April 2, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

First Look @ The Full Waikiki Paddle Festival Course Maps

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is only four weeks away, with all the action happening on the 5th & 6th May.

The weekend looks set to rival the Battle of the Paddle as one of the real gotta-be-there races of the year, so click here to register.

(…if you’ve been living under a rock, check out this Waikiki Paddle Festival video to see what all the hype is about)

As we mentioned last month, there’s going to be a tonne of different races over the weekend. The highlight will be the Survivor SUP race, but there’s also Open age races, a Hawaii Kai run, Team Relays, plus OC-1, OC-6, prone paddleboarding and even an “Ultimate Waterman Challenge” (swim + prone + SUP individual mini-triathlon).

Quiksilver Waterman Collection have just released the race course maps, so check out where the action will be happening and start booking your flights to Honolulu!