January 26, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

What Does “GlaGla” Mean In French? Bloody Cold…

GlaGla SUP Race France

To France now, where apparently freezing cold temperatures and icy alpine waters are no deterrent to the hardcore local paddlers. Over 100 competitors braved the winter conditions for the “GlaGla” Race on Saturday, with cold water, snow and some rather breathtaking scenery making this a very unique and interesting event.

The GlaGla Race – named for the sound your teeth make (in French at least) when they’re chattering in the freezing cold – drew paddlers to Lake Annecy, or lac d’Annecy, in the beautiful French Alps (Google Maps).

The 13km course took paddlers around the scenic lake, which included one section beneath some epic cliffs and another next to what could easily pass as the Dracula castle.

GlaGla Race France

And it was cold. Very cold. Those I spoke to said this was actually a relatively mild day for the French mountains in winter, but I’m not buying it.

To give you an idea of how cold it was, the overall winner, Dani Reinhart from neighbouring Austria, paddled in a dry suit. Oh and the podium was covered in snow and ice. You know it’s not your typical SUP race when the award winners are wrapped in scarves and beanies

So the race certainly lived up to its name.

Great to see the Euro paddlers braving the weather and getting out for the first big alpine race of the year. There are plenty more where that came from too – the Alpine Lakes Tour will run all year with up to a dozen stops, while there’s another similar tour called the SUP Alps Trophy. Apparently altitude racing is the new craze.

Big thanks to Alain Teurquetil (who finished a respectable 7th) and his daughter Tania for keeping us updated with results and photos as soon as they hopped off the lake.

The always-on-it Get Up SUP Mag was also on the scene and scored some great photos as well – check out the full gallery on Facebook. To give you an ide

Scroll down past the pics for the full results (these results are only from the 13km long course race, I’m told there were just as many lining up for the recreational 5km short course race).

Gla Gla Stand Up Paddle Race

GlaGla Stand Up paddle race france




Gla Gla Race lac d Annecy

GlaGla SUP Race



2015 GlaGla SUP Race – Long Course Results

Click “Class” twice to view women’s results

1Dani Reinhart1:26:3714
2Philippe Lachenal1:27:3112'6
3Vincent Verhoeven1:27:3712'6
4Ludovic Teulade1:28:5812'6
5Kurt Bodenwinkler1:29:0514
6Nicolas Carliez1:29:3512'6
7Alain Teurquetil1:29:3912'6
8Daniele Frattesi1:30:2412'6
9Leandro Cruz1:32:0612'6
10Hakim Dridah1:33:0212'6
11Vincent Jouhanneaud1:34:0512'6
12Stive Lener1:34:0912'6
13Nicolas Fayol1:34:1312'6
14Ugo Clay1:34:1612'6
15Nick Crettona1:35:0914
16Carol Scheunemann1:35:54F12'6
17Patrick Lamarre1:38:1314
18Sebastien Ronfle1:38:2112'6
19Stephane Leblond1:38:2212'6
20William Canali1:39:4512'6
21Pierre Guerre Beithol1:40:4812'6
22Serge Senalada1:41:1212'6
23Thierry Martinet1:41:2112'6
24Tuan Lam1:41:3312'6
25Alexandre Dallant1:42:1014
26Gabriele Galeazzi1:43:0814
28Willy Basone1:44:0712'6
29Stephane Launay1:44:1012'6
30Rene Dague1:44:4012'6
31Nicolas Lo Pinto1:46:3112'6
32Philippe Ropiot1:46:4312'6
33Gerard Normand1:46:5412'6
34Virginie Samson1:47:12F12'6
35Michel Schnitzbauer1:47:5312'6
36Loic Cros1:49:0812'6
37Laurence Joubel1:49:37F12'6
38Yolaine Cler1:50:32F12'6
39Jean-Marc Bouis1:50:5014
40Willy Lucas1:51:0112'6
41Eric Fitamant1:54:4712'6
42Julien Nicault1:54:5114
43Cindy Journez1:55:37F12'6
44Manu Bouchel1:55:4312'6
45Jerome Despres1:57:0812'6
46Lua Di Silvestre1:57:0812'6
47Michel Sapina1:57:3012'6
48Philippe Millet1:57:4012'6
49Cygne Du Lac1:59:38F12'6
50Carole Perron2:09:52F12'6
51Marc Nava2:16:1312'6
52Thierry Travers2:16:1312'6
53Karine Bargue2:29:34F12'6
54Mélissa Rey2:29:34F12'6