F 18-49644
54M45Mike DOWD0:48:4814'32M 50+953
55F10Kathy KINGEN0:55:18F12'6"9F 50+356
Open Course Race: Surfboard Class (half distance)
1st: Bill Babcock (0:19:34) Age 65
2nd: J Ohlson (0:21:27) Age 50

Elite Downwind Race (Day 2)

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Men: 14′ boards, women: 12’6″

#NameTimeDivisionDiv #Age
1Kai LENNY0:55:57Elite Men119
2Connor BAXTER0:57:26Elite Men217
3Jamie MITCHELL0:59:24Elite Men335
4Kaeo ABBEY1:00:36Elite Men425
5Slater TROUT1:01:47Elite Men517
6Kody KERBOX1:02:02Elite Men618
7Dave KALAMA1:02:15Elite Men747
8Jeremy RIGGS1:02:25Elite Men840
9Livio MENELAU1:03:32Elite Men934
10Chase KOSTERLITZ1:05:19Elite Men1026
11Noa GINELLA1:05:29Elite Men1118
12Chuck PATTERSON1:05:53Elite Men1243
13Matt  BECKER1:07:01Elite Men1317
14Tucker INGALLS1:07:59Elite Men1414
15Dan GAVERE1:08:11Elite Men1542
16Matt PARKER1:11:32Elite Men1633
17Dean CHRISTENER1:11:36Elite Men1722
18Anthony VELA1:11:48Elite Men1838
19Ingo RADEMACHER1:13:11Elite Men1941
20Ben GRODNER1:13:34Elite Men2016
21Thomas MAXIMUS1:14:07Elite Men2143
22Candice APPLEBY1:14:20Elite Women126
23Byron KURT1:14:56Elite Men2248
24Jenny KALMBACH1:15:35Elite Women229
25Karen WRENN1:16:31Elite Women340
26Mike TAVARES1:16:59Elite Men2329
27Arthur  AQUINO1:17:20Elite Men2446
28Rod PARMENTER1:18:42Elite Men2547
29Ej JOHNSON1:20:27Elite Men2649
30Cyril BURGUIERE1:20:59Elite Men2733
31Kristian MULHOLLAND1:21:30Elite Men2840
32Fiona WYLDE1:23:37Elite Women415
33Alyson FROMM1:24:58Elite Women518
34Alison RIDDLE1:25:24Elite Women626
35Gary PARSONS1:25:32Elite Men2952
36Dustin SOUSLEY1:25:44Elite Men3018
37Nikki GREGG1:26:56Elite Women735
38Lina AUGAITIS1:27:29Elite Women831
39Yannick MICHAUD1:27:39Elite Men3135
40Paul WILLERTON1:41:40Elite Men3243

Open Downwind Race (Day 2)

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClass#Division#Age
1M1Matt SPENCER1:09:3614'1M18-49129
2M2Doug HOPKINS1:10:4014'2M50+151
3M3Derek FROMM1:10:4214'3M17&U115
4M4Nick STUART1:10:5414'4M18-49232
5M5Keith COLEMAN1:11:3214'5M18-49332
6M6Patrick AIO1:11:4314'6M18-49439
7M7Rob DIES1:11:5314'7M18-49536
8M8Gerry LOPEZ1:13:2614'8M50+263
9M9Nakoa DECOITE1:13:4714'9M18-49624
10M10Gregg LEION1:13:5214'10M50+354
11M11Bruce  BARRY1:14:1814'11M50+461
12M12Izaak TYRRELL1:16:1814'12M18-49734
13M13Tj GULIZIA1:17:0614'13M18-49836
14M14Dave BILLENNESS1:17:1914'14M18-49943
15M15J. Macrae WYLDE1:17:2414'15M18-491048
16M16Jim STEVENS1:18:0114'16M18-491144
17M17Bob RUETER1:18:1014'17M50+557
18M18Bill BABCOCK1:18:5514'18M50+665
19M19Ford HUNTINGTON1:19:0514'19M17&U215
20M20Don WYLIE1:19:1114'20M50+751
21M21Jeff BIGLER1:19:1312'6"1M18-49135
22M22Lukas DEWOLFE1:19:3614'21M17&U314
23M23Sean THOMAS1:20:3712'6"2M18-49235
24M24Tyson TURNER1:22:2312'6"3M18-49334
25M25Ryan BROWN1:22:4314'22M18-491241
26M26Alexander RODDVIK1:23:0614'23M18-491339
27M27Brook  STAPLES1:23:2814'24M18-491444
28M28Randall BARNA1:23:3514'25M50+862
29M29Nelson WINGARD1:23:3914'26M18-491540
30M30Dennis OLIPHANT1:24:1014'27M50+956
31M31Matthew ELSASSER1:24:4412'6"4M18-49418
32M32Robert FINLAY1:24:5014'28M18-491640
33M33Tom HANNY1:25:1714'29M18-491737
34M34Mike GRODNER1:26:0014'30M50+1054
35M35Forrest WELLS1:26:1914'31M18-491832
36M36Fabrice LE DET1:27:1714'32M18-491943
37M37Tyler MEBUS1:27:2612'6"5M18-49548
38M38Greg GILBERT1:27:3212'6"6M18-49645
39F1Victoria HOPKINS1:27:52F12'6"1F18-49139
40M39Aijiro SUZUKI1:28:1714'33M18-492041
41M40Jim DEWOLFE1:30:0614'34M50+1157
42F2Lori PARK1:30:11F14'1F18-49138
43F3Maria RANDLE1:30:53F14'2F18-49247
44F4Linda DE JONG1:31:08F12'6"2F50+153
45M41Spencer SLAVEN-LAZZAR1:31:1212'6"7M18-49724
46M42Travis RONK1:31:2312'6"8M18-49845
47M43Tom BURKE1:31:3814'35M50+1255
48M44Patrick CORCORAN1:32:2312'6"9M50+151
49M45James THESIGER1:32:5812'6"10M18-49932
50M46John  SCHALKA1:33:3514'36M50+1356
51M47Scott VANDE VUSSE1:34:0312'6"11M18-491033
52M48Todd HORN1:34:30Surf1M18-49131
53F5Bonnie FROMM1:34:35F12'6"3F50+250
54M49Greg WHITTAKER1:34:3912'6"12M18-491141
55M50Claude BAZINET1:34:5112'6"13M18-491233
56M51Larry PHILLIPS1:35:1014'37M18-492143
57F6Lysanne LAVIGNE1:35:42F12'6"4F18-49229
58F7Tatiana BIGLER1:35:53F12'6"5F18-49331
59F8Tonia FARMAN1:37:03F12'6"6F18-49441
60M52Andre SAPP1:37:0512'6"14M18-491346
61F9Elizabeth  SCHALKA1:37:09F12'6"7F18-49524
62M53Michael WITHERITE1:37:3214'38M18-492240
63M54Brian TRACY1:37:5512'6"15M18-491429
64M55Glen HAUPT1:39:2112'6"16M18-491546
65M56Darryl NAKAHIRA1:39:2314'39M50+1453
66M57Anthony SCATURRO1:39:5714'40M50+1570
67M58Michael SKELLY1:41:3112'6"17M50+253
68M59Jay LAZZAR1:43:0912'6"18M50+350
69M60Jason LEXA1:44:2714'41M18-492337
70F10Jennifer LAWSON1:44:27F12'6"8F18-49631
71M61Jeffrey KNAPP1:45:1912'6"19M50+452
72M62Jon THOMSEN1:45:4714'42M18-492442
73M63Michael UFFELMAN1:46:3512'6"20M18-491638
74F11Ashlee REDFERN1:46:35F12'6"9F18-49731
75M64Dan HAGHIGHI1:46:4914'43M18-492549
76M65Eric LE DET1:46:5712'6"21M18-491748
77M66Oscar MACIEL1:47:0114'44M18-492642
78F12Judy SHASEK1:47:01FSurf1F50+155
79M67Brady MEBUS1:47:18Surf2M17&U117
80M68Steven DAVIS1:47:4514'45M50+1654
81M69Ben RUSSELL1:47:4712'6"22M18-491838
82M70Sam CUNARD1:47:57Surf3M18-49220
83M71Nick OGILVIE1:48:1312'6"23M18-491928
84M72Fred MERRILL1:48:1912'6"24M50+553
85M73Brandon WILLEMS1:49:37Surf4M18-49324
86M74Ohlson JERRY1:50:06Surf5M50+150
87M75William WORTHINGTON1:50:2314'46M50+1750
88M76Mike JACOBY1:51:3114'47M18-492743
89F13Leanne MEBUS1:52:04FSurf2F18-49148
90M77Mark THOMAS1:52:26Surf6M18-49437
91M78Tyler TSCHITTER1:52:3912'6"25M17&U116
92M79Dave LARKMAN1:52:5312'6"26M50+669
93F14Jacquie BROWN-BARONE1:54:02F12'6"10F18-49846
94F15Katie PUDDEFOOT1:54:12F12'6"11F18-49937
95M80Ed FURRY1:54:3212'6"27M18-492040
96M81Randy ORR1:57:4314'48M18-492845
97M82Dean BREWER1:59:5612'6"28M18-492147
98M83Tyson LANGELIERS2:00:0514'49M18-492935
99F16Anna RIEKE2:00:33FSurf3F18-49244
100M84Francois CARRETE2:03:2512'6"29M50+754
101F17Cindy WRIGHT2:04:01F12'6"12F18-491044
102M85Chris KASTNER2:05:2312'6"30M50+850
103F18Margot BOLSTAD2:07:23F12'6"13F50+356
104F19Lisa NELSON2:09:09F12'6"14F50+450
105M86Travis FUHRER2:09:3714'50M18-493035
106M87Robby CARVER2:12:4814'51M18-493129

Men’s Winners // pic © Jim Terrell/Quickblade Paddles

Women’s Winners // pic © Jim Terrell/Quickblade Paddles

Allison Riddle and Candice Appleby // pic © Jim Terrell/Quickblade Paddles

Women’s Downwind Race winners

Men’s Downwind race winners. L-R: Connor Baxter (2nd), Kai Lenny (1st), Jamie Mitchell (3rd)

Gorge Downwind action! That’s the “Elite” paddlers spread out in the foreground, with the “Open” racers (who started 5 mins later) in the background. How good do those conditions look… // pic © Big Winds

Kai Lenny leads the pack during the Elite Course Race // pic © Gorge Performance

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