January 4, 2020
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and go buy a ticket to the “11 Islands Tour” of Thailand before it sells out

It’s only the first week of January but I’m already excited about November.

The “SUP 11 Islands Tour” was the funnest event I did last year, and while it’s still 10 months away, if you want to join the adventure in 2020 you better be quick.

Tickets for the 2nd annual 11 Islands Tour go on sale TODAY — at 3pm Thai time, to be precise — and there’s a good chance the event will sell out immediately (UPDATE: Tickets are on sale!).

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UPDATE #2: 🌴 SOLD OUT! 🌴 All 50 tickets to the 11 Islands Tour of Thailand in November sold out in just six hours 🤯 If you managed to score yourself a ticket, well done! And if you missed out but still want a chance to join us in paradise, hit the tickets link and add your name to the waitlist ASAP 🤠

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There are only 50 “golden tickets” available for the biggest adventure of the year, and judging by the reaction to our trial run five weeks ago there are a lot more than 50 paddlers who want to tick this one off their bucket list.

This epic adventure, a spin-off from the famous “SUP 11 City Tour” in the Netherlands, is happening from 25-29 November. You’ll start and finish on the island of Koh Chang and experience 10 other tropical islands along the way.

It’s part-challenge, part-adventure, part-holiday in paradise. And you get to share the journey with an awesome bunch of paddlers from around the world. If you looked up “bucket list race” in the dictionary, there’d be a photo of the 11 Islands.

If you already know you want to join, click the link below at exactly 3pm Thai time on Saturday (UPDATE: Tickets are on sale!).


And don’t be scared by the €750 ticket price. This isn’t a race, it’s an experience. You only need to pay half up front anyway, and when you consider what you get…

– entry into the five-day paddle event
– six nights’ beach-front accommodation
– three meals a day
– endless fresh coconuts
– near-endless cold beers
– spirited camaraderie
– postcard-perfect sunsets
– warm blue waters
– free blisters

…it’s actually pretty cheap.

Some of the “11 Islands” that you’ll experience include:

– Koh Chang
– Koh Mak
– Koh Rang
– Koh Wai

and several more little slices of paradise in that area.

11 Islands: This is where you’ll be staying on the first night…

If you’re not yet convinced, read Why the ‘11 Islands’ Tour of Thailand is probably the funnest “race” in the world for a closer look at this special event.

The 11 Islands is also much easier on your body and mind than the 11 City Tour. It’s only 130km in total or about 25km per day.

It’s not exactly a walk in the park. It’s still a serious challenge that you’ll be proud to have completed, and I wouldn’t recomend signing up if you’ve never paddled — there are 10-15km open ocean crossings that can get pretty bumpy (though you can always hop on the escort boat if you’re out of your depth).

There’s also an option to bring your non-paddling partner (never has “Come to the race with me!” been an easier sell).

And if you’re worried about getting your board there, I highly recommend either bringing an inflatable or taking the option of renting one from the event organisers (Bruno Hasulyo paddled the whole course on an inflatable this year, so you’d be in good company).

I can’t say enough good things about this event. It’s almost single-handedly gotten me fired up about paddling again.

The ’11 Islands’ an experience you won’t forget any time soon. Hope to see you on the beach in November!

Tickets go on sale at 3pm Saturday in Thailand.

(UPDATE: Tickets are on sale!)

= 10pm Friday in Tahiti and Hawaii
= midnight Friday night in California
= 3am Saturday in Florida
= 5am Saturday in Brazil
= 8am Saturday in the UK
= 9am Saturday in France
= 9am Saturday in Germany
= 9am Saturday in the Netherlands
= 9am Saturday in Spain
= 10am Saturday in Greece
= 10am Saturday in South Africa
= 10am Saturday in Israel
= 10am Saturday in Ukraine
= 4pm Saturday in China
= 5pm Saturday in Japan
= 6pm Saturday in Queensland
= 7pm Saturday in NSW/Victoria
= 7pm Saturday in New Caledonia
= 9pm Saturday in New Zealand

This is the island of ‘Koh Wai’ – just one of the 11 that you’ll visit during the 11 Islands Tour (photo credit: Never Ending Footsteps)