November 14, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Kai Lenny Takes The Jetty To Jetty Race (UPDATED)

Kai Lenny’s whirlwind tour of Australia has wrapped up, but the young Maui gun snuck in one more race before he left. On Sunday it was the Jetty To Jetty SUP Race in Adelaide, South Oz.

Kai took the win ahead of Fanatic’s Paul Jackson, who paddled well but could never recover after a botched start, while Steve Morrison rounded out the podium. Jacko’s wife (and fellow Fanatic team rider) Angie Jackson took out the women’s race, which saw a solid turn out of 22 competitors. All up there were close to 100 paddlers in the event, which is a good sign for SUP racing in South Australia. Full results below…

Jetty To Jetty SUP Race RESULTS

Course: 4.5km
Wind: 20 knots N/E
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
(Click “Division” to sort results between Men, Women, Junior and Surfboard Divisions)

#NameTimeDivisionDiv #State
1Kai Lenny22.05.59Men1Hawaii
2Paul Jackson23.36.06Men2QLD
3Steve Morrison24.10.06Men3NSW
4Matt Stringer25.45.07Men4SA
5Scotty Mac26.01.07Men5SA
6Nat Gohl26.37.08Men6SA
7Clayton Howse26.47.58Men7SA
8Angela Jackson27.04.02Women1QLD
9Jack Bleach27.13.08Men8SA
10Dave Jansen27.47.07Men9SA
11Mark Temple28.29.07Men10SA
12Heath PattenMen11SA
13Mark Sykes29.06.08Men12SA
14Steve BownMen13SA
15Joel LeaverMen14SA
16Keahi DeAboitizMen15QLD
17Matt BarltropMen16SA
18Adam Bennett30.12.08Men17NSW
19Nigel RollinsonMen18SA
20Bill FowlerMen19SA/USA
21Phil Pretty30.45.10Surfboard1SA
22Tony SchnaarsMen20SA
23Peter Durand31.02.04Men21SA
24Rick BelfieldMen22SA
25Rob MillingtonMen23SA
26Tony SedgmanMen24SA
27Ian DavisMen25SA
28Nathan BradyMen26SA
29Max Dickison31.57.06Men27SA
30Jason RussellMen28SA
31Nick SharpMen29SA
32Richard KlieschMen30SA
33Baz Brady32.32.07Men31SA
35Tahlia Pretty32.33.00Women2SA
36Mick Dewar32.33.06Surfboard2SA
37Karina LewisWomen3SA
38Liz GilhausWomen4SA
39Adrian Webber32.34.08Men33SA
40Anthony ToveyMen34SA
42Susan HallWomen6SA
43Mark Williams33.01.01Men35SA
44Brett Littledike33.35.06Surfboard3SA
45Rachael AndersonWomen7SA
46Mark McAskillMen36SA
47Brigitte Conlon33.58.06Women8SA
48Mark StewartSurfboard4SA
49Evan Gooding34.24.09Surfboard5SA
50Angelena ReboriWomen9SA
51Nathan DavisMen37SA
52Phil ReevesSurfboard6SA
53Keith Lasslett35.50.01Surfboard7SA
54Cory Capaldo37.01.09Junior1SA
55Fi DavisWomen10SA
56Neil Sparks38.24.06Surfboard8SA
57David RoperMen38SA
58Ben PhippsMen39SA
59Brett Wilkinson39.00.01Men40SA
60Bart MacoloMen41SA
61Ian SmithMen42SA
62Steve WilliamsMen43SA
63Starr Fowler40.28.03Women11SA
64Joshua RussellJunior2SA
65Brendon ScottSurfboard9SA
66Bevan SchubertSurfboard10SA
67Rylie Kay42.20.07Junior3SA
68Richard KaySurfboard11SA
69Luke BaylySurfboard12SA
70Kirsten ScottWomen12SA
71Eden Stubing43.10.01Women13SA
72Jasper HSurfboard13SA
73Meike FensJunior4SA
74Guy FensSurfboard14SA
75Emma BromwellWomen14SA
76Kirsti DobsonWomen15SA
77Richard PacholskiSurfboard15SA
78Michell BownWomen16SA
79Oscar Gohl46.20.01Junior5SA
80Mel Shenton47.18.50Women17SA
81Amy RussWomen18SA
82Mel Charters50.50.10Women19SA
83Karen KealWomen20SA
84SJ Westmoreland52.02.09Women21SA
85Heath Crocker53.07.09Junior6SA
86Shaun CrockerMen44SA