June 16, 2018
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

The Paddle League World Tour in Bilbao: Boothy holds off Lincoln; Olivia overpowers Seychelle (FULL RESULTS)

Michael Booth (1st), Lincoln Dews (2nd) and Mo Freitas (3rd) after today’s amazing race in Bilbao

Seychelle (2nd), Fiona Wylde (3rd), Yuka Sato (4th) and Olivia Piana (1st) at the finish of today’s battle in Bilbao

In brief: Michael Booth has flexed his muscles once again, breaking and then holding off an ultra-strong field of international talent to claim the fifth stop of The Paddle League World Tour and week 7 of the EuroTour here in the Basque city of Bilbao.

Boothy won the Iberdrola Bilbao SUP Challenge to cement his spot on top of the world rankings, however his compatriot Lincoln Dews gave the champ a fright with a lightning fast final two kilometres that saw him break away from the 11-man chase group and get within shouting distance of the powerhouse. But in the end Boothy’s lead was simply too big, which made it a race for second that Linc deservingly won.

Mo Freitas was right behind Lincoln in third after making a great move at the final buoy 2k from home, while Titouan Puyo managed 4th as a big pack of big names surged to the line.

The women’s finish was even more exciting as it was a race for first, not second, with Olivia Piana and Seychelle side-by-side for the final kilometre in an all-out drag race to the line. With 100 metres to go it was still anyone’s race, but the Frenchwoman surged and relegated Seychelle to the runner-up position. Olivia’s victory makes it two on the trot in Europe after saluting in San Sebastian seven days ago.

Fiona Wylde was strong in third not far off the leaders, while the smiling assassin from Japan, Yuka Sato, surged in the second half of the race to claim 4th. The under-rated Aussie/Brit Kate Baker rounded out the top five.

The race was billed as a flat water event, however it was anything but as the stone walls along Bilbao’s inner-city river refracted every little bit of wash off the 200+ race boards and turned the course into a washing machine.

Great to see record registration at this event (272 in total), and thanks for everyone that tuned in live on Facebook.

We’ll have full recap, results and photos up shortly, but in the meantime here’s the live stream replay.

UPDATE: Full results down below; full photo gallery on Facebook

LIVE STREAM REPLAY: Iberdrola Bilbao World SUP Challenge

Full replay of the 2018 Iberdrola Bilbao WORLD SUP Challenge: the fifth stop of The Paddle League World Tour and week 7 of The Euro Tour. Thanks for watching live, and see you next week in Hossegor!

Posted by The Paddle League on Saturday, June 16, 2018


2018 Iberdrola Bilbao World SUP Challenge RESULTS

We apologise that not all times are available; we had some issues with the timing system. We’ll try and get all positions updated in the coming days.

Elite Women

#AthleteTimePaddle LeagueEuroTourNationDivision
1Olivia Piana1:13:27100.0060.00FranceElite
3Fiona Wylde1:13:4160.0036.00USAElite
4Yuka Sato 1:14:1350.0030.00JapanElite
5Kate Baker1:14:4042.5025.50AustraliaElite
6Laura Quetglas1:15:3135.0021.00SpainElite
7Amandine Chazot1:16:0030.0018.00FranceElite
8Angela Jackson 1:17:3225.0015.00AustraliaElite
9Susak Molinero 1:18:1222.5013.50spainElite
10Caterina Stenta1:18:4820.0012.00ItalyElite
11Petronella van Malsen18.0010.80NetherlandsElite
12Fanny Tessier16.009.60FranceElite
13Duna Gordillo15.009.00SpainJunior
14Noelani Sach14.008.40GermanyElite
15Susanne Lier13.007.80GermanyElite
16Stephanie Shideler12.007.20USAElite
17Angela Fernandes11.006.60PortugalElite
18Nicoline Rasmussen10.006.00DenmarkElite
19Giannisa Vecco9.005.40PeruElite
20Marta Abrucedo8.004.80SpainElite
21Sheila Sirvent7.504.50SpainJunior
22Verity Thomas7.004.20JerseyElite
23Silvia Canudas6.503.90SpainElite
24Marina Loayza6.003.60SpainJunior
25Sandrine Berthe5.503.30FranceElite
26Victoria Ryzhova5.203.12spainElite
27Robin Allix4.902.94JerseyElite
28Chloe Blampied4.602.76JerseyElite
29Midori Sango4.302.58SpainElite
DNFCyara Palenzuela0.500.30SpainJunior


Elite Men

#AthleteTimePaddle LeagueEuroTourNationDivision
1Michael Booth1:01:17100.0060.00AustraliaElite
2Lincoln Dews1:01:5075.0045.00AustraliaElite
3Mo Freitas1:01:5260.0036.00HawaiiElite
4Titouan Puyo1:01:5450.0030.00FranceElite
5Daniel Hasulyo1:01:5542.5025.50HungaryElite
6Noic Garioud1:01:5635.0021.00New CalJunior
7Martin Vitry1:01:5630.0018.00FranceElite
8Bruno Hasulyo1:01:5825.0015.00HungaryElite
9Arthur Arutkin1:02:0022.5013.50FranceElite
10Tom Auber 1:02:0520.0012.00FranceElite
11Enzo Bennett1:02:1018.0010.80TahitiElite
12Connor Baxter1:02:3116.009.60USAElite
13Leonard Nika1:03:4815.009.00ItalyElite
14Guillherme dos Reis1:03:4914.008.40BrazilElite
15Ty Judson1:03:5013.007.80AustraliaElite
16Federico Esposito1:03:5412.007.20ItalyElite
17Itzel Delgado1:03:5911.006.60PeruElite
18Georges Cronsteadt1:04:0610.006.00TahitiElite
19Martino Rogai1:04:159.005.40ItalyElite
20Yanis Maire8.004.80FranceElite
21Paolo Marconi7.504.50ItalyElite
22Claudio Nika7.004.20ItalyElite
23Rafael Sirvent6.503.90SpainElite
24Jeremy Teulade6.003.60FranceElite
25Enrique Hurtado Serra5.503.30SpainJunior
26Miquel Ferrer5.203.12SpainElite
27Filipe Meira4.902.94PortugalElite
28Aaron Sanchez Quetglas4.602.76SpainJunior
29Kjell de Bruyn4.302.58BelgiumElite
30James van Drunen 4.002.40SpainElite
31Ludovic Teulade3.802.28FranceElite
32Boris Jinvresse3.602.16FranceElite
33Nathan Cross3.402.04AustraliaElite
34Paul-Conrad Delaere3.201.92FranceElite
35Normen Weber3.001.80GermanyElite
36Paul Ganse 2.801.68GermanyElite
37Olivier Darrieumerlou2.601.56FranceElite
38Paul Jackson2.401.44AustraliaElite
39Steven Bredow2.201.32GermanyElite
40Dode Florent2.001.20FranceElite
41Peter Weidert1.901.14GermanyElite
42Tomas Sanchez1.801.08SpainElite
43Pablo Ania Barrachina1.701.02SpainElite
44Samuel Carbillet1.600.96FranceElite
45Riccardo Rossi1.500.90ItalyElite
46Landa Txema1.400.84SpainElite
47Salva Mora1.300.78SpainElite
48David Lion1.200.72FranceElite
49Renato Queiros1.100.66PortugalElite
50Manuel Hoyuela Rojas1.000.60SpainJunior
51Ricardo Haverschmidt0.500.30NetherlandsElite
52Rui Ramos0.500.30PortugalElite
53Roman Frejo0.500.30SpainElite
54Jurgi Zulaika0.500.30SpainElite
55Tommaso Pampinella0.500.30ItalyElite
56Tomas Grosud0.500.30NetherlandsElite
57Manuel Simoncelli0.500.30SpainElite
58Sergi Nadal0.500.30SpainElite
59Nando Gomez Martinez0.500.30SpainJunior
60Tomas Lelovits0.500.30FinlandElite
61Asier Aristizabal Cruz0.500.30SpainElite
62Kiko Vega Suarez0.500.30SpainElite
63Oscar Barrachina Pradas0.500.30SpainElite
64Pepe Alvarez0.500.30SpainElite
65Aure Medina Amorrortu0.500.30SpainElite
66Isaac Hernandez Ubassy0.500.30SpainElite
67Dave White0.500.30AustraliaElite
68Dani Espinosa0.500.30SpainElite
69Alvaro Hermida0.500.30SpainElite
70Paulo Miguel Caldeira0.500.30SpainElite
71Oleksii Sidenko0.500.30UkraineElite
72Christian Cervera Ramon 0.500.30SpainElite
73Fernando Gomez Sanchez0.500.30SpainElite


Open Race: Men

1Laura LaquecheSpain
2Loles Albiol SimonSpain
3Beatriz Canudas PujolSpain
4Edurne Ibarrondo MezoSpain
5Elena Alfaya PereiraSpain
6Montse Serra SenonSpain
7Gadea Ibarloza ArrizabalagaSpain
8Sarah WeidertGermany
9Ana Belen ValienteSpain
10Miren Hernandez MartinSpain


Open Race: Women

1Javier AgueraSpain
2Julen Juaristi MenaSpain
3Ander UnzuetaSpain
4Omar UrdampilletaSpain
5Manuel Albiol SimoSpain
6Enrique MartinezSpain
7Aday CabreraSpain
8Steve TrottUK
9Alvaro RezolaSpain
10Aitor GanzabalSpain
11Lurta NikolasSpain
12Toyo Herrero GonzalezSpain
13Paco VicenteSpain
14Eduardo JimenezSpain
15Chris BatesJersey
16Alfonso Cecilia JimenezSpain
17Aitor EizagirreSpain
18Esteban GilSpain
19Rudolf LeimannGermany
20Ramon Jimenez RequenaSpain
21Luis BlazquezSpain
22Hugo Alvarez TapiaSpain
23Claudio Rubio RodriguezSpain
24Joan Verdo FuentesSpain
25Alejandro Botella LostaSpain
26Jesus Fernandez ChamorroSpain
27Imanol AguirreSpain
28Ibon GalarragaSpain
29Jabi IbaezSpain
30Jorge Mendez AmoresSpain
31Mikel Uribasterra ImatzSpain
32Rafael Zulaika RuizSpain
33Luis CabralSpain
34Xabi HerreraSpain
35Joseba Otxoa De AndresSpain
36Vixente LaquecheSpain
37Angel Luis AniaSpain
38Itxaki UnzuetaSpain
39Jaime Cavero GandariasSpain
40Rafael Ceniga ImazSpain
41Pawel SmolnikSpain
42Alfonso ArtolaSpain
43Jose Angel UrsuaSpain
44Borja Santos-Diaz VazquezSpain
45Diego PagadigorriaSpain
46Ronan Le DuffSpain
47Jaime LafitaSpain
48Manuel Albiol TalonSpain
49Bosco ZubiagaSpain
50Ruban Rios IglesiasSpain
51Felipe AbaituaSpain
52Ismael Lopez MonteroSpain
53Aitz Atxa SilvanoSpain
54Inigo ZubiriaSpain
55Juan Abaitua ZarzaSpain
56Ander De La FuenteSpain
57Mario Echevarria PuyoSpain
58Alberto Romillo Sainz De La MazaSpain
59Borja DopicoSpain
60Jon MariscalSpain
61Angel Alfredo MartinezSpain
62Alvaro OrellanaSpain
63Ramon ZubiagaSpain
64Jose Benito PereiraSpain
65Roberto Marti­N VizcainoSpain
66Pablo Villadangos RioSpain
67Alvaro Villadangos RioSpain
68Asier Iturraspe EguiaSpain
69Eduardo MerodioSpain
70Itzigo Alvarez CarrascoSpain