April 4, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Michael Booth, Karla Gilbert Win The 12 Towers Ocean Race


After the original date in February was postponed thanks to Cyclone Marcia, the 12 Towers race was held today in far more inviting conditions. This was the 4th annual running of the 12 Towers, which has become the biggest race on the paddling-rich but event-starved mecca of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

A few of the top names were missing but there was still some very strong talent in the field, including one of the fastest ocean racers in the world, Beau O’Brian and the Ironwoman Queen Karla Gilbert.

However it was a couple of upstarts that took the top two spots…

Winning the main event – the downwind/ocean race between the iconic surf breaks of Kirra and Burleigh Heads – was Michael Booth, a supremely talented surf ski/kayak racer that’s been focusing more and more on stand up the past year or two. Michael is definitely a name to watch in the future, while his performance on the weekend underscores just how frighteningly deep the talent pool runs in Australia.

Runner-up today was another fast-rising talent in Matt Nottage, who crossed the line at Burleigh Heads less than a minute after Booth to back up his strong performances at the King of the Cut last December.

Paul Jonesy was third over the line on his 14 footer, with Beau taking 4th in the line honours and 3rd in the battle of 12’6 boards.

In the depleted women’s field, Karla had it all her own way. She was always going to win so the question then become “by how much?” In the end, Karla crossed the line 14 minutes clear of runner-up Chloe Walkerdene, while she beat the vast majority of men as well.

There was also a BOP-style race held yesterday, which was taken out by king of the waves Kelly Margetts and reigning ISA champ Shakira Westdorp.

Full results from the distance race below…

1Michael Booth1:33:09Men's 12'61Elite1
2Matt Nottage1:33:55Men's 12'62Elite2
3Paul Jonesy1:35:53Men's 14'1Open1
4Beau O'brian1:36:08Men's 12'63Elite3
5Kelly Margetts1:36:28Men's 12'64Elite4
6Timothy Cyprien1:36:31Men's 12'65Elite5
7Troy Pease1:36:51Men's 14'2Open2
8Ben Tardrew1:39:04Men's 12'66Elite6
9Dyllan Constable1:40:37Men's 14'3Open3
10James Melhuish1:41:13Men's 14'4Open4
11Dale Chapman1:42:19Men's 14'5Open5
12Rob Walton1:43:41Men's 14'640-491
13Karla Gilbert1:43:55Women's 12'61Elite1
14Ryan Keck1:45:01Men's 12'67Elite7
15Kevin Johnson1:45:42Men's 14'750+1
16Alain Teurquetil1:46:37Men's 14'850+2
17David Anewy1:47:01Men's 12'68Open1
18Wayne Johnstone1:47:06Men's 12'6950+1
19Mick Di Betta1:47:53Men's 14'950+3
20Anthony Clark1:48:37Men's 12'610Open2
21Johnno Walker1:49:08Men's 12'61150+2
22Mark Waldeck1:50:32Men's 14'1050+4
23Craig Wright1:51:40Men's 14'1140-492
24Brad Ridolfi1:51:52Men's 14'12Open1
25Andrew Hamilton1:52:10Men's 14'1350+5
26Paul Cribb1:54:18Men's 14'1440-493
27Matt Delahunty1:55:09Men's 12'612Elite8
28Shane Lynch1:55:11Men's 14'1550+6
29Scott Corrigan1:56:59Men's 12'613Open3
30Chloe Walkerdene1:57:15Women's 12'62Elite2
31Sue Dorries1:59:39Women's 12'6340+1
32Paul Mitchell1:59:58Men's 14'1650+7
33Duncan Corbett2:01:51Men's 14'1750+8
34Andrew Worling2:03:01Men's 12'61440-491
35Kate Baker2:03:27Women's 12'64Elite3
36Jenny Cosgrove2:04:07Women's 12'6540+2
37Dave Faulkner2:05:09Men's 12'61550+3
38Oliver Murphy-Kurth2:09:51Men's 12'616Elite9
39Kelly Duhig2:10:35Men's 12'61740-492
40Greg Burton2:14:44Men's 14'1850+9
41Chris Ting2:16:44Men's 14'1940-494
42Peter Dann2:17:05Men's 14'2050+10
43Jacqs Caldecoat2:26:02Women's 14'1Open1
44Douglas Adams2:27:12Men's 14'2150+11
45Bob Margetts2:30:26Men's 12'61850+4
46Jill Wong2:32:16Women's 14'2Open2
47Tony Nahrung2:34:47Men's 14'2240-495