November 19, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Live Webcast: Fiji ISA Worlds

That’s a wrap.




Women’s marathon results
Men’s marathon results
Surf race results
Course maps
Fiji Form Guide: Race Predictions
Final lineup of teams
Official event site



Wednesday Replay

Full replay of the live webcast from Wednesday featuring the surf racing events at Cloudbreak.



2016 Fiji ISA Worlds: Live Webcast Schedule

Day 1 Sunday 13th: Surfing @ Cloudbreak (8am)
Day 2 Monday 14th: Surfing @ Cloudbreak (8am)
Tuesday 15th: Lay day
Day 3 Wednesday 16th: Surf race (~8am)
Day 4 Thursday 17th: Men’s marathon race (~8am)
Day 5 Friday 18th: Women’s marathon race (~8am)
Day 6 Saturday 19th: Surfing finals @ Cloudbreak (8am)
Day 7 Sunday 20th: Team relays + awards




8am in Fiji
= 9am previous day Hawaii
= 11am previous day California
= 2pm previous day Florida
= 7pm previous day UK
= 8pm previous day Central Europe (Spain, France, Germany, etc)
= 9pm previous day South Africa
= 2am same day Thailand
= 4am same day Japan
= 5am same day East Coast Australia (Queensland)
= 6am same day East Coast Australia (NSW/Vic)
= 8am (same time zone) New Zealand

If your country is missing simply Google “What’s the time in Fiji right now?” to get your bearings.

Tavarua Island Fiji

The iconic Tavarua island, one of the home bases for the event and a feature in the long distance race (‘Cloudbreak’ is out of view in this shot; it’s on an outer reef up from the top of frame)