December 17, 2011
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] 2011 Maui Jim Triple Crown of SUP

The first ever Triple Crown of Stand Up Paddling was held in Hawaii during July 2011.  The three races were:

The Poi Bowl race on July 3rd – 9.5 miles on the famous Maliko run.

The Coffees of Hawaii Warrior Cup on July 10th – 21 miles from Maliko Gulch to Honolua Bay.

The Mormaii World Cup on July 16th – 27 miles from Maui to Molokai (Honolua Bay to Kaunakakai Harbor)

Connor Baxter continued his stellar form to win all three events, though he was pushed the whole way (over three hours) in the World Cup by Dave Kalama.

The consistently strong Livio Menelau finished second overall, after picking up 2x thirds and a second. While Andrea Moller dominated the women’s side, comfortably winning all three events.

Full results from all the three races (plus overall standings) are below…


2011 Maui Jim Triple Crown of SUP

Overall Series Results

(click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s Results)

M/F    #    NameTime1    Pts1    Time2    Pts2    Time3    Pts3    Total    
M1Connor BAXTER1:10:0310003:25:53100003:10:441000021000
M2Livio MENELAU1:11:228603:27:2682503:19:04825017360
M3Bart DE ZWART1:17:345833:34:4877503:35:55699015323
M4Kaeo ABBEY1:17:296103:27:0790003:51:18570015310
M5Mark RAAPHORST1:13:537303:43:5763303:27:09775014810
M6Andy DAVIES1:20:355003:38:0073203:49:25633014150
M7Armie ARMSTRONG1:23:384884:37:5358503:50:48585012188
M8Brennan ROSE1:26:594754:20:5460004:02:05555012025
M9Tyrrell ISSAK1:38:184624:49:5657004:21:25540011562
M10Dave KALAMA3:11:3790009000
M11Scott TRUDON1:14:546703:35:4273207990
M12Sam PARKER1:19:565283:39:4569907518
M13Jerry BESS1:18:155553:38:2566607215
M14Robert TERIITEHOU3:41:2366606660
M15Tomoyasu M'YASHI3:49:3060006000
M16Maika NUKU4:21:5950755075
M17Dave KISSANE1:41:54450450
F1Andrea MOLLER1:21:0310004:16:38100003:50:131000021000
F2Devin BLISH1:25:497304:25:4490004:12:31825017980
F3Alison FULLAGAR1:44:156705:05:1082504:38:19732016240
F4Jenny KALMBACH4:12:2790009000
F5Sky ROBBINS4:14:3477507750
F6Talia GANGINI1:24:03860860

Results, race #1: Poi Bowl

M/F   #    NameTimeDivision#  Points
M1Connor BAXTER1:10:03Elite Men11000
M2Livio MENELAU1:11:22Elite Men2860
M3Mark RAAPHORST1:13:53Elite Men3730
M4Jeremy RIGGS1:14:1414' M30-391
M5Scott TRUDON1:14:54Elite Men4670
M6Kaeo ABBEY1:17:29Elite Men5610
M7Bart DE ZWART1:17:34Elite Men6583
M8Jerry BESS1:18:15Elite Men7555
M9Alan CAPIZ1:18:30Unlimited M40-491
M10Sam PARKER1:19:56Elite Men8528
M11Andy DAVIES1:20:35Elite Men9500
M12Michi SCHWEIGER1:20:5214' M40-491
M13Masao FUKUYAMA1:20:56Unlimited M30-391
F14Andrea MOLLER1:21:03Elite Women11000
M15Ralph SIFFORD1:21:10Unlimited M50-591
M16Andrew MCGURN1:22:30Unlimited M40-492
M17Jimmy FITT1:23:00Unlimited M30-392
M18Armie ARMSTRONG1:23:38Elite Men10488
M19Jack DYSON1:23:54Unlimited M60+1
M20Bernd ROEDIGER1:24:0014' M19U1
F21Talia GANGINI1:24:03Elite Women2860
M22Ron ST. JOHN1:24:30Unlimited M50-592
M23Travis BAPTISTE1:24:5814' M19U2
M24Glenn TREMBLE1:25:37Unlimited M50-593
F25Devin BLISH1:25:49Elite Women3730
M26Justin GORDON1:26:30Unlimited M40-493
M27Jim GLINN1:26:44Unlimited M40-494
M28Brennan ROSE1:26:59Elite Men11475
M29Geoffrey GRANUM1:27:30Unlimited M40-495
F30Rebecca JAKEWAY1:27:44Unlimited F20-291
F31Theresa FELGATE1:30:27Unlimited F40-491
M32Charlie BUCKINGHAM1:30:4314' M40-492
F33Kathy SHIPMAN1:31:06Unlimited F50-591
M34Kevin SHY1:31:55Unlimited M50-594
M35Peter MARTIN1:33:00Unlimited M60+2
M36Noah YAP1:33:1114' M19U3
M37Ed WHEELER1:33:19Unlimited M40-496
M38Bryan ALTHAM1:33:29Unlimited M40-497
F39Anne-Marie REICHMAN1:34:10Unlimited F30-391
M40Karl ROHLFING1:36:12Unlimited M50-595
M41Tyrrell IZAATZ1:38:18Elite Men12462
M42Antonio Carlos BONFA1:38:2912'6" M30-391
M43Claudio CHAIN1:39:0512'6" M40-491
F44Donna RAAPHORST1:39:3014' F50-591
M45Cyrus MOTAMED1:40:1014' M40-493
M46Dave KISSANE1:41:54Elite Men13450
M47Stuart PHINN1:42:0114' M40-494
F48Tomoko OKAZAKI1:42:0612'6" F40-491
M49Robert STONER1:43:3714' M50-591
F50Alison FULLAGAR1:44:15Elite Women4670
M51Chris LEVINS1:45:22Unlimited M30-393
M52Anders THOREU1:47:1414' M40-495
F53Sharon BALDWIN1:49:1412'6" F40-492
F54Tiffany WARD1:49:25Unlimited F30-392
F55Barb UTECH1:50:5014' F40-491
F56Abby STONER1:55:5314' F19U1
F57Jill RIGGS1:57:3412'6 F30-391
F58Victoria HAMILTON1:59:28Unlimited F50-592
F59Hillary HARDY2:18:3214' F40-492

Results, race #2: Warrior Cup

M/F   #    NameTimeDivision#  Points
M1Connor BAXTER3:25:53Elite Men110000
M2Kaeo ABBEY3:27:07Elite Men29000
M3Livio MENELAU3:27:26Elite Men38250
M4Bart DE ZWART3:34:48Elite Men47750
M5Andy DAVIES3:38:00Elite Men57320
M6Sam PARKER3:39:45Elite Men66990
M7Robert TERIITEHOU3:41:23Elite Men76660
M8Mark RAAPHORST3:43:57Elite Men86330
M9Jeremy RIGGS3:47:54M30-391
M10Andrew MCGURN3:50:54M40-491
M11Zen SCHWEITZER4:03:47M Open1
M12Ron ST. JOHN4:05:23M50-591
M13Antonio BONFA/Claudio CHAIN4:12:35Team1
M14Masao FUKUYAMA4:14:25M30-392
F15Andrea MOLLER4:16:38Elite Women110000
M16Jimmy FITT4:18:12M30-393
M17Brennan ROSE4:20:54Elite Men96000
M18Ralph SIFFORD4:23:12M50-592
M19Jim GLINN4:23:16M40-492
M20Glenn TREMBLE4:25:11M50-593
F21Devin BLISH4:25:44Elite Women29000
F22Robbins SKY4:26:49F Open1
M23Justin GORDON4:27:40M40-493
M24Armie ARMSTRONG4:37:53Elite Men105850
F25Rebbeca JAKEWAY4:41:40F Open2
M26Peter MARTIN/Sharon COOK4:44:11Team2
M27Tyrrell IZAAK4:49:56Elite Men115700
M28Ed WHEELER4:58:34M40-494
M29Jeremy WILMES4:59:56M30-394
F30Annabel ANDERSON5:01:55F Open3
F31Alison FULLAGAR5:05:10Elite Women38250

Results, race #3: Mormaii World Cup

M/F   #    NameTimeDivision#  
M1Connor BAXTER3:10:44Elite Men1
M2Dave KALAMA3:11:37Elite Men2
M3Livio MENELAU3:19:04Elite Men3
M4Mark RAAPHORST3:27:09Elite Men4
M6Scott TRUDON3:35:42Elite Men5
M7Bart DE ZWART3:35:55Elite Men6
M8Jerry BESS3:38:25Elite Men7
M11Andy DAVIES3:49:25Elite Men8
M12Tomoyasu MURABAYASHI3:49:30Elite Men9
M14Armie ARMSTRONG3:50:48Elite Men10
M15Kaeo ABBEY3:51:18Elite Men11
M19Brennan ROSE4:02:05Elite Men12
M33Tyrrell ISSAK4:21:25Elite Men13
M34Maika NUKU4:21:59Elite Men14
F13Andrea MOLLER3:50:13Elite Women1
F27Jenny KALMBACH4:12:27Elite Women2
F28Devin BLISH4:12:31Elite Women3
F30Sky ROBBINS4:14:34Elite Women4
F41Allison FULLAGAR4:38:19Elite Women5
F31Rebecca JAKEWAY4:16:40F Open1
F36Tomoko OKAZAKI4:26:14F Open2
F39Tomoe YASU4:28:55F Open3
F42Meghan SOUKUP4:51:22F Open4
F43Abby STONER5:06:49F Open5
M9Zen SCHWEITZER3:47:00M19U1
M26Chris CHANG4:12:26M20-291
M5Jeremy RIGGS3:27:48M30-391
M20Masao FUKUYAMA4:06:07M30-392
M29Alex MATERS4:13:47M30-393
M32Jimmy FITT4:19:06M30-394
M35Sene GAETAN4:25:50M30-395
M10Andrew MCGURN3:48:51M40-491
M17Yves BOUWENS3:56:40M40-492
M21Jim GLINN4:07:36M40-493
M25Ed WHEELER4:11:40M40-494
M37Justin GORDON4:28:02M40-495
M16Ralph SIFFORD3:51:53M50-591
M18Ron ST. JOHN4:02:03M50-592
M23Jeff CHANG4:09:25M50-593
M24Kamuela AEA4:10:21M50-594
M44Robert STONER5:06:53M50-595
M38Jack DYSON4:28:47M60+1
M22Antonio BONFA/Claudio CHAIN4:08:43Team1
M40Teva FOURCADE/Vetea RIBET4:31:20Team2


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