Aussie Beau O’Brian Wins Tahoe Fall Classic

Beau O'Brian SUP Race Lake TahoeResults are in from yesterday’s Tahoe Fall Classic, where Aussie Beau O’Brian took out the 22 miler to continue his solid pre-Battle form. Ben Sarrazin and Rob Rojas filled out the 14 foot podium while Gail Vento dominated the women’s race.

The Fall Classic was the third and final leg of the 2013 Tahoe Cup, following on from the Donner Lake and Jam From The Dam races.

Beau isn’t the most well known name here in the States, though everyone back home in Australia knows how strong the guy is. At 29 years of age, Beau is in his prime and, in my opinion, a very strong pick for the BOP podium (top 10) and a chance for the top 5. So keep your eye on Beau in a couple of weeks but for now check out full results from Lake Tahoe below…


2013 Tahoe Fall Classic SUP Race RESULTS

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Beau O'Brian3:38:1714'129
2M2Michael Valenzuela3:41:36Unlim138
3M3Benjamin Sarrazin3:44:5114'239
4M4Rob Rojas3:46:2014'340
5M5Rand Carter3:51:3214'449
6M6Seth Springer3:51:5214'536
7M7Phil Coffman3:54:2214'644
8M8Eric Walker3:55:29Unlim240
9M9Christopher Strout3:55:50Unlim333
10M10Dax Willard3:57:1114'735
11M11MacRae Wylde3:57:5514'849
12M12Ronnie Ayres3:58:5114'945
13M13Dale Plant3:58:5314'1049
14M14Taylor Roertson3:59:0914'1134
15M15Karl Schwiesow3:59:25Unlim433
16M16John Merryfield3:59:3014'1247
17M17Mike Bond3:59:4214'1358
18F1Gail Vento4:04:03F12'6137
19M18Joseph Fellner4:06:5114'1443
20M19Scott Estrada4:07:4114'1546
21F2Jen Fuller4:07:48F12'6250
22M20Doug Furano4:08:3814'1632
23F3Fiona Wylde4:09:58F12'6316
24M21Matt Lund4:11:0214'1739
25M22Larry Ferguson4:11:34Unlim554
26M23Kevin Scott4:11:3614'1851
27M24Ryan Delariva4:12:5514'1928
28M25Chris Werner4:13:0514'2034
29F4Nina Oakley4:14:13F12'6431
30M26John Troppmann4:14:1414'2157
31M27Jim Moore4:15:0614'2250
32M28Richard Slye4:15:2114'2345
33M29Ben Mitchell4:16:1312'6132
34M30Danny Jiminenez4:19:0614'2429
35M31John Allen4:19:3714'2552
36M32Michael Jones4:21:12Unlim660
37M33Gary Wimberly4:22:1812'6249
38M34Leo Robinton4:23:4114'2623
39M35Ethan Westwood4:25:2314'2735
40M36Wayne Prouty4:29:3014'2834
41M37Granger Jim4:31:1214'2960
42M38Brian Thomas4:31:3714'3049
43F5Ashton Woods4:33:17F12'6524
44F6Wendy Ackermann4:36:00F12'6647
45F7Lindsay Gonzales4:36:43F14'130
46M39Joe Woodman4:37:2814'3154
47M40Geoffrey James4:37:3214'3250
48M41Bill Kemble4:37:4314'3349
49F8Jessica Gates4:37:44F12'6741
50M42Gary Leong4:42:5314'3466
51M43Pablo Bori4:45:2614'3537
52M44Dave Harris4:47:0312'6358
53M45Cooper Birich4:47:2912'6427
54M46Craig McMannis4:49:1514'3654
55M47Bill Owens4:49:3514'3755
56M48Thomas Leith4:50:3614'3835
57M49Summit Moulton4:53:0912'6514
58M50Jared Marchese4:53:2412'6626
59M51Tom Kalange4:54:11Unlim751
60F9Brie Moore4:54:23F12'6837
61M52Adrian Tieslau4:56:5514'3941
62M53Brady Flaherty4:57:3214'4042
63M54Chris Mahan5:00:44Unlim849
64F10Heidi Hauenstein5:01:00F14'230
65F11Francine Tone5:03:04F12'6957
66F12Deborah Fajans5:06:11F12'61034
67M55William Boosman5:09:2414'4151
68F13Heather Davis5:11:25F12'61125
69F14Jennifer Gilanfarr5:12:25F12'61226
70F15Leslie Clohan5:13:08F12'61349
71M56Roderick Clohan5:13:3912'6751
72F16Nancie Schoener5:17:43F12'61454
73F17Lauren Robinson5:19:00F12'61523
74M57Alex Medveczky5:23:2012'6842
75M58Martin Frye5:24:3012'6925
76F18Sasha Spiegel5:27:20F12'61649
77M59Chris Whittingham5:37:0614'4265
78F19Emily Matthews5:38:56F12'61745

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