July 16, 2023
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

APP Portugal: Duna defeats Espe and Shrimpy beats the boys. And that’s all we’ll say about the APP.

Some interesting results from Portugal on the weekend where the ever-fledgling world tour known as the “APP” held its second event of the season. The most interesting result was certainly in the women’s podium where Duna defeated compatriot Espe to continue their epic duel. How do you say “arm wrestle” in Spanish?

In the men’s, Shrimpy once again flexed his teen muscles to claim the distance win. But despite Connor Baxter and a few of the top Euro boys in the field it was Shrimpy’s fellow warrior Rai Taguchi in second place. Japan is doing to the men’s sport what Spain has done to the women’s, perhaps?

And that’s all we’ll say about the APP race in Portugal. SUP Racer has a long-standing ethos of not giving any real coverage to events that owe athletes prize money. And when I scratched the surface last week I learned of several riders who haven’t been paid by the APP including one who’s tens of thousands. For those who’ve been following the saga of the APP World Tour (née Stand Up World Series) since it began over a decade ago, this will not come as a surprise at all.

It’s groundhog day.