June 21, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Payette River Games: Mo Freitas, Rebecca Giddens Reign Supreme On The River (Updated Results)

2015 Payette River Games

Mo Freitas and Rebecca Giddens have just won the 2015 Payette River Games following a hugely entertaining three days of racing here in Idaho.

In one of the best all round performances we’ve ever seen, Mo made it a clean sweep by claiming both the super technical “SUPer G” time trial and the mildly chaotic SUP Cross event. Giddens, a former Olympian and mother of two, matched this extraordinary result by sweeping the women’s events.

Full results below. Recap/photos/videos to follow.

RESULTS: 2015 Payette River Games

Overall Event Standings

(Combined points from the SUP Cross and SUPer G events)

Men’s Champion: Mo Freitas (40 points)
Runner-up: Dane Jackson (33)
3rd: Zane Schweitzer (31)

Women’s Champion: Rebecca Giddens (40 points)
Runner-up: Fiona Wylde (37)
3rd: Izzi Gomez (34)

#NameEvent PointsWorld Ranking Points
1Mo Freitas4022.00
2Dane Jackson3316.50
3Zane Schweitzer3113.20
4Sean Poynter3111.00
5Eric Giddens299.35
6Slater Trout297.70
7Bernd Roediger276.60
8Masayku Takahata265.50
9Toby Cracknell254.95
10Fernando Stalla244.40
10Giorgio Gomez244.40
12Noa Ginella173.52
13Mike Tavares163.30
14Spencer Lacy163.08
15Luke Hopkins132.86
16Chuck Glynn122.64
17Mike Harvey72.42
18Bradley Hilton52.20
19Kelly Margetts41.98
20Peter Bartl41.76
21Gaetan Sene31.65
22Noa Hopper21.54
23Chris Cragtmans21.43
24Ryan Helm11.32
25Brennan Rose11.21
26Chase Kosterlitz01.14
27Charlie Cindric01.08
28Anthony Vela01.01
29Josh Riccio00.95
30Dave Boehne00.88
31Bodhi Harrison00.84
32Miles Harvey00.79
33Jaramie Vaine00.75
34Brice Barnes00.70
35Chuck Patterson00.66
36John Pearce00.62
37Peyton Banks00.57
38MacRae Wylde00.53
39Jon Burak00.48
40Adam Cumming00.44
41Chris Cindric00.42
42Brett Saguid00.40
43Todd Caranto00.37
44Matt Gagen00.35
45Christopher Parker00.33
46Mike Grant00.31
47Belar Diaz00.29
48Abraham Wilson00.26
49Matt Chebatoris00.24
50Jonas Lettieri00.22
#NameEvent PointsWorld Ranking Points
1Rebecca Giddens4041.00
2Fiona Wylde3730.75
3Izzi Gomez3424.60
4Annabel Anderson3220.50
5Sage Donnelly3217.43
6Candice Appleby2814.35
7Mariko Strickland Lum2712.30
8Shakira Westdorp2510.25
9Haley Mills249.23
10April Zilg228.20
11Natali Zollinger207.38
12Hannah Hill206.56
13Nadia Almuti176.15
14Anna Fischer135.74
15Jenny MacArthur135.33
16Lina Augaitis94.92
17Brittany Parker94.51
18Nikki Gregg84.10
19Sonni Honscheid73.69
20Evelyn Trosin23.28

(* tied points were split based on Friday’s SUPer G times, except equal 10th which was left as a straight up tie)


(1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 20th place = 1 point)

1st: Mo Freitas
2nd: Dane Jackson
3rd: Fernando Stalla
4th: Bernd Roediger
5th: Eric Giddens
6th: Sean Poynter
7th: Toby Cracknell
8th: Masayuki “Yacu” Takahata
9th: Zane Schweitzer
10th: Slater Trout
11th: Luke Hopkins
12th: Giorgio Gomez
13th: Spencer Lacy
14th: Mike Harvey
15th: Mike Tavares
16th: Chuck Glynn
17th: Peter Bartl
18th: Gaetan Sene
19th: Noa Hopper
20th: Brennan Rose


(1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 20th place = 1 point)

1st: Rebecca Giddens
2nd: Sage Donnelly
3rd: Fiona Wylde
4th: Annabel Anderson
5th: Izzi Gomez
6th: Nadia Almuti
7th: Haley Mills
8th: Mariko Strickland Lum
9th: Candice Appleby
10th: Hannah Hill
11th: April Zilg
12th: Natali Zollinger
13th: Shakira Westdorp
14th: Jenny MacArthur
15th: Nikki Gregg
16th: Anna Fischer
17th: Brittany Parker
18th: Sonni Honscheid
19th: Lina Augaitis
20th: Evelyn Trosin


(1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 20th place = 1 point)

# / Name / Best Time
1 Mo Freitas 02:50.01
2 Zane Schweitzer 02:53.13
3 Slater Trout 02:54.41
4 Noa Ginella 02:55.56
5 Sean Poynter 03:04.01
6 Giorgio Gomez 03:06.19
7 Dane Jackson 03:07.13
8 Masayuki ‘Yacu’ Takahata 03:07.61
9 Eric Giddens 03:07.61
10 Toby Cracknell 03:08.28
11 Michael Tavares 03:09.14
12 Bernd Roediger 03:09.17
13 Spencer Lacy 03:09.57
14 Chuck Glynn 03:11.57
15 Fernando Stalla 03:13.61
16 Bradley Hilton 03:15.54
17 Kelly Margetts 03:20.25
18 Luke Hopkins 03:26.04
19 Chris Cragtmans 03:34.61
20 Ryan Helm 03:37.43

Note: Top 20 raced on Sunday, Top 43 raced Saturday, entire field raced on Friday


(1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 20th place = 1 point)

# / Name / Best Time
1 Rebecca Giddens 03:32.25
2 Fiona Wylde 03:44.22
3 Izzi Gomez 03:53.12
4 Shakira Westdorp 03:57.23
5 Candice Appleby 04:00.30
6 Annabel Anderson 04:07.19
7 Mariko Strickland Lum 04:16.08
8 Sage Donnelly 04:16.65
9 April Zilg 04:20.89
10 Natali Zollinger 04:49.43
11th: Haley Mills
12th: Hannah Hill
13th: Anna Fischer
14th: Lina Augaitis
15th: Jenny MacArthur
16th: Brittany Parker
17th: Sonni Honscheid
18th: Nikki Gregg
19th: Nadia Almuti
20th: Evelyn Trosin

Note: Top 10 raced on Sunday, Top 15 raced Saturday, entire field raced on Friday