September 17, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Daniel Hasulyo Takes 11 City Tour Title from Brother Bruno; Brazil’s Lena Ribeiro Hangs on to Claim Women’s Crown (UPDATED)

Daniel Hasulyo

Daniel Hasulyo at the start of Sunday’s individual time trial (photo: @georgiasphoto)

Daniel Hasulyo has shown that both of the Hasulyo Brothers are world beaters, matching brother Bruno’s heroics in Denmark by destroying the individual time trial on the final day of the 2017 SUP 11 City Tour presented by Mistral to claim victory in one of the toughest races on the planet, and in doing so give Team Starboard back-to-back 1-2 finishes in what was a grueling race even by 11 Cities standards.

Italy’s rising dark horse Martino Rogai was third, while Tahitian va’a superstar Rete Ebb finished the week strong for Team Mistral by picking up a third in the time trial that saw him take fourth overall.

Brazil’s Lena Ribeiro came home third in today’s 27km race against the clock, however the Brazilian had done enough hard work early in the week to maintain her lead all the way to the finish. Lena edged out her Mistral team mate Petronella van Malsen, with the home nation hero accepting the runner-up spot for the second year in a row.

Full recap, photos and video still to come. In the meantime, hit the official 11 City Tour Facebook page for more coverage.



2017 SUP 11 City Tour: Final Results

MEN (elite, masters, and open)

1Daniel Hasulyo17:58:40Elite30.00
2Bruno Hasulyo18:01:43Elite22.50
3Martino Rogai18:20:13Elite18.00
4Rete Ebb18:28:40Elite15.00
5Bruno Tauhiro18:31:52Elite12.75
6Rafael Alexandre18:36:31Elite10.50
7Ricardo Haverschmidt18:52:24Elite9.00
8Richard Proost19:02:21Elite7.50
9Kjell de Bruyn19:04:41Elite6.75
10Bart de Zwart19:05:42Competition6.00
11Jano Rodrigues19:31:49Competition5.40
12Miguel Martorell19:37:21Masters4.80
13Caio Vaz19:44:38Competition4.50
14Ramon Blanco19:53:31Masters4.20
15Pascal Bleys19:57:43Masters3.90
16Jochem Steur20:02:06Competition3.60
17Philippe Soeters20:03:09Masters3.30
18Herman van den Berg20:05:25Masters3.00
19Paul Caldeira20:06:25Competition2.70
20Karl Roels20:10:45Competition2.40
21Torsten Ahrens20:20:18Masters2.25
22Dirk de Beuf20:23:00Masters2.10
23Matt Swemmer20:27:47Competition1.95
24Furio Vitali20:35:56Competition1.80
25Jelle Steenbeek20:53:00Competition1.65
26Amos Kahana21:04:37Masters1.56
27Harry Bartelds21:09:02Competition1.47
28Vladimir Saveliev21:09:12Elite1.38
29Robert Stehlik21:19:00Masters1.29
30Carsten Schuur21:25:11Masters1.20
31Christian Moutsakos21:26:34Masters1.14
32Nicola Zamuner21:34:27Masters1.08
33Christopher Parker21:35:52Competition1.02
34Priit Vakmann22:03:26Masters0.96
35Jacky Teiki Conti22:15:57Masters0.90
36Stephane Guillermin22:28:52Masters0.84
37Geert Hokke22:33:21Masters0.78
38Goran Gustavsson22:35:53Tour0.72
39Juerg Geser22:42:24Masters0.66
40Hugo Vernhout22:45:56Tour0.60
41Chris Carpenter22:57:44Masters0.57
42Pieter de Jong23:26:21Tour0.54
43Pieter van Heeswijk23:48:52Tour0.51
44Peter Egemose23:55:44Tour0.48
45Paul Bunyaratavej23:58:14Masters0.45
46Bernhard Jacob24:10:25Tour0.42
47Stephan Lambert24:23:36Masters0.39
48Andrew Smith24:44:13Masters0.36
49Rein Lehtmets24:53:06Masters0.33
50Peter Swahlen24:57:29Tour0.30
51Paul Pollanka25:02:59Masters0.00
52Hasan Ismail25:04:07Masters0.00
53Michiel Moors25:10:34Competition0.00
54Zeev botzer25:22:30Tour0.00
55Chaivudhi PUngthong25:30:33Masters0.00
56Martin Luitwieler25:37:49Masters0.00
57Jimmy Albert25:44:29Tour0.00
58Alex de Sain25:54:43Masters0.00
59Menno de Groot26:08:51Tour0.00
60Jelmer Rijkes26:22:50Tour0.00
61Aiwei Nan26:37:00Tour0.00
62Adrie Kok27:19:02Tour0.00
63Harry Buyens29:17:10Tour0.00
64Simon Jager29:25:14Tour0.00
65Willem van Kralingen30:43:13Tour0.00



1st Lena Ribeiro 30.00
2nd Petronella van Malsen 22.50
3rd Marta Abrunedo 18.00
4th Siri Schubert 15.00
5th Micheline Hauchecorne 12.75
6th Aukje Hofman 10.50
7th Lande Williamson 9.00
8th Miriam Leistenschneider 7.50
9th Louanne Harris 6.75
10th Puatea Ellis 6.00
11th Babette Schuur 5.40
12th Maeva Hargrave 4.80
13th Glaucia Pomeu de Siqueira 4.50
14th Nicole Lacovetta 4.20



2017 SUP 11 City Tour: Stage Results

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