December 17, 2011
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2011 Battle of the Paddle California ELITE RACE

Held on September 24th, the 2011 BoP California Elite Race was one of the most prestigious (and hotly contested) SUP event of all time. The men’s division saw a three way fight between Jamie Mitchell, Danny Ching and Connor Baxter.

Despite Ching defending his 2010 title and Mitchell leading most of the race, in the end it was the kid from Hawaii who stole the line honours.

On the women’s side, Candice Appleby won yet another elite race, while kiwi Annabel Anderson and local Brandi Baksic battled it out for the number two spot.

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2011 Battle of the Paddle California Elite Race results

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M1Conner BAXTER0:43:52117
M2Jamie MITCHELL0:43:55234
M3Danny CHING0:44:00328
M4Georges CRONSTEADT0:44:50431
M5Kai LENNY0:45:06518
M6Travis GRANT0:45:17628
M7Slater TROUT0:45:20716
M8Eric TERRIEN0:45:21829
M9Beau O'BRIAN0:45:38928
M10Kelly MARGETTS0:45:581039
M11Zane SCHWEITZER0:46:031118
M12Matt BECKER0:46:041217
M13Jake JENSEN0:46:071316
M14Paul JACKSON0:46:401435
M15Casper STEINFATH0:46:481518
M16Jay WILD0:46:511631
M17Chase KOSTERLITZ0:47:061725
M18Anthony VELA0:47:181837
M19Colin MCPHILLIPS0:47:191936
M20Bart DE ZWART0:47:192041
M21Brennan ROSE0:48:042122
M22Jim TERRELL0:48:172246
M23Jeremy STEPHENSON0:48:252342
M24Andy DAVIES0:48:312431
M25Chuck GLYNN0:48:332523
M26Andrew LOGRECO0:48:392627
M27Doug ELLIS0:48:442729
M28Tyson POPPLER0:48:442825
M29Noa GINELLA0:48:442917
M30Greg LONG0:48:453037
M31Kevin COFFMAN0:48:543141
M32Cyril BURGUIERE0:48:543232
M33Packet CASEY0:48:543338
M34Dan GAVERE0:48:573441
M35Jerry BESS0:49:103546
M36Rob ROJAS0:49:123638
M37Fernando STALLA0:49:273724
M38Michael MURPHY0:49:283832
M39Justin COOK0:49:283924
M40Nicholas LEASON0:49:294026
M41Byron KURT0:49:314147
M42Gregory CLOSIER0:49:404236
M43Mo FREITAS0:49:414314
M44Giordano CAPPARELLA0:49:414425
M45Chuck PATTERSON0:49:414542
F1Candice APPLEBY0:49:444626
M46Larry CAIN0:49:514748
M47Eric LEOU ON0:49:544825
M48Matthew MCDONALD0:49:554932
M49Rob PELKEY0:49:565043
M50Justin HOLLAND0:50:095134
M51David BOEHNE0:50:105235
M52Mitch KAHN0:50:105351
M53Gaetan SENE0:50:115434
F2Brandi BAKSIC0:50:125639
M54Armie ARMSTRONG0:50:125540
F3Annabel ANDERSON0:50:195730
M55Dane MORRISSEY0:50:285825
F4Jenny KALMBACH0:50:315928
F5Gillian GIBREE0:50:376026
M56Seth SPRINGER0:50:376134
M57Brian HAAG0:50:446220
M58Ryan JAMES0:50:526336
M59Micay CARLSON0:50:536428
M60Kaeo'o'kalani ABBEY0:50:576525
M61Brandon RAMBO0:51:046622
M62Kevin NERISON0:51:106729
F6Talia GANGINI0:51:136818
M63Riggs NAPOLEON0:51:146913
M64Jake PORTWOOD0:51:317024
M65Brendan LIGHT0:52:077116
M66Alex MATERO0:52:077237
F7Heather BAUS0:52:317339
F8Gail VENTO0:52:497435
F9Krisztina ZUR0:52:597530
F10Morgan HOESTEREY0:53:007630
F11Alison RIDDLE0:53:307725
F12Halie HARRISON0:53:377817
F13Karen WRENN0:54:037939
F14Julianne BRACKETT0:54:108017
F15Angela JACKSON0:54:128135
F16Mariko STRICKLAND0:54:528224
F17Elsa HARRISON0:54:528338
F18Sondra PURSER0:54:548430
F19Simone HORSFIELD0:54:558532
F20Amanda WILSON0:55:258624
M67Gerry LOPEZ0:58:208762

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