March 13, 2013
by Peter Petersen

Dylan Frick Adds South African Gold To His Peruvian Bronze

Dylan FrickBoss Man’s note: Here’s a recap of the final race from the latest Downwind Dash Series in Cape Town, South Africa, courtesy of our SA Correspondent and SUP Culture founder Peter Petersen.

The final race, and the series, were taken out by young gun Dylan Frick, a name you’d recognise if you followed our ISA World Champs coverage a couple of weeks back. Dylan took out the Bronze Medal in the Technical Course race and now has a win in his home country to add to it.


Dylan Frick Takes Out The PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series

After a poor run of luck, we finally struck wind for the final of the 2013 PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash series.

15-20knots South Easter, balmy 30deg Celsius and virtually flat seas was a perfect setting for the final race. Having only completed 3 races so far, this 4th race would trigger a discard and it looked like a three horse race for glory between Greg Bertish, Ivan van Vuuren and Dylan Frick.

Out the blocks Dylan Frick made his intentions known as he set off at a blistering pace. The lighter winds don’t suit the older, wiser, Coreban riders so Ivan and Greg had their work cut out for them. Ivan had a reasonable start sitting in about 3rd with Greg sitting in 6th. Andrew Cillie, Brad Adams and Joshua Robertson were mixing it up amongst this group. Greg seemed to find his mojo about halfway and started making up places while Ivan started running out of steam at about the same time.

Up front Dylan was disappearing into the distance while the 3 contenders behind were pretty close. Brad Adams had a great race to take 3rd, but he couldn’t quite catch Andrew Cillie while Greg nearly caught up to these two. Not far behind them, the future of SA downwinding, were fighting it out for 5th and 6th with Joshua Robertson recording his first win in the juniors, 3 secs ahead of Ethan Koopmans, also a junior.

Dylan was more than 5% quicker than the next guy and hence our sole Elite paddler tonight – this is a first – quite extraordinary!

In the ladies Mishka Steyn caused an upset by unseating Brigette van Aswegen for the first time ever. Tammy Robarts, who represented SA in the waves at ISA Worlds, took a fine 3rd.

Third junior in was Matthew Maxwell with his older brother Dylan a little further back. Calvin Ginsberg rounded out the juniors coming 32nd overall.

Overall the discard enabled Dylan Frick to win the series with 3 bullets to become undisputed King of Cape Town’s downwinders. Greg Bertish had to settle for 2nd while Ivan van Vuuren was relegated to 4th as Brad Adams managed to squeeze himself onto the podium with his fine race today.

Brigette van Aswegen takes overall womens, also with three bullets, Mishka Steyn takes 2nd and Patricia Kohrs 3rd.

In the Masters, Ivan van Vuuren took the win (and 4th overall) with Andrew Cillie and Pietro Muscas tied on points and getting 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Ethan Koopmans took out the juniors (and 5th overall) ahead of Joshua Robertson and Matthew Maxwell – these guys are beginning to fly and will no doubt start vying for overall podium placings come next year.

Thanks to our sponsors: PRIMI, Naish, BulkSMS, VitaminWater, Buchulife, BodyTec Sunset Beach, Watersports Warehouse, Coreban/Expression on the Beach, SWOX, and

BIG thanks to our timekeepers Lolo, Jen and Aden!


2013 PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash Series – Overall Results

Man of the Year
Dylan Frick – Starboard

Woman of the Year
Brigette van Aswegen – Starboard

Junior of the Year
Ethan Koopmans – Naish

Master of the Year
Ivan van Vuuren – Coreban

Rookie of the Year
Armin Wohlgemuth

Fighter of the Year
Maleen Hoekstra

Click “#1”, “#2”, “#3” or “#4” to show results from each different race in the series

#Name#1#2#3#4Best 3ClassBoard
1Dylan Frick115213OpenStarboard 14' Ace Pro
2Greg Bertish92248OpenCoreban 14' Dart
3Brad Adams855313OpenFanatic 14 Falcon
4Ivan van Vuuren31311014MastersCoreban 14' Dart
5Ethan Koopmans584615JuniorNaish 14 Glide
6Andrew Cillie33911216MastersStarboard 14' OO
7Pietro Muscas1063716MastersNaish 14 Glide
8Peter Petersen746917MastersNaish 14 LE
9Joshua Robertson61113522JuniorNaish 14 LE
10Francois Frick29521223OpenStarboard 14' Ace Pro
11Armien Wohlgemuth121481131MastersNaish 14 Glide
12Tom King1910124141OpenFanatic 14 Fly
13Justin Bing311772246OpenCoreban 14' Dart
14Nico Pfitzenmaier1313224148OpenNaish 14 Glide
15John de Roy3112104153OpenCoreban 14' Dart
16Dave Maxwell1416262353OpenNaish 14 Glide
17Brigette van Aswegen1619241853LadiesStarboard 14' Ace Pro
18Mike Fiet2018201654OpenCoreban 14' Dart
19James Taylor3115144160OpenNaish 14 Glide
20Mishka Steyn1726521760LadiesStarboard 14' OO
21Craig Ginsberg2621311461OpenNaish 14 Glide
22Nic Muhl1139164166OpenNaish 14 Glide
23Tyran Cooper2123252569OpenCoreban 14' Dart
24Ike Frans3120521970OpenStarboard 14' OO
25Mitch Wagstaff1839154172OpenStarboard 14' OO
26Rob Munro2322283073MastersFanatic 14 OO
27Neal Esterhuysen3124214176OpenCoreban 14' Dart
28Gary van Rooyen3139301576MastersCoreban 14' Dart
29Wayne Robertson2527342779OpenCoreban 14' Dart
30Gavin Dace3139232680OpenNaish 14 Glide
31Mathew Maxwell3139272482JuniorNaish 14 Glide
32Kimon Dos Santos3139521383JuniorNaish 14 Glide
33Patricia Kohrs2425523584LadiesNaish 14 Glide
34Nicky Carstens3139174187MastersCoreban 14' Proto
35Mathew vd Linden3139184188OpenNaish 14 MC
36Nicky Venter3139194189OpenStarboard 14' OO
37Tammy Robarts2932332889LadiesNaish 12 Glide
38Monika Wohlgemuth2830373189LadiesNaish 14 Glide
39Steve Tripney2729354191MastersCoreban 14' Dart
40Calvin Ginsberg3031523293JuniorNaish 14 Glide
41Oscar Wollheim1539524195OpenNaish 14 Glide AST
42Dylan Maxwell3139522999JuniorNaish 14 Glide AST
43Jonathan Donner31333936100OpenNaish 12 Glide
44Francois Ferreira31285241100OpenStarboard 14' OO
45Danny Aeberli22395241102OpenStarboard 14' OO
46Iyves Gonder31395233103OpenNaish 14 Glide AST
47Mike Smith31395234104MastersFanatic 14 OO
48Iva Lopes31344741106LadiesNaish 14 Glide AST
49Anna Knotten31354141107LadiesProneboard
50Craig Girdlestone31394338108OpenNaish 14 Glide
51Amanda Rootman31365241108LadiesStarboard 14' OO
52Annalisa o'brien31375241109LadiesCoreban 14' Dart
53Grant Donald31394939109OpenCoreban 14' Dart
54Kim Docherty31384541110OpenRRD 12'6
55Nick King31395240110MastersCoreban 14' Dart
56Rory Smith31395241111OpenStarboard 14' Ace Pro
57Paul Ruger31394441111MastersCoreban 14' Dart
58Michaela Gabriel31394841111LadiesNaish 14 Glide
59Maleen Hoekstra31395241111LadiesNaish 12 Glide