October 6, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Chase Kosterlitz and Candice Appleby Win The $12,000 SUP Splash RiverRocks

Candice Appleby and Chase Kosterlitz have just won the RiverRocks SUP race in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The race, which is part of the 2012 SUP Splash Race Series, offered $12,000 in total prize money. That’s not bad for any SUP race, let alone one that’s held in a town most paddlers wouldn’t be able to spell.

Candice and Chase both pick up $3,500 for their wins in the Elite race (there was equal prize money for men and women). Coming in second for the men was Matthew McDonald, making it a 1-2 finish for Team Fanatic, while young gun Bailey Rosen grabbed the runner-up spot in the women’s race.

Scroll down for the full results from Saturday’s 2 mile and 6 mile SUP races.

UPDATE: Check out this great RiverRocks SUP Race video, including the mad sprint off the line in the 6 mile race.

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>> Get some insights from the champ himself with Chase Kosterlitz’s race recap
>> Heaps of photos of the race on Facebook thanks to Paddle Destin

Candice all smiles after her victory (pic by @candiceapplby on Instagram)

Men’s Elite Race winner, Chase Kosterlitz (photo © SUPpaddleboard.com)


RiverRocks Chattanooga – 6 mile SUP race RESULTS

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #
1M1Mark Weinzierl1:05:09Unlim1
2M2Chase Kosterlitz1:06:0914'1
3M3Matthew Mcdonald1:06:2514'2
4M4Mike Tavares1:07:2814'3
5M5Randy Perkins1:08:2114'4
6M6Kevin Rhodes1:08:2214'5
7M7Nick Bjork1:08:5714'6
8M8Wes Stolp1:09:0614'7
9M9Christopher Johnson1:09:2814'8
10M10Mark Miller1:09:2914'9
11M11Rob Plankenhorn1:12:2714'10
12M12David Leach1:12:2814'11
13M13John Beausang1:14:0114'12
14M14Rob Mirlenbrink1:14:0414'13
15F1Candice Appleby1:14:11F12'61
16F2Bailey Rosen1:17:14F12'62
17F3Hope Miller1:17:15F12'63
18M15Martin Burzynski1:17:1712'61
19F4Magdalena Cooper1:17:24F12'64
20M16John Sloan1:18:2412'62
21F5Bernadette Leach1:19:04F12'65
22M17Carl Moore1:19:5614'14
23M18Rick Moore1:20:3014'15
24F6Karen Mirlenbrink1:22:10F12'66
25M19Audun Hansen1:22:3512'63
26F7Teresa Woodley1:25:52F12'67
27M20Fred Franklin1:27:38Rec1
28F8Haley Mills1:30:05F12'68
29F9Caroline Peters1:32:01F12'69
30F10Terri Curtis1:34:21F12'610
31M21Mark Baldwin1:37:52Rec2
32F11Fennel Blythe1:41:50F12'611
33F12Kathleen Anderson1:41:55F12'612
34F13Heather Frogge1:41:56F12'613


RiverRocks Chattanooga – 2 mile SUP race RESULTS

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#NameTimeClassClass #
1Jeremy Price26:56.1M 12'61
2Trevor Motz27:14.9M Rec1
3Michael Carpenter28:08.9M 14'1
4Matt Phillips28:30.7M 12'62
5Bubba Sloan29:05.5M Rec2
6Pj Maughon29:19.2F 12'61
7Alan Lloyd29:26.6M 12'63
8Brian Feltus29:48.4M 12'64
9James Jackson30:00.5M 14'2
10Robert Donnelly31:04.2M Rec3
11Matt Lanier31:26.2M 14'3
12Kim Hillhouse31:34.1F 12'62
13Michael Valach31:41.2M 12'65
14Harlon Baldwin31:41.5M 12'66
15Lamar Brown32:32.4M 12'67
16Curt Zacharias32:55.8M Rec4
17Franz Halaschek-Wiener33:04.2M Rec5
18Kim Moore34:00.5F Rec1
19Brandon Ward34:39.2M Rec6
20Kelly Ross34:54.8F Rec2
21Hay35:03.8M 12'68
22James Chaffin35:28.2M 12'69
23Bee Phi Phillips36:07.2F Rec3
24Catherine Miller36:15.8F 12'63
25Tracy Thomas36:43.6F Rec4
26Dottie Hodges36:46.1F 12'64
27Tiffany Phillips37:05.0F Rec5
28Jennifer Lloyd37:10.3F Rec6
29Lacy Bobo38:11.5F Rec7
30Caroline Hill38:41.5F Rec8
31Jayne Cagle38:41.8F Rec9
32Aubree Hargett39:29.7F Rec10
33Rebecca Balch39:36.3F Rec11
34Anna Forkum40:33.7F Rec12
35Jennifer Greever41:42.7F Rec13
36Susan Kent43:17.2F Rec14
37Michelle Warren43:55.8F Rec15
38Shelley Mitchell44:03.4F Rec16
39Daphne Martin44:05.6F Rec17
40Jake Martin44:11.9M 12'610
41Sarah Ward45:03.3F Rec18