February 25, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Full Results: Jake Jensen Defeats Titou, Boothy and Beau to Win The 12 Towers Ocean Race in Australia; Karla Gilbert Claims 5th Straight Title

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Jake Jensen has taken out the 6th Annual 12 Towers Ocean Race this afternoon, defeating Titouan Puyo, Michael Booth and Beau O’Brian in firing downwind conditions on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Paddling for the new ‘ONE’ race team, Jake stormed home to finish almost a minute clear of Titou (NSP), while Starboard teammates Boothy and Beau were locked in a near photo finish for third.

After sweeping West Oz Downwind Week back in December, Titou probably came into today’s race as the favourite (or at least SUP Racer’s prediction to win). But while the world number four paddled very well, Jake clearly had the local knowledge and determination to win, with the Gold Coaster surfing clear to finish the 14km course in just under an hour.

It was a dominant performance from Jake and a good sign for the international race season that’s about to begin. Jakey boy had a bit of a shocker last year but has clearly bounced back after switching to ONE in the off-season. He’ll be in action again next week (along with all of today’s other top finishers) at the Noosa Festival of Surfing before heading off to Maui for the opening stop of the APP Tour.

Though the big surprise and one of the great stories of the day came from the unheralded Noic Garioud. The New Cal youngster finished ahead of several seasoned Aussie veterans, which in itself is a big achievement, but the crazy part: Noic is just 14 years old…

While Titou has long been flying the flag for his island nation, Noic’s result highlights the strength of downwind paddling in New Caledonia; back in December, 15-year-old Clement Colmas was runner-up behind his compatriot at the King of the Cut.
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Team ONE scored a 1-2 line honours finish today with their chief board designer (and highly under-rated paddler in his own right) Ben Tardrew crossing the line in between Jake and Titou on his unlimited. Ben’s brother and Sunova board designer Marcus was 6th over the line in the battle of the 14 footers, finishing just ahead of his namesake from New Zealand Marcus Hansen (NSP) and Paul Jackson (ONE).

Former queen of the surf life saving race scene Karla Gilbert was too strong in the women’s race with the Naish rider claiming her 5th straight 12 Towers title ahead of Kate Baker (ONE) and former Olympic sailor Belinda Stowell Brett.

Conditions were pretty much perfect out there today, with a howling southerly wind and 3ft swell setting up near endless runners along the course from the surfing meccas of Snapper Rocks in the south to Burleigh Heads in the north.

That was one of the funnest races I’ve ever done. Some of those glides just kept running and running…

With close to 200 paddlers on the start line (a record for this event and not far off being the biggest ever race in Australia) and beautiful sunny weather, it was a perfect day on the Gold Coast. Big thanks to Troy Pease and the organising crew for putting this event on six years running.

RESULTS: Men’s Long Course | Women’s Long Course | Short Course | Surf Ski | Prone


Men’s Long Course Results

1Jake Jensen0:54:21-14'114' open1
2Ben Tardrew0:54:5600:35unlim1unlimited1
3Titouan Puyo0:55:0600:4414'214' open2
4Michael Booth0:55:5601:3414'314' open3
5Beau O'Brian0:56:0501:4314'414' open4
6Noic Garioud0:56:4002:1914'514' junior1
7Macus Tardrew0:58:1803:5614'614' open5
8Marcus Hansen0:58:3704:1514'714' open6
9Paul Jackson0:58:5304:3214'814' open7
10Peter Dorries0:59:1704:5614'914' 50-541
11Trevor Tunnington0:59:5405:3314'1014' open8
12Tim Cyprien0:59:5905:3814'1114' open9
13Ollie Houghton1:00:5406:3314'1214' open10
14Heath Meldrum1:01:1306:5214'1314' open11
15Paul Jones1:01:2807:0714'1414' 40-491
16Dyllan Constable1:02:2808:0714'1514' open12
17Ty Judson1:02:4708:2614'1614' junior2
18Olivier Garioud1:02:4808:2714'1714' 40-492
19Steve Walker1:03:3309:1214'1814' 40-493
20Mark Huxley1:03:3509:14unlim2unlimited2
21Dale Chapman1:04:0709:46unlim3unlimited3
22Anthony Clark1:04:1609:5414'1914' open13
23Nico Schenk1:04:4910:2714'2014' open14
24Wade Carberry1:05:2211:0114'2114' open15
25Callan Dick1:05:3211:1114'2214' open16
26Trent Robinson1:05:4511:2414'2314' 40-494
27Bryn Lloyd1:05:5011:2914'2414' junior3
28Nathan Cross1:05:5611:3414'2514' open17
29Andrew Shield1:06:1711:56unlim4unlimited4
30Cam Cole1:06:5412:3214'2614' open18
31Rob Walton1:07:0912:47unlim5unlimited5
32Steve Morely1:07:1212:5114'2714' 40-495
33Jason Oliphant1:07:4713:26unlim6unlimited6
34Christopher Parker1:08:2514:0414'2814' open19
35Chris Clarke1:08:3914:1814'2914' 40-496
36Lee Mclean1:08:5614:3514'3014' open20
37Brendan Clark1:09:2014:5914'3114' 40-497
38Mick Dibetta1:09:3715:1614'3214' 50-542
39Wayne Johnstone1:09:5315:3114'3314' 50-543
40Greg Beer1:10:2816:0714'3414' 50-544
41Chad Islip1:10:3716:1614'3514' 40-498
42Mark Rennie1:10:4116:2014'3614' 40-499
43Dany Leclerc1:11:2217:0014'3714' open21
44Cheyne Mitchell1:11:3417:1214'3814' open22
45Paul Mackie1:11:3817:1714'3914' 50-545
46Alain Teurquetil1:12:2718:0514'4014' 50-546
47Jared Reed1:12:4018:1914'4114' open23
48Kevin Johnson1:12:4118:2014'4214' 55+1
49Dave White1:12:5118:2914'4314' 40-4910
50Michael Abdilla1:13:3419:1214'4414' 40-4911
51Mark Waldeck1:13:4319:21unlim7unlimited7
52Andy Fermo1:14:3020:0814'4514' open24
53Mark Buchanan1:14:4520:2314'4614' 40-4912
54Alessio Voliani1:14:5120:3014'4714' 40-4913
55Shane Lynch1:14:5620:3414'4814' 55+2
56Bryan Peck1:15:1120:4914'4914' open25
57Dave Faulkner1:15:4021:1814'5014' 50-547
58Lance Milnes1:16:1321:5114'5114' 40-4914
59Peter Jackson1:16:1721:5514'5214' 40-4915
60Neil Pearson1:16:2021:5814'5314' 50-548
61Jarrad Batza1:16:3422:1214'5414' open26
62Peter Kelly1:16:4622:2414'5514' open27
63Craig Wright1:16:5022:2814'5614' 40-4916
64Paul Shepherd1:17:2523:0414'5714' 55+3
65Mike Matthews1:18:2624:0414'5814' 50-549
66Aritz Tena1:19:3625:1414'5914' open28
67Simon Albery1:19:4025:1814'6014' open29
68Michael Jenkins1:19:4625:2414'6114' 55+4
69John Townsend1:19:5725:3614'6214' 55+5
70Damian Henningsen1:21:0126:4014'6314' 40-4917
71Brett Swann1:21:3627:1414'6414' 50-5410
72Steve Richardson1:22:4328:2114'6514' 40-4918
73Rob Clapham1:22:4828:2614'6614' open30
74Aaron Prior1:22:5228:3014'6714' open31
75Peter Miller1:22:5628:3414'6814' open32
76Andrew Bourke1:23:2028:5814'6914' 40-4919
77Robert Eyre1:26:4332:2114'7014' 55+6
78David Mitchell1:27:0832:4614'7114' 40-4920
79Bob Margetts1:27:4033:1814'7214' 55+7
80Paul Daniel1:27:4333:2114'7314' 40-4921
81Lawrence Kranen1:28:1733:5514'7414' 40-4922
82Greg Burton1:28:1933:5714'7514' 55+8
83Darron Brown1:28:2234:0014'7614' 55+9
84Sean Collins1:28:5434:3214'7714' 40-4923
85Duncan Corbett1:29:1434:5214'7814' 55+10
86Mitch Ashton1:30:4536:2314'7914' open33
87Douglas Adams1:30:5336:3114'8014' 55+11
88Bruce Middleton1:31:1636:5514'8114' 55+12
89Dean Phillips1:31:3237:1114'8214' open34
90Allan Shephard1:31:3437:1214'8314' 40-4924
91Paul Mitchell1:31:3737:1614'8414' 55+13
92Richard Mitchell1:31:5937:3814'8514' 50-5411
93Scott Collins1:32:0137:4014'8614' 40-4925
94Craig Sage1:32:2838:0614'8714' 55+14
95Darren Wilcock1:32:4138:2014'8814' 50-5412
96Nigel Milnes1:32:4338:2214'8914' 55+15
97David Patterson1:33:1238:5014'9014' 50-5413
98Joel Rogers1:37:0242:4114'9114' open35
99Matt Batty1:37:0842:4714'9214' open36
100Morgan Bennett1:37:3443:1314'9314' 40-4926
101Josh Carter1:39:1844:5714'9414' open37
102Mark Smith1:41:4147:2014'9514' 40-4927
103Peter Parker1:44:5050:2914'9614' 55+16
104Anthony Johnston1:52:1557:5414'9714' 50-5414


Women’s Long Course Results

1Karla Gilbert1:06:0714'Open111:46
2Kate Baker1:07:5314'Open213:31
3Belinda Stowell Brett1:13:1314'Open318:52
4Keale Dorries1:17:1414'Open422:52
5Jean Ringrose1:18:2914'40+124:08
6Chloe Walkerdene1:23:3214'Open529:10
7Vanessa Caley1:23:5314'40+229:31
8Jenny Dibetta1:24:5114'40+330:29
9Sofie Simonsson1:26:4714'Open632:25
10Sharlene Cribb1:27:3614'40+433:14
11Vickie Frater1:29:4414'Open735:22
12Bek Christensen1:29:5214'Open835:30
13Di Tunnington1:32:3814'40+538:17
14Tracey Mouque1:37:2714'40+643:05
15Maria Williams1:39:0914'40+744:47
16Jennie O'neil1:39:4014'40+845:18


Short Course Results

1Simon Hunnybun0:33:25Men over 401
2Scott Carroll0:36:04Men over 402
3Jacob Henningsen0:37:58Men under 401
4Tristan Grossmann0:38:20Men under 402
5Peter Patch0:38:24Men over 403
6Allen Hume0:40:06Men over 404
7Savannah Fitzsimmons0:41:20Women under 401
8Belinda Ryan0:42:27Women under 402
9Juanita Maher0:43:46Women under 403
10Monica Krummenacher0:44:22Women over 401
11Bron Shephard0:45:01Women over 402
12Troy Fazakerley0:46:22Men over 405
13Sue Gollagher0:47:32Women over 403
14Kel Sanson0:47:47Men under 403
15Jodi Ritchie0:48:57Women under 404
16Scott Ritchie0:48:57Men over 406
17Craig Feenan0:49:30Men over 407
18Mandi Bailey0:53:03Women over 404
19William Wild0:53:06Men prone1
20Dann Bailey0:53:57Men over 408
21Ruth Goiny1:01:41Women over 405
22Roschelle Hawton1:02:47Women under 405
23Leon Dyson1:06:37Men over 409


Surf Ski Results

1Mackenzie Hynard0:46:34.8Open men1
2Ryan Paroz0:49:05.3Open men2
3Julian Norton-Smith0:49:47.2Open men3
4Craig Spender0:51:31.7Men 45+1
5Adam Boyes0:52:04.9Open men4
6Wade Samin0:52:17.2Men 45+2
7Warren Smith0:53:35.3Men 45+3
8Stuart Anthony0:54:08.5Open men5
9Nick Perkins0:54:54.5Men 45+4
10Stephen Connors0:55:09.3Open men6
11Tim Wingrove0:55:51.5Open men7
12Darren Pease0:56:48.4Men 45+5
13Mark Kennedy0:57:54.0Men 45+6
14Matthias Dorsch1:00:07.2Open men8
15Patrick Hegarty1:00:08.3Men 45+7
16John Prince1:02:43.1Men 45+8
17Ross McNally1:05:29.8Men 45+9
18Pete Nelson1:09:28.4Men 45+10
19Caylan Siddell1:10:10.3Open men9
20Russell White1:10:46.8Men 45+11
21Brent Parkinson1:12:12.7Men 45+12
22John Stewart1:13:29.9Men 45+13
23Nick McConnell1:13:36.7Open men10
24Jae Colless1:13:54.0Open men11


Prone Results

1Daniel Shade1:01:31.5Unlimited1
2Lachie Lansdown1:04:10.3Stock1
3Scott Cowdrey1:05:40.9Stock2
4Sam Shergold1:09:32.0Stock3
5Callum Sutton1:12:18.9Stock4
6Jasmine Smith1:19:43.6Stock women1
7Jake Satherly1:21:11.3Stock5
8Harrison Wacker1:25:43.9Stock6
9Steven Roberts1:26:18.1Stock7
10Anthony King1:26:54.8Stock8
11Ben Porter1:30:02.5Stock9
12Carolyn Lansdown1:47:42.7Stock women2