February 6, 2013
by Peter Petersen

South Africa’s Downwind Dash Series Scores 40+ Knot Winds, Makes Rest Of The World Jealous

Downwind Dash Series - SUP Racing in South AfricaCape Town’s famous South-Easter once again produced the goods for the third race in the PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series, with a stonking 41knot max windspeed (30knots average). Windy all day meant everyone knew it was on so we had more paddlers on the runs, with 49 SUPs, 35 surfskis and 2 prone-paddlers lining up for start.

The extremely high winds caused problems for some with boards getting ripped out of paddlers hands on the start and the finish line! But no swell meant an otherwise easy start and it was a great spectacle to see all the paddlers set off into the stiff breeze. Everyone got runs today, and with 34x personal bests amongst the SUP’s, it was clearly a great day.

2013 Downwind Dash SUP Race Series - Race 3

With Dylan and Francois Frick missing the race due to their focus on getting Dylan ready for ISA Worlds, it opened up the field to chase for some podium placings! Ivan van Vuuren once again demonstrated his high-wind skills, piloting his Coreban Dart to a clear victory only seconds shy of his course record in 43.06. Greg Bertish took a convincing 2nd in 44.14 and surprise of the night, Pietro Muscas, set an excellent PB of 44.34 to take 3rd.

The battle for 3rd

Pietro had come into Small Bay just behind Ethan Koopmans (Junior), Peter Petersen and Brad Adams but caught a small runner through the kelp-line. The same kelp caught out Ethan and made him fall but Ethan quickly got back up and set a fantastic PB time of 44.44 to take 4th – and he’s only 15 years old! Brad Adams outran Peter Petersen to take 5th in 45.53.

There were great performances right through the field with windsurfing world champion and world windsurf speed record holder Antoine Albeau setting a very respectable time of 53.28 on his first outing! Highlight for Rob Munro was stumbling on his board but managing to stay on his backside whilst staying on a run and passing Antoine literally lying down! 34 PBs in all, and too many to mention – but check your times, most paddlers shaved minutes of their times!

Brigette van Aswegen was a little off her personal best in 52.36 but Tammy Robarts is roaring up the timing sheets and got 54.14 using a converted windsurfer! Well done Tammy! Monika Wohlgemuth once again got a taste of the podium with a fine third with 58.31.

As mentioned, Ethan killed it in the Juniors, but once again Joshua Robertson is not far behind, he also set a PB with 48.44 on his LE. Matthew van der Linden, back from a bout of bronchitis, had to settle for third with a 50.01.

Greg Bertish now assumes pole-position in the overall rankings and the next race will trigger a discard.

After the race we had a very special treat from Chris Bertish who talked us through his recent SUP adventure – a 325km, unassisted paddle along South Africa’s West Coast. Hearing about the exploits directly from the great man was an incredible experience which had everyone spell-bound throughout the slide-show. If you ever want to be inspired and motivated to go out and do something unique then make sure you book a talk hosted by Chris Bertish – he has pushed himself to places few of us will ever reach and managed to come back and tell the tale in an intelligent, interesting and extremely entertaining manner. Thanks Chris – it was really special and your contribution to our SUP and paddling community is highly treasured. We wish you the best of luck with ISA Worlds and your Atlantic Crossing endeavour!

Thanks to Timekeepers Lollo, Jenn, Bruce, Aden – Jane Amory for pics, Big Bay Lifesaving Club for safety and sponsors: Primi, Naish, Vitaminwater, SUPHQ, SUPracer.com, BulkSMS, Buchulife, Xpression/Coreban, New Balance, BioKinetics Sunset Beach, Watersports Warehouse.

(all photos © Jane Amory)

2013 Downwind Dash SUP Race Series - Race 3

2013 PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash – Series Leaderboard

Stand Up Paddleboard Race leaderboard - 2013 DWD Race 3


2013 PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash – Race 3 Results

Date: Wednesday 6th Feb, 2013
Wind: 30-41 knots
Swell: none
Course: 10.1km

1Ivan van Vuuren0:43:0614'Masters100.00Elite14.060:04:16Coreban 14 Dart
2Greg Bertish0:44:1414'Open97.44Elite13.700:04:23Coreban 14 Dart
3Pietro Muscas0:44:3414'Masters96.71Elite13.600:04:25PBNaish 14 Glide
4Ethan Koopmans0:44:4414'Junior96.35Elite13.550:04:26PBNaish 14 Glide
5Brad Adams0:45:5314'Open93.93A13.210:04:33PBFanatic Falcon 14'
6Peter Petersen0:46:0514'Masters93.53A13.150:04:34PBNaish 14 LE
7Justin Bing0:47:1114'Open91.35A12.840:04:40PBCoreban 14 Dart
8Armien Wohlgemuth0:47:3914'Masters90.45A12.720:04:43PBNaish 14 Glide
9Sebastian Cattelan0:48:0914'Open89.51B12.590:04:46PBStarboard 14' OO
10John de Roy0:48:2914'Open88.90B12.500:04:48PBCoreban 14 Dart
11Andrew Cillie0:48:3014'Masters88.87B12.490:04:48PBStarboard 14' Ace
12Tom King0:48:3214'Open88.80B12.490:04:48PBFanatic Falcon 14'
13Joshua Robertson0:48:4414'Junior88.44B12.440:04:50PBNaish 14 LE
14James Taylor0:48:4514'Masters88.41B12.430:04:50PBNaish 14 Glide
15Mitch Wagstaff0:49:0214'Open87.90B12.360:04:51PBStarboard 14' OO
16Nic Muhl0:49:1814'Open87.42B12.290:04:53Naish 14 Glide AST
17Nicky Carstens0:49:3014'Open87.07B12.240:04:54Proto
18Mathew vd Linden0:50:0114'Junior86.17B12.120:04:57Naish 14 Glide AST
19Nicky Venter0:50:4012'6Open85.07B11.960:05:01PBStarboard 12'6
20Mike Fiet0:50:4614'Open84.90C11.940:05:02PBCoreban 14 Dart
21Neal Esterhuysen0:51:2114'Open83.93C11.800:05:05PBCoreban 14 Dart
22Nico Pfitzenmaier0:51:3614'Open83.53C11.740:05:07Naish 14 Glide AST
23Gavin Dace0:52:2514'Open82.23C11.560:05:11Naish 14 Glide AST
24Brigette van Aswegen0:52:3614'Ladies81.94C11.520:05:12Starboard 14' Ace Pro
25Tyran Cooper0:52:4014'Open81.84C11.510:05:13Coreban 14 Dart
26Dave Maxwell0:52:4514'Masters81.71C11.490:05:13PBNaish 14 Glide
27Mathew Maxwell0:53:1014'Open81.07C11.400:05:16PBNaish 14 Glide
28Rob Munro0:53:2714'Masters80.64C11.340:05:18Fanatic 14 OO
29Antoine Albeau0:53:2812'6Open80.61C11.330:05:18PBRRD 12'6
30Gary van Rooyen0:53:3314'Open80.49C11.320:05:18Coreban 14 Dart
31Craig Ginsberg0:53:4814'Masters80.11C11.260:05:20PBNaish 14 Glide
32Barry Boswell0:54:0514'Open79.69D11.200:05:21PBStarboard 14' OO
33Tammy Robarts0:54:1412'6Ladies79.47D11.170:05:22PBStarboard WS
34Wayne Robertson0:55:5014'Masters77.19D10.850:05:32PBCoreban 14 Dart
35Steve Tripney0:57:1014'Masters75.39D10.600:05:40PBCoreban 14 Dart
36Wade Keet0:57:2014'Open75.17D10.570:05:41PBStarboard 14' OO
37Monika Wohlgemuth0:58:3114'Ladies73.65D10.360:05:48Naish 14 Glide
38Rory Smith0:58:4514'Ladies73.36D10.310:05:49PBNaish 14 Glide AST
39Jonathan Donner1:00:0514'Open71.73D10.090:05:57PBNaish 12' Glide
40Mark Herd1:00:2612'6Open71.32D10.030:05:59Naish 11'6 nalu
41Anna Knotten1:02:4112'6Ladies68.76D9.670:06:12PB10'6 Proneboard
42Shaun Havney1:04:5014'Open66.48D9.350:06:25PB
43Craig Girdlestone1:04:5214'Masters66.44D9.340:06:25PBNaish 14 Glide AST
44Paul Ruger1:05:1614'Masters66.04D9.280:06:28PBCoreban 14 Dart
45Kim Docherty1:07:3014'Masters63.85D8.980:06:41PBCoreban 14 Dart
46Ryan Butcher1:08:1312'6Open63.18D8.880:06:45PB10'6 Proneboard
47Iva Lopes1:08:4914'Ladies62.63D8.810:06:49Naish 14 Glide AST
48Michaela Gabriel1:09:2814'Ladies62.04D8.720:06:53Naish 14 Glide AST
49Grant Donald1:11:1514'Open60.49D8.510:07:03PBStarboard 14' Ace Pro
50Andrew Henwood1:14:1914'Open58.00D8.150:07:21PBCoreban 14 Dart
51Gina Seegers1:15:2314'Ladies57.17D8.040:07:28PBCoreban 14 Dart