April 6, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Last Week: ‘Speed Freak’ Slater Trout Triumphed in Santa Cruz; Fiona Wylde Women’s Champ


In brief: Slater Trout took out the 2-star Santa Cruz Paddlefest ahead of a small but highly competitive field last week, with the Infinity ‘Speed Freaks’ team rider returning to the top of the podium and showing early form ahead of a big race season to come.

The move sends Slater back inside the exclusive top 20 club on the World Rankings.

Rising star Ryan Funk was almost equally impressive, crossing the line seconds after Slater but ahead of world number three Mo Freitas and the supremely talented Josh Riccio, while Noa Hoppper and Giorgio Gomez rounded out the top half dozen spots.

Fiona Wylde was too strong in the women’s, comfortably beating home a trio of future stars in Jade Howson, Genna Flinkman and Kali’a Alexiou.

This event happened during SUP Racer’s brief hiatus, hence the delay in reporting.



Elite Race Results – Men

1Slater Trout0:57:252220.00
2Ryan Funk0:57:351615.00
3Josh Riccio0:57:452712.00
4Mo Freitas0:57:581910.00
5Noa Hopper0:59:03178.50
6Giorgio Gomez0:58:25217.00
7Poenaiki Raiha1:00:15206.00
8Tyler Bashor1:00:40155.00
9Dave Boehne1:02:43404.50
10Rodney Ellis1:04:36434.00
11Yan Lavletta1:09:17253.60
12Barry Wicks1:11:27353.20
13David Wells1:07:03473.00
14Pete Gauvin1:08:24482.80
15John Hadley1:08:56492.60
16John Alexiou1:10:46522.40
17Justin Van Dyck1:11:36482.20
18MacRae Wylde1:12:19532.00
19Phil Tresenrider1:13:34581.80
20David Waynar1:13:52361.60
21John Walsh1:14:12411.50
22Mark Alfaro1:16:19451.40
23Brett Simpson1:17:33321.30
24Dustin Minor1:19:31461.20
25Caio Vegner1:20:45371.10
26Matthew Hartman1:22:36451.04

Elite Race Results – Women

1Fiona Wylde1:07:132020.00
2Jade Howson1:09:491415.00
3Genna Flinkman1:11:413012.00
4Kali'a Alexiou1:11:541610.00
5Carter Graves1:12:45258.50
6Izzi Gomez1:14:28177.00
7Hannah Hill1:15:46176.00
8Kristin Thomas1:18:25545.00
9Kristy Morris1:15:23404.50
10Mel Wygal1:23:12404.00


Full results from all divisions on the official site