March 25, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

This Video Proves (Once Again) That Drones > Everything Else

Saw this video doing the rounds of Facebook this morning and had to post it. The clip is from a Stand Up Paddleboarding race that was held in Tel Aviv, Israel a few days ago. Now Israel isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think SUP racing (sorry Rami), yet this video is still totally awesome. Why? Because it’s filmed with a drone camera. And that’s really all you need these days…

Sure, it also helps if you have some pretty blue water and sunny skies (plus from the footage it’s clear that Israel actually has some talented locals as well). But really, you could film any race anywhere and if you’re using a drone camera, it’s gonna look pretty good.

To highlight just how quickly aerial drone videos have taken over: It was only three days ago that I posted the “Everyone Loves Drones” clip from Sayulita and there will probably be another awesome aerial clip next weekend. I think we still have a little ways to go before the “Greatest SUP Video Ever” risks losing its title, but either way the jury is unanimous: If you want to make an awesome SUP video, get a drone.

If the video isn’t enough for ya, there are some cool drone photos from the event in Israel on the official Facebook page.

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