April 4, 2023
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

The Year of the Comeback: Fiona, Jenny, Seychelle lead renaissance in racing

While the youth seem to get all the attention these days, one of the key narratives of Season 2023 will be the comebacks. And in the women’s sport, we have three of the biggest names ever making a return to the start line.

Fiona, Jenny and Seychelle are all stars in their own right, and they’ve all missed a lot of racing through injury, retirement or simply a lack of motivation. Do they still have what it takes? It’ll be exciting to watch as they battle the next generation for the podiums this season.

After a supremely dominant 2021, Fiona Wylde missed all of season 2022 through injury. Can she still hold the powerful Spanish duo of Espe and Duna at bay? You’d be brave to bet against Fiona, but there’s clearly something in the water in Spain. An epic battle awaits.

Jenny Kalmbach surprised everyone by showing up at the ISA Worlds in Puerto Rico late last year after six years in the racing wild. Can the original Queen of the BOP (Jenny won the inaugural Battle of the Paddle in 2008) still compete with the best? Through her Puerto Rico result, Jenny qualified for the 2023 PanAm Games and seems pretty determined to get a medal.

Seychelle (it’s just “Seychelle” kinda like Madonna) used to be on almost every podium of the year. Winning everything from 200 metre sprints to the 200km 11 Cities, the Floridian is one of the fastest all-round athletes the sport has seen. But after two years out of the sport – “lack of motivation” – does she still have what it takes? According to her latest Insta post, yes.