June 7, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Jamie Mitchell, Shae Foudy Win The Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race

Shae Foudy SUP

Shae Foudy coming home to win the women’s distance race

Jamie Mitchell and Shae Foudy have taken out the Pier Paddleboard Race in Santa Monica today, beating home a solid field of paddlers in what is fast becoming an iconic event in SoCal.

The Santa Monica Pier Paddle is the race responsible for *that* photo sequence in 2013, when the event was run in very solid surf and carnage was the order of the day. JM, a big wave surfer by trade, probably would have fancied his chances even more if there was a similar swell for this year’s race, however conditions appeared to be a lot mellower and more welcoming for paddlers today.

The win extends Jamie’s recent good form and it’ll be interesting to see where he finishes at the next big race. We won’t have to wait long: In just two weeks the 10x Molokai World Champ will be in Idaho for the Payette River Games, where he’ll face off against Travis Grant, Kai Lenny and an all star cast.

Also great to see another win for youngster Shae Foudy, who is perhaps still on a high after her very brave performance in Nicaragua last month.

Coming home behind JM in the 5.5 mile (9km) distance race was Chase Kosterlitz. Jamie and Chase actually hit the beach on the same wave but, just as with that infamous race up at Tahoe, the Aussie outsprinted the Floridian through the shallow water.

Santa Monica Pier SUP Race 1

Santa Monica Pier SUP Race 2

Santa Monica Pier SUP Race 3

Santa Monica Pier SUP Race 4

Pier Paddle Santa Monica

Rather fittingly, the guy that made the epic wipeout sequence last year, Mexico’s Bicho Jimenez, returned to the scene and picked up a top 3 finish to continue his excellent run of form.

The distance race was followed by a SUP cross sprint event, which saw Mo Freitas and Candice Appleby salute ahead of Matt Becker and Shae Foudy respectively.

Full results and more pics from the Pier will be up in a few hours… FULL RESULTS BELOW

Plenty of pics on the official Facebook page.

Oh and there was this:


2014 Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race

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1Jamie Mitchell0:58:56Men's 14'1Elite1
2Chase Kosterlitz0:59:02Men's 14'2Elite2
3Javier Jimenez0:59:08Men's 14'3Elite3
4Matt Becker0:59:36Men's 14'4Elite4
5Brennan Rose1:00:25Men's 14'5Elite5
6Fernando Stalla1:01:27Men's 14'6Elite6
7Mo Freitas1:01:54Men's 14'7Elite7
8Chance Fielder1:03:10Men's 14'8Elite8
9Brian Murphy1:03:15Men's 14'9Elite9
10Jeramie Vaine1:03:21Men's 14'10Elite10
11Karl Ring1:03:39Men's 14'11Elite11
12Dave Boehne1:04:18Men's 14'12Elite12
13Brendan Light1:04:20Men's 14'13Elite13
14Daniel Russell1:04:35Men's 14'14Elite14
15Byron Kurt1:04:55Men's 14'15Elite15
16Jared Vargas1:05:16Men's 14'16Elite16
17Jim Terrell1:05:24Men's 14'17Elite17
18Phil Coffman1:06:14Men's 14'1840-491
19Peter Deavila1:07:07Men's 14'1940-492
20Tyler Morgan1:08:19Men's 14'20Elite18
21Brian Haag1:08:30Men's 12'6116-391
22Shae Foudy1:08:30Women's 12'61Elite1
23Max Fleming1:09:11Men's 14'2116-391
24Merten Stroetzel1:09:33Men's 14'2240-493
25Morgan Hoesterey1:09:34Women's 12'62Elite2
26Mace Camhe1:09:58Men's 14'2340-494
27Dale Marnati1:10:41Men's 14'2450-591
28Gene "Tarzan" Smith1:11:01Men's 12'6250-591
29Brody Welte1:11:19Men's 14'2516-392
30Scott Rose1:11:33Men's 14'2640-495
31Mike Vaughan1:12:22Men's 12'6340-491
32Kelsa Gabehart1:12:30Women's 12'63Elite3
33Jeremiah Murphy1:12:46Men's 12'6440-492
34Michael Kelley1:12:59Men's 14'2740-496
35Silvia Mecucci1:13:12Women's 12'64Elite4
36Francois Clausse1:14:16Men's 12'6540-493
37Michael Sammis1:14:35Men's 14'2850-592
38Ryan Knysh1:14:44Men's 12'6616-392
39Daniel Davis1:15:00Men's 12'6740-494
40Ian Light1:15:26Men's 12'6816-393
41Tyler Bashor1:15:34Men's 12'6916-394
42Bob Farrar1:15:46Men's 14'2950-593
43Simon Swart1:15:49Men's 14'3050-594
44Alleanna Clark1:15:58Women's 12'6516-391
45Antoinette Cocco1:16:15Women's 12'6616-392
46Kristin Thomas1:16:19Women's 12'6750-591
47Taizen Pied1:16:33Men's 14'3116-393
48Sarah Messina1:16:53Women's 12'68Elite5
49Eric Ackermann1:16:54Men's 14'3240-497
50Matt Chabatoris1:17:24Men's 12'61040-495
51Mick Vollmer1:18:12Men's 12'61116-395
52Derek Turner1:18:33Men's 12'61250-592
53Alex Yoffe1:19:19Men's 14'3316-394
54Mark Pighini1:19:32Men's 14'3450-595
55Paul Aro1:19:56Men's 12'61340-496
56Pat Ryan1:20:20Men's 14'3550-596
57Jon Ellis1:20:42Men's 12'61440-497
58Mark Williams1:20:46Men's 14'3650-597
59Gerry Wallfesh1:20:51Men's 12'61540-498
60Andrew Krynen1:20:54Men's 12'61640-499
61Armando Berriz1:21:15Men's 14'3740-498
62Lexi Alston1:21:59Women's 12'6916-393
63Joan Gossett1:22:00Women's 14'150-591
64Emily Bark1:22:04Women's 12'61016-394
65Sofia Dewolfe1:22:04Women's 12'61116-395
66Nathan Parmentier1:22:37Men's 14'3816-395
67Kristy Morris1:22:39Women's 12'61216-396
68Cory Staley1:23:18Men's Surfboard1Open1
69Rene Bruce1:24:42Men's 14'3940-499
70Ben Smith1:24:47Men's 14'4016-396
71Zack Schwartz1:25:17Men's 14'4116-397
72Juerg Geser1:26:19Men's 14'4240-4910
73John Nordin1:26:27Men's 12'61740-4910
74Michael Kantor1:26:29Men's 14'4340-4911
75Christopher Chee1:26:49Men's 14'4440-4912
76Manya Clark1:28:30Women's 12'61340-491
77Nathan Phillips1:32:45Men's 14'4516-398
78Guerin Swing1:33:03Men's Surfboard2Open2
79Ted Canedy1:33:17Men's Surfboard3Open3
80Andrea Conrad1:35:28Women's 12'61440-492
81Cliff Schumacher1:35:45Men's Surfboard4Open4
82Mimi Toberman1:36:34Women's Unlimited1Open1
83James Yanoschik1:36:57Men's 14'4650-598
84Mike Reibord1:37:39Men's 14'4740-4913
85Neil Palmer1:39:58Men's 12'61816-396
86Jane Culp1:41:44Women's 14'250-592
87Frank Perna1:43:20Men's 14'4850-599
88Mark Rago1:46:43Men's 14'4940-4914

Santa Monica Pier Paddle: SUP Cross Results

1st: Mo Freitas (0:02:37)
2nd: Matt Becker (0:02:48)
3rd: Brennan Rose (0:02:49)
4th: Javier Jimenez (0:02:54)
5th: Fernando Stalla (0:03:00)
6th: Dave Boehne (0:03:13)
7th: Candice Appleby (0:03:16) [1st female]
8th: Jeramie Vaine (0:03:17)
9th: Shae Foudy (0:03:18) [2nd female]
10th: Brendan Light (0:03:19) [3rd female]
11th: Karl Ring (0:03:22)
12th: Chance Fielder (0:03:27)
13th: Jared Vargas (0:03:27)
14th: Jeremiah Murphy (0:03:28)
15th: Morgan Hoesterey (0:03:29) [4th female]
16th: Brian Haag (0:03:29)
17th: Byron Kurt (0:03:33)
18th: Max Fleming (0:03:37)
19th: Brody Welte (0:03:47)
20th: Kelsa Gabehart (0:03:54) [5th female]
21st: John Clark (0:03:57)
22nd: Silvia Mecucci (0:04:04) [6th female]
23rd: Michael Kelley (0:04:07)
24th: Alleanna Clark (0:04:16) [7th female]
25th: Kristin Thomas (0:04:20) [8th female]
26th: Lexi Alston (0:04:36) [9th female]
27th: Sarah Messina (0:05:54) [10th female]

Click here for the raw results