February 9, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Travis Grant, Karla Gilbert Win Australia’s “12 Towers” Ocean SUP Race

Travis Grant SUP Race
The Gold Coast, Australia has probably produced more elite paddlers than any other spot in the world. Just some of the names that call the Coast home include Jamie Mitchell, Travis Grant, Kelly Margetts, Jake Jensen, Paul Jackson, Beau O’Brian… You get the point. It’s got a lot of SUP talent.

So when a race is held on the Gold Coast, it instantly comes with an international standard of competition. Today it was the 2nd annual 12 Towers Ocean SUP Race, which went from the world famous Kirra Point to Burleigh Heads. The local guns were joined by plenty of other elite paddlers from around Australia to produce an awesome event.

More than 80 paddlers started the 12km ocean course but it was Travis Grant who took the win in the men’s race, two and a half minutes ahead of Beau O’Brian, matching the result from The Doctor last month. Meanwhile former Ironwoman champ Karla Gilbert claimed the women’s race, narrowly edging out Angie Jackson.

While the 12 Towers was billed as a downwinder, someone clearly forgot to tell the weather gods. Paddlers were met with a light sidewind and plenty of bumps going in all directions. It wasn’t as bad as we first feared though, with plenty of runners if you wanted to work hard for them. The conditions made it more of a challenge but also more of a reward just to get to the end. It’s also great to see almost 100 paddlers on the start line, which makes this one of the biggest SUP races ever held in Australia.

Check out the full results below and take a look at some photos of the action thanks to Kim Magee.

2013 “12 Towers” Ocean SUP Race RESULTS

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #DivisionDiv #Age
1M1Travis Grant1:23:13.112'61Open Men130
2M2Beau O'Brian1:25:50.912'62Open Men229
3M3Lincoln Dews1:26:55.112'63Open Men317
4M4Jake Jensen1:28:45.112'64Open Men418
5M5Paul Jackson1:30:24.812'65Open Men536
6M6Troy Pease1:33:33.214'+1Open Men140
7M7Toby Cracknell1:33:39.814'+2Open Men218
8M8Kelly Margetts1:35:07.312'66Open Men640
9M9Steve "Wild Man" Walker1:35:12.814'+3Open Men338
10M10Ben Brown1:36:02.414'+4Open Men434
11M11Trevor Tunnington1:36:51.514'+5Open Men515
12M12Christopher Parker1:38:26.914'+6Open Men629
13M13Matt Carter1:40:15.714'+7Open Men739
14M14Jon Locke1:42:24.012'67Open Men735
15M15Paul Jonesy1:43:53.612'68Men 40-49140
16M16Heath Meldrum1:45:37.912'69Open Men834
17M17Brad Rodgers1:45:53.212'610Open Men935
18M18Greg (Chilli) Beer1:48:42.314'+8Men 40-49148
19M19Simon Hunnybun1:48:50.312'611Open Men1039
20F1Karla Gilbert1:49:03.0F12'61Open Women137
21F2Angela Jackson1:49:22.4F12'62Open Women236
22M20Ryan Keck1:51:22.612'612Open Men1123
23M21Wayne Johnstone1:52:14.812'613Men 40-49249
24M22Scott Shambrook1:52:38.014'+9Men 40-49248
25F3Michelle England1:53:00.1F12'63Open Women334
26M23Dylan Magee1:53:09.412'614Open Men1220
27M24Dale Chapman1:53:48.612'615Men 40-49345
28M25Dallas Halford1:53:54.514'+10Open Men839
29M26Luke Egan1:54:25.914'+11Men 40-49344
30M27Michael Stokes1:58:02.012'616Men 50+154
31M28Stephen Roberts1:59:32.714'+12Open Men937
32F4Molly Walker2:00:15.3F12'64Open Women419
33M29Rob Walton2:00:15.614'+13Men 40-49441
34M30Chris Carter2:01:19.714'+14Men 40-49543
35M31Ismael Garcia2:02:10.0Prone1Open Men1626
36M32Dion Parker2:04:22.614'+15Open Men1031
38M33Rob Cribb2:04:29.414'+17Men 40-49640+
37M34Paul Mitchell2:04:29.414'+16Men 50+150+
39M35Ranfurly Hockey2:06:26.312'617Open Men1329
40M36Steve Richardson2:07:17.612'618Men 40-49442
41M37Jonathan Walker2:07:54.412'619Men 50+250
42M38Nathan Rothlisberg2:08:32.812'620Men 40-49541
43M39Neil English2:08:48.714'+18Men 50+251
44M40Alan Mcarthur2:09:16.214'+19Open Men1135
45F5Sue Dorries2:09:31.9F12'65Women 50+154
46M41Duncan Corbett2:09:51.214'+20Men 50+351
47F6Nichole Cross2:10:49.6F12'66Open Women526
48M42Ryan Ristuccia2:10:52.612'621Open Men1433
49M43Noraiki Kudeken2:11:05.412'622Men 40-49644
50F7Jayne Ryeland2:12:43.4F12'67Women 40-49145
51M44Alan Heald2:18:15.114'+21Men 40-49746
52M45Jeff Pilkington2:20:50.712'623Men 40-49742
53M46Tony Brown2:20:50.714'+22Men 50+452
54M47Andrew Edhouse2:22:15.012'624Men 40-49841
55M48Paul Shepherd2:23:13.614'+23Men 50+553
56M49Peter Morley2:23:35.814'+24Men 50+654
57F8Sandra Rofe2:24:43.4F14'+1Women 40-49348
58M50Geoff Dews2:25:57.714'+25Men 50+750+
59M51Matthew Hunter2:26:36.712'625Men 40-49943
60M52Chris McCall2:28:38.514'+26Men 40-49844
61F9Jenny Cosgrove2:29:03.9F12'68Women 40-49244
62M53Chris Devine2:30:00.912'626Open Men1526
63M54Ross Munro2:35:49.914'+27Men 40-49946
64M55Leigh Kalf2:39:11.012'627Open Men1639
65F10Ke'ale Dorries2:39:57.8F12'69Junior Class115
66M56John Townsend2:44:04.614'+28Men 50+852
67M57Mark Woelders2:44:11.114'+29Men 40-491041
68F11Chloe Walkerdene2:51:44.6F12'610Junior Class216
69M58Bill Hoffman3:24:54.314'+30Men 50+957
99M99Pete DorriesDNF12'699Men 40-499946
99M99Neil PearsonDNF12'699Men 50+9950
99M99Shane LynchDNF14'+99Men 50+9950
99M99Nigel MilnesDNF14'+99Men 50+9956
99M99Mark McGeechanDNF12'699Open Men9934
99M99Jayden JensenDNF12'699Open Men9920
99M99Stewart WaltonDNF12'699Open Men9934
99F99Jacqueline CaldecoatDNFF12'699Open Women9938
99M99Sean BicknellDNF14'+99Men 40-499940
99M99Peter PatchDNF14'+99Men 50+9955
99M99Chris ChamberlainDNF14'+99Open Men9937
99M99Chris RosewarneDNF14'+99Open Men9937
99M99Charl HerbstDNF14'+99Open Men9933
99M99Tom LitznerDNS12'699Open Men9933
99M99Ian GroseDNS14'+99Men 50+9955
99M99Peter TurnerDNS14'+99Men 50+9952
99M99Jay GatesDNS14'+99Open Men9933

12 Towers - Beau O'Brian

Beau O’Brian coming home in 2nd place

 12 Towers SUP Race - Travis Grant (©Kim Magee)

Travis Grant took out the win to continue his fine form