April 26, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Carolina Cup: Danny Ching, Annabel Anderson Stand Victorious After 13 Miles Of Pain (UPDATED RESULTS)

Carolina Cup Graveyard Elite Race

Woah… What a race. That was 13 miles of pain. I’m hurting.

Congrats to Danny Ching for muscling his way through this one and to Annabel Anderson for coming out on top despite a huge push from Jenny and Lina. Danny has now won this event three years in a row while Annabel has now gone back to back.

But they were just two of the stars: If anyone in the U.S. SUP scene didn’t know who Georges Cronsteadt was before today, they certainly do now. The Tahitian powerhouse is an absolute machine. Raging bull.

Travis was up there as predicted – probably could have won if the wind stuck around and the final few miles were downwind. Chase Kosterlitz in 4th after having a shocker of a start was impressive. Jamie Mitchell is returning to form. Solid.

Here’s how it all went down…

We woke up to northerly winds, which meant the course would be reversed to avoid any upwind ocean paddling. Looked like we might even be in for some downwind legs for the first one and final three miles of the course. Though the change in direction also meant we’d be fighting the tides and currents during the 8 mile flat water section…

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So the 175 paddlers who took to the 13 mile Elite Graveyard Race lined up on the ocean side of the event site at 10:15am Saturday morning. Once the horn blew, Slater Trout took off like a rocket and hit the turning buoy (which was a 200-300 metres off the beach) in first place. After that we had a one mile semi-downwind run to the harbour entrance. As the group rounded the rock wall, Connor, Travis, Danny, Georges and Jamie were in a group of their own. From my vantage point it looked like those five would be in a race of their own, but then Chase Kosterlitz managed to single-handedly close the gap and bring six other guys along with him… That made for a 12-man draft train that would stay together all the way through the inter-coastal waterway (all 8 miles of it).

However once the guys hit the ocean at the top end of the Carolina Cup course, where there were still bumps to be found despite the wind dropping, the train exploded and everyone went in a different direction. It was here that the fittest and strongest stood up.

Georges took a smart line and was leading for a few minutes, before Danny overhauled him. Travis was right there and if the wind had have stuck around might have been able to go one or two spots better. Chase Kosterlitz is an absolute workhorse and thoroughly deserved his 4th place – the pics below show he was actually in first as they went out through the waves at the mouth of the inlet. Jamie Mitchell returned to form, showing that he must have a very impressive base to work from – only three weeks back in training but still able to hold it together when it mattered most.

Connor was still sitting top five right up until the 11/12 mile mark but eventually just hit the wall. Hard. Dropped all the way out of the Top 10. One month on the road and an unfamiliar race format had taken its toll on the young superstar. Matt Becker was extremely impressive in sixth, while Team USA comrades Chuck Glynn and Slater Trout were solid but didn’t have the legs (or perhaps arms) in the final stretch. Great efforts from the young Aussie duo of Lincoln Dews and Toby Cracknell, who went out hard and came home good enough for respective Top 10 finishes.

In the women’s race, Annabel Anderson went out quick and was literally in a race of her own for the first 10 miles (there was no guys/girls drafting in this race). Jenny Kalmbach and Lina Augaitis worked together in the flats but were still a minute behind by the time they hit the ocean for the final three mile “sprint” to the finish. They stuck it out though and almost closed the gap, hitting the finish line just seconds after Annabel. Made for an exciting finish that’s for sure.

Grueling race. Horribly-timed tides meant the current was pushing against us the whole way up the inter-coastal, before the final three mile ocean leg saw light cross winds that didn’t make it much easier. A lot of us were hanging on during the flats just waiting for the final downwind leg, only to discover once we exited the inlet that, to our horror, the wind had died and the final leg was a total mission.

The Carolina Cup is the hardest race I’ve ever done and I think most paddlers would agree.

At the end of the 13 miles most of the locals agreed it was the hardest year yet. Danny’s time was 10 minutes slower than last year. It was brutal.

Actually I’m still trying to figure out why this race was so hard… 13 miles isn’t *that* far but almost everyone crossed the line totally spent. Great challenge. Great event. Approximately 600 paddlers raced today (with around 500 of those on stand ups). Massive.

Anyway here are the full results. Scroll down./strong>

Also check out the massive photo gallery. We had a photographer on the boat taking some very cool pics.

Carolina Cup SUP

Georges, Travis and Connor leading at the end of the first ocean leg

Carolina Cup stand up paddle race

Travis Grant driving the lead draft train through the flat

Carolina Cup 2014

Georges, Travis and Danny going for broke in the final few kilometres

Carolina Cup SUP race

Annabel Anderson about metres from the finish. That’s Jenny and Lina right behind her.

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2014 Carolina Cup RESULTS

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Course: 13 miles

1DANNY CHING02:23:56.514'130
2GEORGES CRONSTEADT02:24:32.414'233
3TRAVIS GRANT02:25:01.214'331
4CHASE KOSTERLITZ02:25:47.914'427
5JAMIE MITCHELL02:28:17.514'537
6MATT BECKER02:28:45.514'619
7CHUCK GLYNN02:29:10.514'725
8SLATER TROUT02:29:15.814'819
9LINCOLN DEWS02:29:30.114'918
10TOBY CRACKNELL02:30:38.914'1019
11RYAN HELM02:32:54.214'1139
12CONNOR BAXTER02:32:54.414'1219
13CHANCE FIELDER02:33:41.814'1341
14ROB ROJAS02:34:23.214'1440
15LARRY CAIN02:35:41.414'1551
16THOMAS MAXIMUS02:35:53.814'1645
17BELAR DIAZ02:36:50.614'1736
18JERAMIE VAINE02:37:19.214'1834
19MO FREITAS02:38:07.214'1916
20RYAN MURPHY02:38:09.214'2014
21JAY WILD02:39:38.214'2134
22JIM TERRELL02:40:43.114'2249
23BILL KRAFT02:40:47.014'2345
24MICHAEL TAVARES02:41:12.314'2431
25CHUCK PATTERSON02:41:26.114'2545
26BART DE ZWART02:41:55.314'2644
27BILLY MILLER02:43:48.614'2729
28CHRISTOPHER PARKER02:43:58.814'2830
29GARRETT FLETCHER02:44:18.314'2922
30JESSE RICE02:45:27.214'3031
31KIERAN GRANT02:45:58.614'3121
32KEVIN RHODES02:46:26.114'3248
33SIMON WHITFIELD02:46:37.314'3338
34BRAD WARD02:47:07.514'3423
35BRIAN MEYER02:47:34.914'3526
36MATT ARENSMAN02:48:02.814'3623
37GREG JAUDON02:49:59.014'3753
38FELIPE HERNANDEZ02:51:38.314'3823
39NICHOLAS SCHEEL02:52:36.712'6115
40BYRON KURT02:53:27.414'3950
41ANDY WHITE02:54:25.314'4031
42STEVE DULLACK02:55:14.814'4139
43BRIAN PASTERNAK02:55:15.4Unlim130
44CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON02:55:46.814'4230
45JESSE KAUTZ02:56:04.914'4333
46TAYLOR RAMBO02:57:01.114'4426
47STEVEN O'BOYLE02:57:03.014'4533
48JOSEPH MOREL02:57:35.514'4624
49ROB KAVCIC02:57:53.014'4733
50COLIN MCPHILLIPS02:58:41.114'4839
51WILLIAM SHAFER02:58:51.614'4935
52JASON CHEW02:58:56.014'5039
53JOHN SEKAS02:59:08.014'5152
54COREY TAYLOR02:59:27.414'5228
55PATRICK BROEMMEL03:00:12.114'5346
56ROBIN DELGADO03:00:15.614'5429
57BILL SMITH03:01:43.914'5552
58BENJAMIN FRIBERG03:02:12.314'5635
59MIKE EVATT03:03:12.614'5753
60ERIC CARTER03:03:29.214'5842
61DAMON LICARI03:03:39.314'5941
62SVEN PELTONEN03:04:37.814'6037
63CHRISTOPHER NORMAN03:05:10.014'6125
64JOHN KUTNER03:06:50.014'6238
65ANDREW GLIDDEN03:07:53.714'6319
66JUSTIN SCHAAY03:08:26.5Unlim245
67JAKE CLEMENT03:08:57.514'6419
68AARON PILON03:09:11.314'6541
69JOEY KOLISCH03:09:23.714'6658
70DAVID DEAN03:10:16.414'6756
71CODY WHITE03:10:24.612'6232
72ROBERT NETSCH03:11:17.614'6850
73TERENCE O'MALLEY03:11:21.514'6926
74MARK COLINO03:14:46.214'7050
75CARLOS VALDES03:15:08.812'6334
76CRISTIAN PRADO03:15:52.612'6434
77ED NAGGIAR03:16:00.014'7145
78MIKE PEOPLES03:16:05.614'7240
79KEVIN BAUM03:16:35.814'7338
80PHILIPPE ASSELIN03:17:09.914'7445
81MATT CAMPBELL03:17:14.314'7540
82DANIEL WILLIS III03:17:58.012'6541
83EMERSON SMITH03:18:59.414'7627
84WILL LATHAN03:19:03.512'6637
85TIM GREENE03:19:34.214'7732
86EDWARD PIERCE03:19:42.714'7860
87JACK EGAN03:19:48.612'6749
88ANTHONY ABRAHAM03:22:29.114'7954
89SAM LATHAN03:23:10.114'8033
90EDDIE SANDERS03:25:04.514'8148
91COREY CURTIS03:26:07.214'8228
92DENNY GRANT03:26:17.114'8334
93ADAM CLARK03:28:26.312'6843
94M(AT) LENNERT03:28:51.814'8442
95TIM BURKE03:31:28.714'8546
96BOB ARNOT03:31:43.4Unlim366
97KEN BALCERSKI03:32:47.714'8651
98KEN TEETER03:34:56.414'8752
99JOHNNY KESSEL03:35:25.612'6948
100JESS PATTERSON03:35:29.714'8838
101HEATH / WILL MARSTON03:36:32.012'61043
102BRAD HARDEE03:37:19.512'61136
103ZANE ASSELIN03:37:47.112'61218
104CHRIS CANNAVARO03:40:57.314'8943
105GREG HAMMOND03:43:32.8Unlim432
106DAVID LIPSCOMB03:44:16.814'9032
107THOMAS RESTON03:52:53.712'61337
108GREG FIX03:52:57.514'9148
109MICHAEL DANT03:55:39.314'9254
110JAMES GREGORIO03:58:00.214'9342
111SPENCE WHITMAN03:59:16.514'9446
112BOBBY NELSON04:03:50.814'9557
113JOHN PEARCE04:16:35.314'9633


Course: 13 miles

1ANNABEL ANDERSON02:49:1312'632
2JENNY KALMBACH02:49:1912'630
3LINA AUGAITIS02:49:2412'633
4SONJA HONSCHEID02:50:2712'632
5BRANDI BAKSIC02:55:4012'641
6KELSA GABEHART03:01:0012'633
7MORGAN HOESTEREY03:01:5912'633
8FIONA WYLDE03:05:1812'617
9APRIL ZILG03:08:1512'627
10HELGA GOEBEL03:09:0712'637
11MINI CRASH03:14:4012'641
12BAILEY ROSEN03:19:3612'617
13MARY ANNE BOYER03:21:4112'648
14KATE LEWIS03:21:5512'637
15KIMBERLEY SUTTON03:26:0212'630
1MARTA DOWNING03:29:0214'45
16JENNY ALDERMAN03:30:3612'642
17KAREN WILSON03:34:2612'657
18DANI SCHMIDT03:35:4012'628
19MARY SCHEERER03:43:5412'655
20ELIZABETH (LIZI) RUIZ03:47:3112'635
21KIMBERLY JAMES03:49:0512'634
22ARIEL AMARAL03:52:0912'631
23TRISH MILLER04:07:2512'631
24JENNY FERREL04:09:1512'644
25AMY CLARK04:15:1712'640
26MILLA NAVARRO04:18:0112'615
27HEIDI MILLER04:19:0512'629
28KIM HILLHOUSE04:19:1312'644
29MARGO PELLEGRINO04:34:2512'646


Course: 6.5 miles
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1519 CHIP BOCK01:05:26.6Unlimited1M147
2607 RAND PERKINS01:06:36.214'1M262
3710 BRALY JOY01:06:41.714'2M343
4729 BRIAN SZYMANSKI01:07:18.114'3M446
5512 JOHN BECKER01:07:20.214'4M555
6610 STEVE PHILLIPS01:07:32.614'5M651
7601 MARK NELSON01:07:46.914'6M730
8711 ETHAN LUPPERT01:08:03.912'61M825
9639 WESLEY STOLP01:08:21.4Unlimited2M936
10635 GENE TARZAN SMITH01:08:25.812'62M1053
11516 BARRY BLACKBURN01:08:33.914'7M1141
12703 ANDRES POMBO01:09:06.012'63M1228
13649 LUKE VAN01:09:08.714'8M1336
14702 KENNY PUCKETT01:09:14.214'9M1441
15650 MATTHEW VANCE01:09:28.112'64M1543
16561 JASON GEIGER01:10:06.514'10M1642
17727 BRAD RAMBO01:10:44.214'11M1754
18520 CHIP BOGGS01:11:32.014'12M1841
19533 ANDY CHAMBERS01:11:48.214'13M1933
20644 KRISTIN THOMAS01:11:52.5F12'61F151
21713 SARAH MESSINA01:11:52.8F12'62F232
22587 DAWN MAROHL01:12:19.3F12'63F342
23513 GRANT BEGLEY01:12:27.814'14M2033
24647 GREG TYSOR01:12:35.314'15M2154
25629 JOHN SLOAN01:12:47.414'16M2228
26708 MARK PAALUHI01:12:49.014'17M2343
27714 ERIC TRUDON01:13:17.314'18M2448
28557 JOHN FOX01:13:45.614'19M2533
29640 GARY STONE01:14:36.214'20M2657
30552 KARL EUGSTER01:14:39.012'65M2754
31625 BRIAN SCHMID01:15:19.314'21M2825
32568 JOHN HEIDEL01:15:27.412'66M2945
33572 BRETT HUF01:15:30.014'22M3052
34540 AARON CRAIN01:15:37.512'67M3144
35646 RICH TRUSKY01:15:45.214'23M3299
36566 VERNON HARRISON01:16:35.014'24M3341
37531 MATT CESMAT01:16:51.314'25M3448
38550 JUSTIN DONATON01:16:56.614'26M3538
39580 SUTTON KNIGHT01:17:09.214'27M3650
40510 LEWIS BALL01:17:12.6Inflatable1M3729
41624 JASON RUTTAN01:17:15.314'28M3834
42634 DAN SMITH01:17:28.112'68M3950
43530 STEVE CAPPS01:17:33.514'29M4053
44627 BRETT SIMPSON01:17:35.514'30M4129
45718 MATTHEW NACY01:17:42.212'69M4250
46539 SUE COOPER01:17:57.3F12'64F447
47715 CONNOR BONHAM01:18:21.114'31M4318
48514 BROOKE BERKELEY01:18:43.314'32M4436
49705 MATT FRIEDMAN01:18:51.6Surfboard1M4551
50704 JASPER JARDEN01:18:55.812'610M4624
51648 CATHERINE UDEN01:19:16.1F12'65F538
52617 KIM REILLY01:19:26.6F14'1F649
53571 BRADY HUF01:19:28.112'611M4717
54547 DAVE DAUM01:19:46.814'33M4857
55605 PATRICK O'MALLEY01:20:10.414'34M4939
56579 RICHARD KLAPPER01:20:16.614'35M5064
57563 DANIELLE GOLDSTON01:20:19.7F12'66F735
58585 LARRY LUBBERS01:20:53.214'36M5165
59612 ALBERT POSADAS01:20:57.014'37M5241
60507 WENDY ANDERSON01:21:21.7F12'67F853
61590 HANNAH MCEWAN01:21:24.2F12'68F927
62652 DAVID WIDMER01:21:44.512'612M5346
63641 MICHAEL TAYLOR01:22:04.714'38M5439
64709 RICHARD LAUDUSKI01:22:09.512'613M5557
65528 GRADY BYUS01:22:22.514'39M5626
66614 MARY RADTKE01:22:44.5F12'69F1046
68632 TERRY SMITH01:22:50.112'614M5740
67583 GREG LLOYD01:22:50.114'40M5839
69623 JIM RUSSELL01:22:55.314'41M5946
70724 JEFF WALTON01:23:07.714'42M6055
71576 HEATHER KAARUP01:23:53.6F12'610F1131
72542 NEWLAND CROCKER01:23:57.814'43M6140
73726 SAM BROUSSARD01:23:59.5F12'611F1222
74517 ANNA BLACKBURN01:24:24.6F12'612F1314
75584 VICKY LOWE01:24:30.7F12'613F1447
76618 AARON RICHARDET01:24:46.514'44M6238
77535 JESSICA CICHRA01:25:03.0F12'614F1531
78626 RICHARD SCHWARTZ01:25:06.414'45M6353
79505 LEXI ALSTON01:25:30.6F12'615F1612
80573 SHARI HYMES01:25:41.8F12'616F1752
81567 MARK HAWORTH01:25:52.314'46M6439
82637 CRAIG STEPNOWSKI01:25:53.312'615M6539
83582 KIMBERLEY LEVINS01:25:54.4F12'617F1848
84586 WINSOR MACDONELL01:25:58.312'616M6648
85600 MICHAEL NAVARRA01:26:17.014'47M6749
86578 MATT KENNEY01:26:33.114'48M6845
87728 NORM SCHEEL01:26:41.412'617M6948
88524 HENRIQUE BRANDAO01:27:07.912'618M7028
89518 FENNEL BLYTHE01:27:20.1F12'618F1945
90608 TONY PETERS01:27:46.514'49M7143
91570 JASON HOWELL01:27:53.412'619M7234
92602 JULIA NICHOLLS01:28:16.8F12'619F2057
93594 RENEE MILLER01:28:21.4F12'620F2148
94511 MARK BANDY01:28:39.814'50M7355
95592 GRACE METZGAR01:28:41.7F12'621F2243
96636 CHRIS SNELL01:29:00.114'51M7434
97562 CHARLES GILLIS01:29:11.614'52M7563
98574 SCOTT JARDEN01:29:18.914'53M7660
99616 DANIEL REDDICK01:29:32.414'54M7730
100522 JON BOS01:29:49.314'55M7852
101609 CAROLINE PETERS01:29:57.7F12'622F2329
102725 DAVID LEE01:30:36.114'56M7942
103545 JAMIE CURRAN01:33:00.514'57M8054
104717 KIRA DAUGHERTY01:34:51.0F14'2F2425
105558 NATHAN FRITZ01:35:13.614'58M8136
106543 JIM CUNNINGHAM01:35:17.114'59M8244
107622 ERIC ROWE01:35:28.414'60M8340
108508 SAMMIE ARNOLD01:35:49.0F14'3F2553
109701 BUCK RONLEE01:36:35.514'61M8446
110551 SHAWN DOUGHERTY01:38:12.912'620M8541
111706 RICHARD NUSSEY01:38:13.914'62M8643
112638 LAURA STEVENS01:38:28.8F12'623F2635
113534 TONY CHAPMAN01:38:49.814'63M8756
114589 TARA MCCABE01:39:12.2F12'624F2743
115597 MARY MORETTI01:39:47.0F12'625F2846
116501 TODD AHERN01:39:51.714'64M8836
117515 DEMERY BISHOP01:39:58.614'65M8964
118541 MARTHA CRISCUOLO01:40:46.5F14'4F2938
119525 ROB BREAULT01:41:20.212'621M9053
120527 LISA BROWNING01:41:21.3F12'626F3058
121560 SUSAN GARWOOD01:41:25.0F12'627F3158
122549 MARTY DIQUATTRO01:43:02.714'66M9153
123503 JOHN ALLEN01:44:30.312'622M9253
124606 AL OXLEY01:44:40.012'623M9341
125645 SCOTT THOMAS01:44:48.814'67M9453
126575 JOANNA JODAR01:45:00.8F12'628F3238
127596 ERIC MOE01:45:23.012'624M9539
128526 HEATHER BREWER01:45:40.5F12'629F3346
129599 CHRISTOPHER NACY01:46:20.112'625M9650
130621 SANDY RODRIGUEZ01:46:39.8F Surf1F3440
131553 HOLLY FELTNER01:49:29.4F12'630F3541
132564 SHENDAN GROVE01:52:42.112'626M9744
133523 STEVEN BOWDEN02:03:07.4Surfboard2M9841
134548 KATHY DIQU(AT)RO02:08:31.2F12'631F3656
135544 LIN CUNNINGHAM02:09:43.6F12'632F3745
136504 LUKE ALLEN02:10:02.512'627M9913
137603 TOM OCONNOR02:12:39.014'68M10059
138593 CANDY MICHENER02:19:11.9F12'633F3853
139554 REBECCA FILIPPONI02:25:41.7F12'634F3941
140633 BRIAN SMITH02:26:15.012'628M10147


Course: 3.5 miles
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11 214 EVAN LEW00:41:45Tandem1M19
2173 PAUL WIECH00:42:0314'1M245
386 SCOTT JORSS00:42:4012'61M352
447 SEAN DOUGLAS00:44:1714'2M442
5131 MICHAEL ORTIZ00:44:5912'62M534
6146 RAUL RUIZ00:45:3214'3M633
779 ED HORGER00:45:5314'4M752
844 STEPHEN DEES00:46:1614'5M833
972 JOSHUA HAYES00:46:4214'6M926
10138 TERRY PERKINS00:46:4814'7M1070
11110 TIM MCKENNA00:46:5214'8M1148
1277 STEVE HOOD00:46:5712'63M1244
13212 PAUL GARNIER00:47:1914'9M1346
151 CARTER ADAMS00:47:2414'10M1558
14134 JERRY P(AT)ERSON00:47:2412'64M1445
16218 KRISTY MORRIS00:47:30F12'61F137
1785 STEVE JOHNSTON00:47:3114'11M1657
18216 MELINA CHERRY00:48:21F12'62F240
19135 KEVIN PATERSON00:48:2212'65M1735
20204 MARK ALLISON00:48:2314'12M1851
2184 JIM JOHNSTON00:48:3114'13M1960
22215 MARK ROBINSON00:48:4812'66M2040
23117 TODD MILLER00:48:5812'67M2146
24206 TIM MCAULY00:49:0414'14M2238
25103 CHARLEY LEWIS00:49:2612'68M2348
2674 ANDREW HERZOG00:49:2814'15M2451
27165 MICHAEL VALACH00:49:4814'16M2552
2840 UTAW COOK00:49:5412'69M2615
3010 SUSAN BALLENGER00:50:02F12'63F350
2927 CHRIS CALLISON00:50:0212'610M2744
3114 ELIZABETH BAUM00:50:16F14'1F435
327 RALPH ALMKUIST00:50:5014'17M2834
33111 JOE MCQUAID00:51:0314'18M2938
34113 ANN MILLER00:51:40F12'64F544
3563 KAPUAOLA GELLERT00:51:41F12'65F636
36202 CINDI BONNER00:51:42F12'66F742
37145 KATIE ROWE00:51:55F12'67F828
38151 JIMBO SHORT00:51:5512'611M3017
39127 HILAREY NETSCH00:51:59F12'68F921
40175 TREY WOMBLE00:52:3414'19M3142
4194 JIM LAWHEAD00:53:0912'612M3252
42142 TERESA ROGERS00:53:21F12'69F1055
4367 RYAN HAGAN00:53:2512'613M3334
4424 NANCY BREAKSTONE00:53:29F14'2F1165
46123 CHAD MULLIS00:53:5212'614M3443
4522 JENN BOGGS00:53:52F12'610F1237
47210 JENA SCHMIDT00:54:11F12'611F1337
4846 HEIDI DIEHL00:54:22F12'612F1450
49104 ERIN MACDONELL00:54:34F12'613F1547
50147 BUDDY RUSH00:54:3614'20M3541
51143 MATT ROSE00:54:4112'615M3634
5273 AUDREY HEIDEL00:54:53F12'614F1614
5323 MEREDITH BRANDT00:55:00F12'615F1728
5461 DYLAN GEIGER00:55:1412'616M3711
55171 RICHARD WHEELER00:55:2212'617M3847
56148 BARB SAGE00:55:33F Surf1F1840
5715 JOE BEAMAN00:55:5114'21M3953
58213 CRISTINE KELSO00:56:07F12'616F1930
59209 HEATHER DAVIS00:56:13F14'3F2035
6013 IAN BARRETTSARGENT00:57:0112'618M4025
61166 TOMMY WALL00:57:0914'22M4160
6264 KATE GROVE00:57:10F12'617F2142
6396 JANET LEHMAN00:57:17F12'618F2256
6498 KEVIN LENNON00:57:20Surfboard1M4233
6568 FRANZ HALASCHEKWIENER00:57:2612'619M4365
6656 DEBORAH FATTIBENE00:57:27F14'4F2359
67116 KEITH MILLER00:57:3514'23M4446
6830 KENT CARNES00:57:4814'24M4561
69174 KATIE WILSON00:57:49F12'619F2426
70167 JONATHAN WARE00:57:5512'620M4647
7138 PAUL CLOSS00:58:0912'621M4743
7228 TAGEN CAMPBELL00:58:14Surfboard2M4811
73162 CHRISTY TURNER00:58:26F14'5F2541
7481 KATE JACKSON00:58:42F12'620F2631
7587 ROBIN JOSS00:58:45F12'621F2746
7620 JENNA BLACKBURN00:58:50F12'622F2811
7751 BELAH ELLIS00:58:56F12'623F2910
7834 VIRGINIA CHRISTOPHER00:59:15F12'624F3037
79128 WILSON NEWPORT00:59:28Surfboard3M4936
8062 LINDSEY GEIGER00:59:36F12'625F3113
8131 JOHN CARTER00:59:4312'622M5059
8332 EJ CAUGHLIN00:59:4412'623M5123
8271 BRANDI HARRISON00:59:44F12'626F3236
848 TREY AMBROSE00:59:48Surfboard4M5248
853 TIM AHMUTY00:59:5212'624M5354
86168 TREVOR WATSON01:00:0214'25M5414
87139 SUMMER RATLEY01:00:05F12'627F3314
882 SUSAN AHLBERG01:00:12F12'628F3452
8989 EMILY KANE01:00:22F12'629F3527
9090 JACK KANE01:00:2212'625M5528
91157 MARK SUMNER01:00:2512'626M5629
9299 LISA LEONARD01:00:34F12'630F3641
9341 SCOTT COOPER01:00:4312'627M5750
9437 LARRY CLEVELAND01:00:4512'628M5855
95208 DOUG WILSON01:00:5112'629M5967
9666 SCOTT GURGANUS01:00:5914'26M6038
9778 DARLA HOOD01:01:47F12'631F3738
9821 ALEX BLANTON01:02:36F14'6F3825
99172 BROOKE WIDMER01:02:51F Surf2F3943
10029 JULIE CARMALT01:03:00F12'632F4047
10157 KEVIN FINK01:03:1314'27M6154
10233 DEBORAH CHEEK01:03:54F12'633F4153
103211 TIM BURNETT01:04:0914'28M6257
10465 TYLER GROVE01:04:28Surfboard5M6312
10554 SAYLOR EMMART01:04:38F12'634F4210
106152 WILLIAM SIMMONS01:05:0112'630M6428
107107 KATHRYN MCCANN01:05:02F12'635F4334
108132 MEG OSHIMA01:05:06F12'636F4421
1092 153 DANA STEPHENS01:05:07Tandem1F4511
110160 EMILY TRUSKY01:05:08F12'637F4613
111106 HAILEY MARSTON01:05:16F12'638F4710
112130 JON OLSON01:05:2912'631M6543
11360 ALICE FREEMAN01:05:32F12'639F4853
11455 ANDREW ESCHBACHER01:05:4514'29M6653
11569 CARRIE HAMORSKY01:05:59F12'640F4931
116201 BRIANA CASTILLO01:06:01F12'641F5036
11753 NONA EMBRY01:06:14F12'642F5151
118133 DEBBI OVERBECK01:06:20F12'643F5258
11980 SHANNON HUTCHINSON01:06:21F12'644F5341
12097 HEATHER LEIMER01:06:25F12'645F5439
1214 JACK ALDERMAN01:06:33Surfboard6M6710
122125 DEKAI NAVARRO01:06:58F12'646F5511
12311 HB BARBIE01:07:14F Surf3F5652
124141 BILLY REID01:07:3312'632M6860
12570 ANNE HARPER01:07:43F12'647F5764
126129 LANA OLIVER01:08:33F12'648F5832
12775 CANDICE HOCKSTRA01:09:15F12'649F5933
12843 DEBRA DEAN01:09:21F12'650F6057
129137 DAVID PEARCE01:10:06Inflatable1M6937
130150 LISA SCHELL01:10:07F12'651F6150
13191 WESLEY KANYOK01:10:2514'30M7011
13242 BAILEE COX01:10:35F12'652F6214
1335 AUSTIN ALLEN01:11:3612'633M7116
134158 CRICKET TENPAS01:12:05F12'653F6342
135126 TRACY NELSON01:12:35F12'654F6443
136114 JENNIFER MILLER01:12:38F12'655F6540
137119 ROSE MOGRAY01:13:31F12'656F6643
13836 KRISTY CLASON01:13:35F12'657F6747
13926 TERESA BYRNES01:14:25F12'658F6847
140102 BETSY LEWIS01:14:36F12'659F6910
141112 MICALLA MIKUS01:14:46F12'660F7037
142170 SARAH WESTBROOK01:14:50F Surf4F7139
143120 K CHARLES MOGRAY JR01:15:0712'634M7262
14435 IAN CLARK01:15:1112'635M7310
145124 KARI NACY01:15:25F12'661F7231
146144 BRYAN ROSS01:16:20Surfboard7M7446
147105 GRACIE MARSTON01:16:45F12'662F7310
14895 BRIAN LEE01:17:21Surfboard8M7538
14916 CAITLIN BEBEAU01:17:31F Surf5F7429
150108 DEBI MCCUTCHEON01:18:20F12'663F7544
151115 JILL MILLER01:18:29F Surf6F7657
15219 DAVID BITTNER01:18:4112'636M7641
15349 RACHEL EDWARDS01:19:28F12'664F7722
15450 RICK EDWARDS01:19:5412'637M7754
155121 SONIA MONTES DE OCA01:20:51F12'665F7855
15618 ALISON BITTNER01:21:06F12'666F7941
157164 SHERRY UNDERWOOD01:21:28F14'7F8049
158163 CAROLINE UNDERWOOD01:22:04F14'8F8114
15988 DIANE JURAS01:22:06F12'667F8249
160118 STEVEN MOFF01:23:3912'638M7856
161136 LARRY PEARCE01:25:19Inflatable2M7967
16245 JACK DESMOND01:27:12Surfboard9M8012
163154 BRIAN STOKES01:35:27Surfboard10M8143
164156 ELISA STOKES01:35:27F Surf7F8313
165155 CYNTHIA STOKES01:35:28F Surf8F8444
16648 TOM DUDLEY01:36:0014'31M8253
1676 MJ ALLEN01:47:0112'639M8311

Click here for the raw results (including prone, outrigger and surfski divisions).

Carolina Cup race results

The Champs! Danny, Georges, Jamie, Travis and Chase

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