March 3, 2019
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

An ode to the 2010 Naish Glide

I dusted off my old race board on Saturday.

This is the 2010 Naish Glide, my first ever SUP and the board I used for the inaugural 12 Towers Ocean Race in 2012.

It was a popular design back then, but now this board looks absolutely antiquated next to the modern-day dugouts.

It tracks like a mongrel, and the secondary stability is non-existent, but the 2010 Naish Glide easy to balance thanks to perpendicular rails (you could cut a steak with those things) and 27¼ inches of width.

Paddling on flat water is a nightmare due to the insane amount of rocker – 3ft of the nose is hanging out of the water – but in downwind bumps it still goes like a gem.

And most of all, it’s fun.

You don’t see many Naish race boards on the water anymore, but when I started paddling almost a decade ago it was the brand.

In many ways, this board is symbolic of our sport: been around about 10 years, had its fair share of ups and downs, but still here and still bloody good fun.

Now I just need to paddle an old Bullet on Maui and K-15 at the 11 Cities and my vintage world tour will be complete
originally posted on @wheresbossman

rocker for days… (photo: @georgiasphoto)