December 6, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

FULL RESULTS: Beau O’Brian, Angie Jackson Win ‘King Of The Cut’ To Claim Aussie Downwind Week Double

Beau O’Brian and Angie Jackson have taken out the Aussie Downwind Week Double, winning today’s King of the Cut race to go with their respective victories at The Doctor last weekend.

Once again Beau defeated Travis Grant to claim the win, this time by a slightly wider margin (1 minute 23 seconds). Actually the men’s podium was identical to what we saw seven days ago, with Jake Jensen finishing 3rd again.

In the women’s it was a super tight race, with Karla Gilbert crossing the line just 14 seconds behind Angie. 2013 M2O champion Terrene Black was 3rd.

Sounds/looks like it was an awesome downwinder along the 24km King of the Cut run near Perth, Western Australia. You can relive the live blog replay below – big thanks to Damo, Matt and Carole for giving us a glimpse into this great race.

The King of the Cut scored 18% on the Race Index, which means this event qualifies for the SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS and the Top 50 in the main division (men’s 14′) score points. The women’s race did not qualify.

Here are the full results. More pics on Facebook thanks to VMB Blades.

RESULTS: 2014 Stand Up Surf Shop King Of The Cut

  • POINTS: This event qualified for the SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS with a Race Index of 18%
  • Course: 24km downwind
  • Click “Division” to sort between men’s, women’s and age division results
1Beau O'Brian1:53:500:00:00Men's Pro118.00
2Travis Grant1:55:140:01:24Men's Pro213.50
3Jake Jensen1:57:010:03:11Men's Pro310.80
4Matt Nottage1:58:140:04:24Men's Pro49.00
5Paul Jackson1:59:170:05:27Men's Pro57.65
6Ben Tardrew2:00:390:06:49Men's Pro66.30
7Marcus Tardrew2:00:590:07:09Men's Pro75.40
8Michael Hastie2:01:100:07:20Men's Pro84.50
9William Lee2:01:570:08:07Men's Pro94.05
10Sam Parker2:03:160:09:26Men's Pro103.60
11Ryan Keck2:04:210:10:31Men's Pro113.24
12Wes Fry2:05:240:11:34Men's Pro122.88
13Michael Booth2:05:440:11:54Men's Pro132.70
14Ben Mardon2:06:040:12:14Unlimited1-
15Tomoyasu Murabayashi2:08:170:14:27Men's Pro142.52
16Zane Schweitzer2:08:470:14:57Men's Pro152.34
17Dale Chapman2:09:060:15:16Men's 40+12.16
18Paul Simmons2:10:060:16:16Men's Pro161.98
19Rory Chapman2:10:100:16:19Men's Pro171.80
20Cam Mckay2:10:150:16:24Men's Pro181.62
21Belar Diaz2:10:320:16:42Men's Pro191.44
22James Casey2:10:460:16:55Men's Pro201.35
23Angela Jackson2:11:200:17:29Women's Pro1-
24Karla Gilbert2:11:260:17:36Women's Pro2-
25Andy Davies2:12:450:18:55Men's Pro211.26
26Kevin Kemp Smith2:13:390:19:48Men's 50+11.17
27Felipe Dos Santos2:15:210:21:31Men's Pro221.08
28Scott Mccluskey2:16:440:22:54Unlimited2-
29Leo Beyers - Pirates2:16:470:22:57Men's Open10.99
30Terrene Black2:16:550:23:05Women's Pro3-
31Roger Goodwin2:18:520:25:02Men's 40+20.94
32Scott Hardiman2:20:030:26:13Men's Open20.88
33Trent Jones2:20:080:26:17Men's Pro230.83
34Marie Buchanan2:22:590:29:09Women's Pro4-
36Darren Marshall2:24:400:30:50Men's 40+30.77
37Luke Jenkins - Fremantle2:26:070:32:17Men's 40+40.72
38Jackson Shaw2:26:170:32:27Men's Open30.68
39Brad Gaul2:26:350:32:45Men's Pro240.65
40Peter Baldwin2:27:460:33:56Men's Open40.61
41Gordon Stimson2:29:140:35:24Men's 40+50.58
42Craig Mclaren2:29:200:35:30Men's Open50.54
43Gordon Salvage2:30:010:36:11Men's 40+60.50
44Ben De Chaneet2:30:140:36:24Men's 40+70.47
45Brad Kidd2:34:250:40:34Men's 40+80.43
46Kieran Oriordan2:35:240:41:34Men's Open60.40
47David Slater2:36:370:42:46Men's Open70.36
48Steve Mccollough2:38:280:44:38Men's 40+90.34
49Peter Shepherd2:39:590:46:09Unlimited3-
50Greg Kerr2:40:030:46:12Men's 40+100.32
51Cristiana Chessa2:43:100:49:20Women's 40+1-
52Drew Malcom2:43:570:50:06Men's Open80.31
53Kent Wright2:44:520:51:02Men's 50+20.29
54Peter Hayes2:47:530:54:03Men's 40+110.27
55Jun Hao Lo2:48:180:54:27Men's Open90.25
56Mark Hall2:50:330:56:43Men's 40+120.23
57Gordon Mckercher2:50:490:56:59Men's 50+30.22
58Peter Brereton2:53:350:59:45Unlimited4-
59Rick Maxwell2:54:441:00:54Men's 50+40.20
60Nicole Jones2:56:441:02:54Women's 40+2-
61Paul Matthews3:00:211:06:31Unlimited5-
62Tim Calder3:02:161:08:25Men's 50+50.18
63Mark Kidd3:02:501:09:00Unlimited6-
64Chris Gage3:03:581:10:08Men's 40+130
65Ben Herangi3:05:401:11:50Men's Open100
66Louis De Plessis3:06:361:12:46Men's 50+60
67Chris Ting3:07:581:14:07Men's 40+140
68Chris Le Messurier4:07:392:13:49Men's 50+70

Men’s Top 10
1st: Beau O’Brian (1:53:50)
2nd: Travis Grant (1:55:13)
3rd: Jake Jensen (1:57:01)
4th: Matt Nottage (1:58:14)
5th: Paul Jackson (1:59:16)
6th: Ben Tardrew (2:00:39)
7th: Marcus Tardrew (2:00:59)
8th: Michael Hastie (2:01:09)
9th: Will Lee (2:01:56)
10th: Sam Parker (2:03:16)

Women’s Top 5
1st: Angie Jackson (2:11:19)
2nd: Karla Gilbert (2:11:25)
3rd: Terrene Black (2:16:55)
4th: Marie Buchanan (2:22:59)
5th: Christiana Chessa (2:43:09)

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