\ [RESULTS] Dana Point Ocean Challenge – SUP Racer
March 12, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Dana Point Ocean Challenge

Dana Point Ocean Challenge SUP raceThe name “Dana Point” is synonymous with Stand Up Paddle racing, being the home of the event that started it all, the Battle of the Paddle. But that’s not the only race in this part of Southern California, with the Dana Point Ocean Challenge attracting hundreds of paddlers every year.

The 2013 Challenge was no different, as 100x SUPs joined in with prone, surf ski and outrigger paddlers for a massive race. This event kinda slipped through the cracks last week due to our Peru hangover, but here are the results and photos from a race that saw France’s Greg Closier come away with the win.

Closier was in California on a family holiday and decided to jump in the race just for fun. As one of the fastest paddlers in France (and Europe) it’s no surprise to see the Hobie team rider up there on the podium, though you’ve gotta give him extra credit for not only beating the 12’6 field, but all of the 14 footers as well.

Karl Ring took line honours on his unlimited, while Dana Point local Jaime Donnelly took out the women’s. Full results are below and then you can scroll down for more photos of the action…

2013 Dana Point Ocean Challenge RESULTS

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2013
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1M1Karl Ring00:52:01Unlim1Men's 40+1
2M2Gregory Closier00:53:5912'61Men's Open2
3M3Brian Murphy00:54:3014'1Men's Open3
4M4Brendan Light00:54:3114'2Men's Open4
5M5Chance Fielder00:54:3714'3Men's 40+5
6M6Sean Pangelinan00:54:4414'4Men's Open6
7M7Ingo Rademacher00:54:5514'5Men's 40+7
8M8Rami Zur00:55:1114'6Men's Open8
9M9Byron Kurt00:55:1514'7Men's 40+9
10M10Mike Murf00:55:1814'8Men's Open10
11M11Jared Vargas00:55:2614'9Men's Open11
12M12Dave Boehne00:56:0712'62Men's Open12
13M13Jack Wygal00:56:4914'10Men's 40+13
14M14Willis Brown00:56:5412'63Men's Open14
15M15Denis Poroy00:56:5614'11Men's 40+15
16M16Steve Dullack00:57:1014'12Men's Open16
17M17Kevin Nerison00:57:1914'13Men's Open17
18M18Stephen Sinkus00:57:2414'14Men's Open18
19M19Brent Pascoe00:57:3814'15Men's Open19
20M20E.J. Johnson00:58:3612'64Men's 40+20
21M21Michael Richards00:58:4314'16Men's 40+21
22M22Mark Christman00:59:38Unlim2Men's 40+22
23M23Guillaume Escarguel00:59:5112'65Men's 40+23
24M24Mark Field00:59:5612'66Men's 40+1
25M25Rick Ranjo01:00:1514'17Men's 40+2
26M26Rod Loftis01:00:2114'18Men's 40+3
27M27Dale Marnati01:00:2314'19Men's 60+4
28M28Noa Hopper01:00:2812'67Men's U165
29M29Seb Gramond01:00:4012'68Men's 40+1
30M30Brent Campbell01:00:4714'20Men's Open2
31M31Chance Uptmore01:01:06Unlim3Men's Open1
32M32Eric Diggins01:01:1612'69Men's 40+2
33M33Sean Mchugh01:01:3214'21Men's 40+3
34M34Darren Del Monico01:01:3512'610Men's 40+1
35M35Kevin Wakashige01:01:3614'22Men's 40+1
36M36Wayne Buckingham01:01:5514'23Men's 60+2
37M37Shawn Fejerang01:01:5812'611Men's U193
38M38Steve Chrapchynski01:02:0014'24Men's 40+4
40M39Mark Pighini01:03:0114'26Men's 40+5
39M40Reese Schwab01:03:0114'25Men's U196
41M41Mike Baker01:03:19Unlim4Men's 40+1
42M42Jack Kraus01:03:5714'27Men's 40+2
43M43John Gossett01:04:0714'28Men's 40+3
44M44Stewart Winkler01:04:0914'29Men's 40+4
45M45Mark Quest01:04:2012'612Men's 40+5
46M46Greg Welch01:04:3912'613Men's 40+6
47M47Raphael Seack01:04:3912'614Men's 40+7
48M48Brook Staples01:04:5014'30Men's 40+8
49M49Ron Remeyer01:05:0714'31Men's 40+9
50M50Ian Light01:05:1012'615Men's U1610
51M51Daniel Russell01:05:1012'616Men's U1611
52M52Mark Stavron01:05:27Unlim5Men's 60+1
53M53Danai Phongdara01:05:3912'617Men's 40+1
54M54Mick Vollmer01:05:4012'618Men's Open2
55M55Johnny Kessel01:05:4114'32Men's 40+3
56M56Braly Joy01:05:5412'619Men's 40+4
57M57Jeff Koch01:06:4112'620Men's 60+5
58M58Yann Lauletta01:07:0512'621Men's U196
59F1Jaime Donnelly01:07:29F12'61Women's Open1
60M59Brad Kingsley01:07:4712'622Men's 40+1
61F2Jill Vickery01:08:12F12'62Women's 40+2
62M60Collin Bautista01:08:3114'33Men's U192
63M61Ben Usaja01:09:0712'623Men's Open1
64M62Nicholas Scheel01:09:2312'624Men's U162
65M63Norm Scheel01:09:3014'34Men's 40+1
66M64Lee Donovan01:11:0014'35Men's 40+2
67M65Leo Hinchcliff01:11:3014'36Men's 60+3
68M66Chris Koerner01:11:44Unlim6Men's 40+4
69F3Shae Foudy01:11:49F12'63Women's U163
70M67Robert Margalis01:12:1712'625Men's Open5
71M68Gary Peterson01:12:3814'37Men's 40+6
72F4Susie Hopper01:13:18F12'64Women's 40+4
73F5Alleanna Clark01:13:19F Unlim1Women's U165
74M69Bill Waters01:13:2514'38Men's 40+7
75F6Gretchen Benedetto01:13:38F12'65Women's 40+6
76M70Rick Lake01:13:4314'39Men's 40+1
77M71Mickey Munoz01:13:4912'626Men's 60+1
78F7Peggy Munoz01:15:12F12'66Women's 60+7
79M72Steven Kessler01:15:19Unlim7Men's 40+1
80F8Tyler Jones01:16:21F12'67Women's U168
81M73Doug May01:16:4612'627Men's 40+1
82M74Ryan Maloney01:16:5612'628Men's U161
83F9Terry Welker01:17:46F12'68Women's 40+9
84M75Max Fleming01:19:0312'629Men's U162
85F10Erica Santos01:19:56F12'69Women's 40+10
86M76Mark Meierhoefer01:25:2912'630Men's 40+3
87M77James Yanoschik01:25:5912'631Men's 40+1
88F11Jennifer Peat01:28:27F14'1Women's 40+11
89F12Axel Hennessey01:32:05F12'610Women's U1912
90F13Alexandria Higginson01:32:23F12'611Women's U1613
91F14Amy Ehrenkranz01:33:03F12'612Women's 40+14
92F15Nicolr Polizois Crawford01:33:08F12'613Women's 40+15

Pics thanks to Dana Outrigger Canoe Club