December 17, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Take That Rob Rojas: World’s Longest SUP Board Spotted On The Beaches Of Brazil

And you thought your 14 footer was hard to carry round? Check out the world’s longest Stand Up Paddle board, spotted yesterday in Brazil. The board measures 10.08 metres, which is just over 33 ft. It’s so big the photographer couldn’t even fit the whole thing in the shot…

The photo (posted by Ricosurf on Facebook) is captioned:

“Para quem ainda não viu, olha a prancha de SUP do tamanho de um prédio de 3 andares (10,08mts) que Rico de Souza remou em Copacabana neste último fim de semana!

Esse é mais um recorde para o Guinness World Records!”

If you’re not entirely fluent in Portuguese, here’s the dodgy translation:

“For those who have not seen it, look at the SUP board the size of a building of 3 floors (10.08 mts) that Rico de Souza paddled in Copacabana this past weekend!

This is another record for the Guinness World Records!”

The board was paddled by Rico de Souza in Copacabana and claimed the Guinness World Records title of World’s Longest Paddle Board.

Speaking of Copacabana; that just happens to be the home of next April’s big Battle of the Paddle in Brazil (aka the “Battle of the Paddle Rio“). Looks like Rob Rojas might have some stiff competition in the Distance Race 😉