February 8, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 12 Towers: Jake Jensen, Karla Gilbet Win Overall While French Darkhorse Titouan Puyo Impresses



Jake Jensen has just taken out the Battle of the Paddle-style race on Day 2 (Sunday) which, combined with yesterday’s results, gives him the overall 12 Towers championship title.

Kelly Margetts finished 2nd today ahead of Beau O’Brian, while yesterday’s big winner Titouan Puyo finished down in 6th, showing that waves are perhaps his achilles heel.

Full results coming soon…

BOP Race Results
1st: Jake Jensen
2nd: Kelly Margetts
3rd: Beau O’Brian
4th: Trevor Tunnington
5th: Paul Jackson
6th: Titouan Puyo

Downwind Race Results
1st: Titouan Puyo
2nd: Beau O’Brian
3rd: Jake Jensen
4th: Paul Jackson
5th: Kelly Margetts

1st: Jake Jensen
2nd: Beau O’Brian
3rd: Titouan Puyo
4th: Kelly Margetts
5th: Paul jackson


Titouan Puyo WINS Australia’s biggest SUP race!

The Frenchman has upset a whole bunch of local hotshots to claim a narrow victory. Titou beat his Starboard team mate Beau O’Brian by just a few seconds to take a memorable win and prove his victory over Eric Terrien in France a few months ago was no fluke.

What a performance. I think we’ll be seeing his name on a lot more podiums this year.

It was a tough but fun race. Winds were light but at least blowing in the right direction, so there were still a few bumps to be found.

Full recap coming soon. In the meantime here are the full results.

ELITE 12’6 – TOP 10
1 – Titouan Puyo – 1:22:33
2 – Beau O’Brian – 1:22:59
3 – Jake Jensen – 1:23:36
4 – Paul Jackson – 1:24:32
5 – Kelly Margetts – 1:25:16
6 – Trevor Tunnington – 1:26:50
7 – Heath Meldrum – 1:30:02
8 – Christopher Parker – 1:30:57
9 – Roman Frejo – 1:31:10
10 – Steve Walker – 1:31:35

Elite Women 12’6
1 – Karla Gilbert – 1:32:22
2 – Angie Jackson – 1:33:24
3 – Allison Fullager – 1:45:06
4 – Sue Dorries – 1.48.14
5 – George Leak – 1.57.19

Men 14′
1 – Matt Nottage – 1.23.40 (4th overall)
2 – Troy Pease – 1.25.45 (7th overall)
3 – Paul Jones – 1.29.22 (11th overall)


1Titouan Puyo1:22:33Men 12'61
2Beau O'Brian1:22:59Men 12'62
3Jake Jensen1:23:36Men 12'63
4Matt Nottage1:23:40Men 14'1
5Paul Jackson1:24:32Men 12'64
6Kelly Margetts1:25:16Men 12'65
7Troy Pease1:25:45Men 14'2
8Luke Ingnersen1:26:39Prone Unlim1
9Trevor Tunnington1:26:50Men 12'66
10Lachie Lansdown1:28:31Prone Stock1
11Paul Jones1:29:22Men 14'3
12Rhyam Pankhurst1:29:57Prone Stock2
13Heath Meldrum1:30:02Men 12'67
14Christopher Parker1:30:57Men 12'68
15Roman Frejo1:31:10Men 12'69
16Dale Chapman1:31:12Men 14'4
17Steve Walker1:31:35Men 12'610
18Andrew Kerr1:31:52Men 14'5
19Karla Gilbert1:32:22Women 12'61
20Angie Jackson1:33:24Women 12'62
21Matt Stringer1:35:13Men 12'611
22Tim Cyprien1:36:32Men 12'612
23Matt Carter1:37:52Men 14'6
24Rob Walton1:38:00Men 14'7
25Mark Huxley1:39:35Men 14'8
26Rhys Burrows1:39:42Prone Stock3
27Chris Carter1:40:06Men 14'9
28Noel Graham1:41:51Men 14'10
29Sondra Purser1:42:18Women 14'1
30Michael Stokes1:43:32Men 12'613
31Kai Steimer1:43:51Men 12'614
32Jonno Walker1:44:01Men 12'615
33Craig Wright1:44:13Men 14'11
34Ryan Keck1:44:55Men 14'12
35Allison Fullager1:45:06Women 12'63
36Scott Hargreaves1:45:30Men 14'13
37Andrew Hamilton1:46:00Men 14'14
38Sean Bicknell1:46:09Men 12'616
39Nichole Klink1:46:38Women 14'2
40Marco Bertossa1:47:01Men 14'15
41Sue Dorries1:48:14Women 12'64
42Dallas Halford1:49:07Men 14'16
43Guy Fitter1:50:06Prone Stock4
44Smiley Garcia1:50:34Prone Unlim2
45Steve Richardson1:50:52Men 12'617
46Shane Lynch1:51:43Men 14'17
47Nicola Masci1:52:21Men 12'618
48Ryan Ristuccia1:52:30Men 12'619
49Andrew James1:52:59Men 12'620
50Mick Frizzel1:53:27Men 14'18
51Anthony Clark1:54:32Men 12'621
52Duncan Corbett1:54:42Men 14'19
53Derek O'Niel1:55:03Men 14'20
54Paul Mitchell1:55:46Men 14'21
55Cliffe Murray1:56:11Men 14'22
56George Leak1:57:19Women 12'65
57Jenny Cosgrove1:57:26Women 12'66
58Keale Dorries1:58:04Women 12'67
59Mick Wardle1:58:31Men 14'23
60Noriaki Kudeken1:58:48Men 12'622
61Robert Eyre2:00:00Men 14'24
62Chris McCall2:02:08Men 14'25
63Alan Mcarther2:02:47Men 14'26
64Chris Rosenogne2:03:05Men 14'27
65Leily Kaze2:09:52Men 12'623
66Aron Birch2:10:32Men 12'624
67Dave Gullis2:13:50Men 14'28
68Peter Patch2:16:59Men 12'625
69Rowan Pevitt2:18:15Men 12'626
70Chloe Walkerdene2:18:36Women 12'68
71Vanessa Caley2:18:38Women 12'69
72Jacqueline Caldecoat2:19:39Women 12'62
73James Paul2:20:02Prone Unlim3
74Nigel Milnes2:20:23Men 14'29
75Aaron Stortenbeker2:31:44Men 12'627

Titouan Puyo


SATURDAY UPDATE (10:00am)Race starts in an hour. Winds light but at least blowing in the right direction. Gonna be a bit of a slog out there… Check back in a few hours for results.


FRIDAY EVENING UPDATE/RACE PREVIEW: Probably the single biggest race on the Aussie calendar, the 12 Towers Ocean Paddle Festival on Queensland’s Gold Coast, is happening this weekend right now. While Australia has arguably the strongest roster of SUP athletes out of any nation, its events have always been sorely lacking. That’s slowly starting to change though, with events such as The Doctor in Perth and now the 12 Towers on the Gold Coast starting to build into big races.

The 12 Towers, now in its third year, attracts a higher level of competition than any other SUP race in the country, with Travis Grant having won the first two editions ahead of guys like Jamie Mitchell, Beau O’Brian, Jake Jensen, Lincoln Dews, Paul Jackson, Kelly Margetts and so on.

2014 should be the biggest year yet and although Trav and Jamie are missing, there are plenty of guys hungry to step up and take over their spot at the top. I can see it being a battle between the well-traveled global athletes such as Jake, Beau, Jacko and Kelly, though there will be a few up-and-coming Aussie dark horses looking to cause an upset. However one of the biggest wildcards might be the Frenchman Titouan Puyo, who famously came out of nowhere to beat Eric Terrien at the French Nationals late last year and who has flown in from his home island of New Caledonia for this event. Apparently Tito is a downwind master, so if the wind turns on he could be right up there.

Meanwhile the women’s race will be an all-star battle between Australia’s finest, though I think it’ll come down to a fight between Karla Gilbert and Angie Jackson. Saturday sees the 12km downwinder (if the winds play along) while Sunday it’ll be a BOP-style race plus a unique ‘Dash For Cash’ sprint. But no matter who wins, we’ll have updates from the beach as it happens (or as soon as I limp across the finish line and post an update).

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