May 20, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Creek To Creek SUP Race (Australia)

Check out the results from the 2012 Creek To Creek SUP Race, held Sunday 20th May on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Waikiki finalist and Fanatic International team rider Paul Jackson took out the overall victory on his 12’6″, with Dylan Magee 2nd and Beau O’Brian 3rd in the stock class.

Andy Davies was 2nd quickest overall and took out the 14′ division, while Matt Carter was the fastest Unlimited.

On the women’s side, Angie Jackson won the 12’6″ class and Alison Fullagar took out the 14′.

With almost 100 paddlers, this was one of the biggest (if not the biggest) standalone SUP races ever held in Australia. So a massive congratulations to the organisers, and its tireless President, Troy Pease.

Australia has long had a good chunk of the world’s best Stand Up Paddle racers, but has never had the best races. So with the success of today’s Creek To Creek race and January’s 12 Towers race, hopefully that’s now starting to turn around.

Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Full results below (scroll down for race recap and more photos).


2012 Creek To Creek SUP Race RESULTS

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(Note: there was a staggered start but these times have already been adjusted)

OverallM/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #DivisionDiv #
1M1Paul Jackson0:42:2112'6"1Open1
2M2Andy Davies0:42:3714'1Open1
3M3Matt Carter0:42:54Unl1Open1
4M4Dylan Magee0:43:1912'6"2Open2
5M5Beau O'Brian0:43:3312'6"3Open3
6M6Steve Walker0:43:4914'2Open2
7M7Jake Jensen0:44:0712'6"4Open4
8M8Dale Chapman0:44:3414'3Senior1
9M9Trevor Tunnington0:45:0814'4Open3
10M10Adrian Birse0:45:57Unl2Open2
11M11Troy Pease0:46:0812'6"5Open5
12M12Ryan Keck0:46:0912'6"6Open6
13M13Errol von Beinke0:46:1112'6"750+1
14F1Alison Fullagar0:46:14F14'1Open1
15M14Chris Maynard0:46:2412'6"840-491
16M15Paul Jones0:46:3412'6"9Open7
17M16Wayne Johnstone0:46:4812'6"1040-492
18M17Steve Quiller0:46:4912'6"1140-493
19M18Reece Muir0:47:0514'5Open4
20M19Dallas Halford0:47:0614'6Open5
21M20Luke French0:47:1112'6"12Open8
22M21Tanyn Lyndon0:47:1412'6"13Open9
23M22Simon Hunnybun0:47:1912'6"14Open10
25F2Angela Jackson0:47:25F12'6"1Open1
24M23Paul Mitchell0:47:2514'7Master1
26M24Nick McDonald0:47:2814'8Open6
27M25Andrew Edhouse0:47:3314'9Senior2
28F3Sondra Purser0:47:36F14'2Open2
29M26Neil English0:47:38Unl3Master1
30M27Nick Dennis0:47:5312'6"15Open11
31M28John Townsend0:47:5914'10Master2
32F4Karla Gilbert0:48:03F14'3Open3
33M29Mark Waldeck0:49:1014'11Master3
34M30Christopher Chamberlin0:49:2014'12Open7
35F5Sue Dorries0:49:21F12'6"250+1
36M31Jonno Walker0:49:2512'6"1650+2
37M32Jeremie Bernard0:49:3614'13Open8
39M33Alan Heald0:50:1512'6"1740-494
38F6Lynwyn Birch0:50:15F12'6"3Open2
40M34Scott Penwarn0:50:17Unl4Senior1
41M35Dion Parker0:50:3512'6"18Open12
42F7Molly Walker0:50:39F12'6"4Open3
43M36Rob Walton0:50:4312'6"1940-495
44F8Jayne Ryeland0:50:55F12'6"540-491
45M37Chris Devine0:50:5912'6"20Open13
46M38Peter Walsh0:51:1012'6"2140-496
47M39Robert Eyre0:51:38Unl5Master2
48M40Mark Kennedy0:51:5114'14Senior3
50M42Steve Richardson0:51:5512'6"2240-497
49M41Shane Lynch0:51:5514'15Master4
51M43Warwick Rose0:51:5612'6"2350+3
52F9Nichole Cross0:52:05F14'4Open4
53M44Julian Blanchard0:52:0912'6"2450+4
54F10Sandra Rofe0:52:18F14'5Senior1
55M45Jay Gates0:52:2512'6"25Open14
56F11Simone Horsefield0:52:42F12'6"6Open4
57M46Mark Woelders0:53:0212'6"2640-498
58F12Tenille Devine0:53:05F12'6"7Open5
59M47Jeremy Scott0:53:16Unl6Senior2
60M48Jason Kitchen0:53:1812'6"2740-499
61M49Darryl Hinze0:53:4312'6"28Open15
62F13Keale Dorries0:54:12F12'6"8Open6
63M50Parrish Danger0:54:4914'16Open9
64M51Dave Gullis0:55:2612'6"2940-4910
65M52Wayne Poulier0:55:5314'17Senior4
66M53Allan Hayes0:56:2612'6"3050+5
67M54Mark Rice0:56:3512'6"3140-4911
68M55Andrew Horua0:57:09Unl7Senior3
69M56Tom Litzner0:57:1112'6"32Open16
70M57Rex Horsley0:58:0512'6"3350+6
71F14Lorraine Paciullo0:58:19F12'6"950+2
72F15Beverley Lerm0:58:56F12'6"10Open7
73M58Jason Lutz0:58:5812'6"34Open17
74F16Cathy Tanner0:59:25F12'6"1140-492
75M59Mike Curtis1:00:2612'6"3540-4912
76M60Sean Bicknell1:00:3212'6"36Open18
77F17Minnie Richards1:01:09F12'6"12Open8
78F18Jenny Cosgrove1:02:55F14'6Senior2
79M61Mark Bamberry1:03:12Unl8Senior4
80M62Peter Ilott1:04:5912'6"3740-4913
81M63Chris Wells1:08:3912'6"3850+7
82M64Simon Upton1:09:0612'6"39Open19
83M65Mark Nedelko1:09:2312'6"4040-4914
84M66John Laird1:10:5412'6"4150+8
85M67Campbell King1:11:1912'6"4240-4915
86F19Drew Gullis1:12:37F12'6"13Open9


Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Paul Jackson & Dylan Magee // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Creek To Creek – Race Report

by Alison Fullagar (1st, Women’s 14′)

While the Gold Coast’s elite SUP paddlers are setting standards around the world, the rest of the SUP community on the Gold Coast is setting the standard for SUP racing in Australia…

On Sunday 20th May 2012, Australia’s first SUP club, SUPSA, hosted the inaugural Creek to Creek Race, a 7km flat water and open ocean course set between Currumbin and Tallebudgera Creeks. Huey didn’t disappoint and served up a magnificent Autumn day with the sun shining, tiny waves and a light seabreeze creating perfect conditions for paddlers of all abilities to join in and have a go!

Race winner, Paul Jackson // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Dylan Magee // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

The great conditions brought the paddlers out in scores, with a record (for Australia) 90 paddlers signing up for the race including over 25 racing for their first time.

The race trialled a new handicap format (the brainchild of Club President and Race Director, Troy Pease) where paddlers were sent off at 20 second intervals, with the dual aim of giving the slower paddlers a bit of a headstart and also to separate the elite paddlers. So typical race tactics went out the window and everyone had to paddle hard the whole way, not finding out who won until the times were adjusted for the presentations.

Fresh from a 7th place finish in the final of the Survivor SUP Race at the recent Waikiki Paddle Festival in Hawaii, Paul ‘Jacko’ Jackson (Palm Beach, QLD) powered home from a ‘last place’ handicap start to cross the line with the fastest overall time (42:21) for the day, winning the Open Mens 12’6” division, ahead of Andy Davies (42:37, 1st Open Mens 14’) and Matt ‘Rowdy’ Carter (42:54, 1st Open Mens Unlimited).

Angie Jackson // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

In another Australian SUP racing record, a total of 19 women took on today’s race, with local paddlers Alison Fullagar (46:14, 1st Open Womens 14’) and Angie Jackson (47:25, 1st Open Womens 12’6”) leading the womens field in their respective classes.

Special mention also goes to the junior (under 16) paddlers who tackled the open race today and came out with great results. 15-year old Sunshine Coast young-gun Trevor Tunnington finished 9th Overall and took out out 3rd place in the Open Mens 14’ class, whilst fellow 15-year old’s Ke’ale Dorries (Palm Beach, QLD) and Drew Gullis (Casurina, NSW) finished a very respectable 6th and 9th respectively in the highly competitive Open Women’s 12’6” Class. These kids are the future of the sport and you’ll surely be seeing their names a lot more on the race results pages.

Heading out into the ocean // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Angie Jackson // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Beau O'Brian // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Dylan Magee // Photo Copyright © 2012 Kim Magee

Pics thanks to Kim Magee. Check out the full photo gallery on Facebook.