June 15, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

RESULTS: Jake Jensen, Angie Jackson Make It A Clean Sweep In Noja (UPDATED)

Deep SUP race Noja

Angie Jackson on the super fun downwind leg. The return journey upwind wasn’t quite as enjoyable… (pic by @homeally)

Euro Tour. Week 5. Spain.

Results from the 4th Annual DEEP SUP Race in Villa de Noja…

########## SUNDAY UPDATE ##########

Angie Jackson and Jake Jensen have made it a clean sweep here in Noja, with the Aussie Fanatic duo taking out today’s Beach Race to compliment their distance win yesterday. Once again Paul Jackson made it a trifecta for red boards, taking second just behind Jake (in fact four of the top five guys in today’s Beach Race were on Fanatic boards).

Today’s beach race was super fun, with a moderate wind breaking up the draft trains while a few waves here and there added to the action. In the men’s race, Jake and Jacko were too strong, while Roman Frejo rounded out the podium once again. Over in the women’s, Spain’s #1 Laura Quetglas gave Angie Jackson a good push but the Aussie was too strong in the end.

Great week in Noja. Hope to be back here next year. We’ll have some pics later but here are the full results while you wait.

(Scroll down for results/pics/recap from yesterday’s downwinder)

RESULTS: 2014 DEEP SUP Race Noja (Day Two: Beach Race)

PRO 12’6 MEN
1st: Jake Jensen (0:16:22)
2nd: Paul Jackson (0:16:32)
3rd: Roman Frejo (0:17:43)
4th: Belar Diaz (0:18:05)
5th: Christopher Parker (0:18:20)
6th: Branislav Sramek (0:18:29)
7th: Pepe Oltra (0:18:40)
8th: Kike Segovia (0:18:47)
9th: Kiko Borras (0:18:57)
10th: Manolo Simoncelli (0:19:00)
11th: William Doering (0:19:19)
12th: Paco Gallego (0:19:34)
13th: Ramon Blanco (0:19:35)
14th: Natxo Riera (0:20:01)
15th: Santi Llinas (0:20:04)
16th: Ivan Haro (0:20:07)
17th: Dani Espinosa (0:21:50)
18th: Pablo Codesido (0:22:09)

1st: Angie Jackson (0:11:57)
2nd: Laura Quetglas (0:12:02)
3rd: Barbara de la Maza (0:12:58)
4th: Ane Zulaika (0:13:16)
5th: Carolina Ziegler (0:14:18)

1st: Xavi Masdeval (0:10:52)
2nd: Tino Aja (0:11:32)
3rd: Americo Correa (0:11:39)
4th: Tolo Canellas (0:11:40)
5th: Saul Viadero (0:11:41)
6th: Victor Castillo (0:12:22)
7th: Ahmet Senoglu (0:12:44)

1st: David Mas (0:20:46)
2nd: Aritz Tena (0:22:19)
3rd: Jon Rekalde (0:23:12)
4th: Miguel Ramos (0:26:15)


1st: Carlos Ramos (0:13:27)





We’ll update the other divisions shortly. Until then click here for raw results.

########## SATURDAY UPDATE ##########

For the past week we’ve been camped out in the awesome, chilled out little surf town of Noja, enjoying the sun, sea and some very generous Spanish hospitality. After wine tours and camel rides mid week, today it was time for the actual racing.

We woke to some serious wind this morning, which gave us a super fun downwinder for the 15km distance race. Only problem: this was a “there and back again” type of race, meaning that while the first half was fun, the second half was a brutal upwinder…

Grinding it out the best were the Fanatic Aussie trio, with Jake Jensen and Paul Jackson going 1-2 in the men’s and Angie Jackson taking out the women’s.

The downwinder was a lotta fun. Perfect little bumps going in the perfect direction all the way to the way down to the next headland. It was so cruisy that I didn’t actually think the wind was that strong. It’s quite deceiving when you’re going with the wind. But as soon as we turned around the midway buoy, I realised it must have been a solid 15+ knots. Coz the second half was brutal…

I’m not sure if I just totally suck at upwind paddling or everyone was feeling the pain, but I do know our GPS said 30 minutes to the midway buoy and one hour back. We did do a slightly longer course on the way home, but still, it was slow going.

This pic below was captured (thanks Homealley) on the upwind leg. This was after 4km of straight upwind grinding, when we got in near the cliffs and had a slight respite. That relief only lasted a few minutes, coz when we rounded the cliffs for the final 2km stretch to the finish, it was super strong.

I’m smiling in this pic coz I’d already lost so much ground (was 6th at the midway buoy, finished 10th) that all I could really do was laugh at my helplessness.


Still, even with the upwind leg, this was a super fun race in an awesome little part of Europe. I’m definitely gonna try and get back here to Noja next year. With around 150 competitors (between SUP, kids races, prone and surfski) this was also one of thy biggest races ever held in Spain.

Can’t wait for the beach race tomorrow. Just hope the wind dies down.

Oh and also check out results from this weekend’s other big Euro Tour race up in Oleron, France. Eric, Titou, Beau, Zane, Casper, Leo, etc are battling it out up at Oleron, France. Looks like they got a downwinder up there as well.

RESULTS: 2014 DEEP SUP Race Noja (Day One: Distance)

PRO 12’6 MEN
1st: Jake Jensen (1:19:22)
2nd: Paul Jackson (1:21:42)
3rd: Roman Frejo (1:23:10)
4th: Branislav Sramek (1:24:51)
5th: Belar Diaz (1:27:20)
6th: Manolo Simoncelli (1:28:31)
7th: Kiko Borras (1:30:13)
8th: Pepe Oltra (1:31:56)
9th: Christopher Parker (1:32:45)
10th: Paco Gallego (1:35:33)
11th: Paulino Cayon (1:35:34)
12th: William Doering (1:35:41)
13th: Kike Segovia (1:37:09)
14th: Natxo Riera (1:38:07)
15th: Ivan Haro (1:41:09)
16th: Santi Llinas (1:42:55)
17th: Dani Espinosa (1:46:26)
18th: Ramon Blanco (1:48:20)
19th: Tomy Tubert (1:53:15)
20th: Eneko Cepeda (1:57:28)
21st: Pablo Codesido (1:59:38)
22nd: Michel Rodriguez (2:13:54)
23rd: Daniel Solis (2:18:28)

1st: Angie Jackson (1:33:22)
2nd: Laura Quetglas (1:36:39)
3rd: Barbara de la Maza (1:50:55)
4th: Ane Zulaika (1:58:12)
5th: Carolina Ziegler (2:03:03)
6th: Beatriz Piñal (2:10:30)

1st: Xavi Masdeval (1:26:00)
2nd: Tino Aja (1:33:51)
3rd: Americo Correa (1:35:29)
4th: Saul Viadero (1:41:09)
5th: Jokin Letamendia (1:46:09)
6th: Tolo Cañellas (1:47:51)
7th: Ahmet Senoglu (1:51:19)

1st: David Mas (0:45:05)
2nd: Aitor Eizaguirre (0:49:21)
3rd: Crage Sage (0:50:24)
4th: Aritz Tena (0:52:17)
5th: Jon Rekalde (0:52:28)
6th: Juan Abaitua (0:56:47)
7th: Pablo Martinez (1:05:20)
8th: Miguel Ramos (1:11:55)

1st: Alazne Aurrekoetxea (0:56:47)
2nd: Aia Martinez (1:08:16)

1st: Carlos Ramos (0:56:37)

1st: Roberto Colsa (0:53:36)
2nd: Pau Ibarra (0:55:31)
3rd: Nico Arnedo (0:55:58)
4th: Sergio Garcia (1:01:23)
5th: Carlos Dominguez (1:06:12)
6th: Jairo Fernandez (1:07:41)
7th: Txema Landa (1:10:51)
8th: sandor Alameda (1:10:59)

1st: Dayana Betancourt (1:12:42)
2nd: Meritxell Marti (1:22:09)
3rd: Virginia Escudero (1:26:12)

1st: Miguel Angel Carramidel (0:50:59)
2nd: Javier Sanchez (0:51:21)
3rd: Aitor Gandazabal (0:51:26)
4th: Juan Antonio Calzada (0:53:12)
5th: Fernando Viadero (1:06:08)
6th: Mario Diez (1:08:57)

1st: Gema Suibirana (1:07:42)
2nd: Nora Cucurull (1:07:59)
3rd: Silvia Canudas (1:10:39)
4th: Nani Martin (1:16:08)
5th: Carolina Fernandez (1:17:19)
6th: Marian Laso (1:35:28)

* My hats off to anybody who paddled back upwind on an inflatable or a touring board… that must have been brutal.

Click here for the raw results (including results from the surfski and prone divisions)

Oh and last night we had a little novelty race on a lake at the local golf course. Sprint from one end to the other, around a buoy and back. The total course was probably 50 metres. To make it a little challenging though, we were all on 10’6 Red Paddle Co. inflatables… Yeah.

Roman upset Jake in the semi and went on to beat Kiko in the final, while Angie was too strong for Laura in the women’s. It was pretty cool.

Noja Stand Up Paddle race

Roman about to beat Jake in the semis of the golf sprints (pic thanks to @homeally)

And then this evening we had the kids’ races, which definitely stole the show.

Noja SUP Race

“Mini Manolo” (pic thanks to @homeally)

NSP Euro Tour