October 4, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

2014 Battle Of The Paddle RESULTS: Candice And Kai Take The Elite Race, Lina And Danny Salute In The Distance

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We’ve just wrapped up the 2014 Battle of the Paddle here at Salt Creek, California. What a weekend… Action. Drama. Heroics. But most all: Carnage.

Yesterday’s Elite Race saw some of the most exciting stand up paddle racing ever, with a solid south swell rolling into the BOP’s new home of Salt Creek and creating some very memorable moments. Today’s Distance Race was a little mellower, however the performances were just as strong. We’ve got the full results posted below and then you can scroll down to relive our weekend-long LIVE BLOG that was very awesomely presented by Starboard.

UPDATE: Get the latest SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS – updated with Battle of the Paddle results

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Women’s Elite Race Final

1Candice Appleby0:46:55
2Lina Augaitis0:47:23
3Annabel Anderson *0:48:22
4Fiona Wylde0:49:36
5Jenny Kalmbach0:50:18
6Angela Jackson0:50:19
7Karla Gilbert0:50:39
8Sonni Hönscheid *0:51:02
9Sondra Purser0:51:12
10Talia Decoite0:51:15
11Shae Foudy0:51:37
12Izzi Gomez0:51:44
13Jaime Donnelly0:52:16
14Terrene Black0:53:05
15April Zilg0:53:19
16Shannon Bell0:53:42
17Bailey Rosen0:53:49
18Celine Guesdon0:54:08
19Halie Harrison0:54:12
20Shelby Taylor0:54:15
21Morgan Hoesterey0:55:08
22Marie Buchanan0:55:08
23Alyson Fromm0:55:17
24Silvia Mecucci0:55:39
25Tamara Lentz0:55:40
26Barbara Nunes0:55:44
27Lara Claydon0:56:53
28Hannah Elferink0:57:33
29Haley Mills0:57:56
30Alison Riddle1:00:13
31Jennifer Fratzke1:00:44
32Karen Jacobson1:01:53
33Lori Park1:02:27
34Victoria Burgess1:02:27
35Susak Molinero1:02:39
36Lexi Alston1:03:50
* Annabel Anderson and Sonni Hönscheid received one minute penalties for an “incorrect” buoy turn

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Men’s Elite Race Final

1Kai Lenny0:41:41
2Jake Jensen0:41:50
3Danny Ching0:41:54
4Lincoln Dews0:42:24
5Connor Baxter0:42:27
6Mo Freitas0:42:28
7Kelly Margetts0:42:31
8Eric Terrien0:42:32
9Slater Trout0:43:00
10Jayden Jensen0:43:19
11Travis Grant0:43:32
12Javier Jimenez0:43:45
13Casper Steinfath0:43:52
14Riggs Napoleon0:43:52
15Zane Schweitzer0:43:53
16Martin Letourneur0:44:08
17Kody Kerbox0:44:08
18Ryan Helm0:44:36
19Georges Cronsteadt0:44:49
20Titouan Puyo0:45:01
21Kai Bates0:45:03
22Michael Booth0:45:09
23Greg Closier0:45:12
24Arthur Arutkin0:45:13
25Tamarua Cowan0:45:18
26Jamie Mitchell0:45:24
27Vinnicius Martins0:45:29
28Eric Leou On0:45:30
29Beau O'Brian0:45:46
30Luis Guida0:45:49
31Giorgio Gomez0:46:21
32Toby Cracknell0:46:27
33Trevor Tunnington0:46:30
34Florent Dode0:46:36
35Arthur Arutkin0:46:52
36Chase Kosterlitz0:47:11
37Kenny Kaneko0:47:12
38Dylan Frick0:47:14
39Sean Poynter0:47:16
40Noa Ginella0:47:37
41Tucker Ingalls0:47:40
42Brennan Rose0:47:52
43Joseph Cerdas0:47:53
44Josh Riccio0:48:06
45Niuhiti Buillard0:48:18
46Mario Cavaco0:48:22
47Felipe Hernandez0:48:26
48Vincent Verhoeven0:48:26
49Taylor Rambo0:48:28
50Mike Tavares0:48:29
51Nick Scheel0:49:33
52Brandon Rambo0:49:39
53Chuck Patterson0:49:53
54Ollie Shilston0:49:54
55Chance Fielder0:50:07
56Jay Wild0:50:13
57Matt Arensman0:50:14
58Rangitea Bennett0:50:14
59Amaury Dormet0:50:20
60Jeremy Stephenson0:50:59
61Livio Menelau0:51:54
62Anthony Vela0:51:56
63Paul Jackson0:51:57
64Paolo Marconi0:52:14
65Brendan Light0:53:11

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Women’s Elite Distance Race

1Lina Augaitis1:26:07
2Annabel Anderson1:27:00
3Fiona Wylde1:28:06
4Sonni Hönscheid1:28:20
5Shae Foudy1:29:16
6Shannon Bell1:31:11
7April Zilg1:32:55
8Sondra Purser1:34:47
9Kelsa Gabehart1:34:56
10Celine Guesdon1:34:57
11Susak Molinero1:35:48
12Jennifer Fratzke1:36:34
13Shelby Taylor1:36:54
14Dani Schmidt1:39:49
15Jennifer Lee1:40:58
16Alyson Fromm1:45:17
17Ruthy Vesler1:48:53
18Bailey Rosen1:50:27

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Men’s Distance Race Top 50

1Danny Ching1:17:35
2Travis Grant1:18:15
3Beau O'Brian1:19:12
4Georges Cronsteadt1:19:14
5Chase Kosterlitz1:19:32
6Fernando Stalla1:19:43
7Eric Terrien1:19:44
8Titouan Puyo1:19:45
9Mo Freitas1:19:55
10Martin Letourneur1:20:18
11Niuhiti Buillard1:20:21
12Slater Trout1:20:48
13Tamarua Cowan1:20:54
14Trevor Tunnington1:20:58
15Ryan Helm1:21:06
16Giorgio Gomez1:21:07
17Paolo Marconi1:21:23
18Luis Guida1:22:20
19Mario Cavaco Neto1:22:34
20Dode Florent1:22:40
21Greg Closier1:22:47
22Kenny Kaneko1:22:50
23Travis Baptiste1:22:50
25Josh Riccio1:22:53
26Rangitea Bennett1:23:18
27Eric Leou On1:23:18
28Belar Diaz1:25:03
29Matt Arensman1:25:22
30Kione Dahiln1:25:44
31Jeramie Vaine1:26:07
32Daniel Russell1:26:15
33Karl Ring1:26:21
34Ben Sarrazin1:26:25
35Garrett Fletcher1:26:37
36Eric Starnes1:26:38
37Chance Fielder1:26:39
38Sean Pangelinan1:26:41
39Seth Springer1:27:07
40Paulo Dos Reis1:27:21
41Matthew Abbott1:27:27
42Felipe Hernandez1:27:39
43Rand Carter1:27:59
44Pilou Desvignes1:28:00
45Javier Jimenez1:28:10
46Guilherme Dos Reis1:28:14
47Tyler Schmuckle1:28:15
48E.J. Johnson1:28:32
49Joseph Morel1:28:35
50Christopher Norman1:28:36
(includes Elite 14 and Open 14)

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