September 11, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

11 City Tour: Bruno Hasulyo, Seychelle Hattingh Conquer ‘The Ultimate Challenge’ in the Netherlands (UPDATED)

11 City Tour

Bruno and Daniel Hasulyo have dominated the 2016 SUP 11 City Tour in the Netherlands (photo: Mayola Dijksman/SUP 11 City Tour)

Starboard’s Bruno Hasulyo (Hungary) and Mistral’s Seychelle Hattingh (USA) have conquered “The Ultimate Challenge” after five days and more than 200kms of (125 miles) of paddling through the Dutch countryside, winning the 8th Annual SUP 11 City Tour to add another chapter to the story of this unique and very special race.

After establishing a big lead on the first stage, Bruno and his brother Daniel spent the next four days defending their advantage against reigning champ Steeve Teihotaata (Mistral/Tahiti), while Italian Martino Rogai (Jimmy Lewis) and New Zealand’s Marcus Hansen (NSP) were the other top five standouts.

Seychelle made it a clean sweep for the second year in a row, claiming all five stage wins to convincingly defend her crown. However the Floridian didn’t have it all her own way this year, with a determined Petronella van Malsen (Fanatic/Netherlands) hanging on to her tail almost the entire week. After 25 hours of racing, Seychelle’s margin was less than six minutes, which shows how much tighter the women’s race was this year (the gap was more than half an hour in 2015).

Take a look at our daily recaps below for more insights into this iconic event, including a more detailed summary of the overall race after stage five, along with the final leaderboard and daily highlight reels. Follow the 11 City Tour on Facebook and Instagram for more.

On behalf of the paddling community, I’d like to say a big thank you to all the crew behind the SUP 11 City Tour. This event could never happen without the small army of organisers, volunteers and supporters who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I’m already looking forward to the 9th annual edition next year, which, after this year’s record representation of more than 150 paddlers from 27 nations, will surely be the best Tour yet.

Recaps: Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5 | Final Leaderboard



Stage 5 (27.2km) — COMPLETE

“Bruno Hasulyo, Seychelle Hattingh Crowned Champions on Final Day”

Sunday SUPtember 11th

And that’s a wrap.

After five days and more than 200kms of paddling through the rural Dutch province of Friesland, the 2016 SUP 11 City Tour is complete.

There were no changes to the top of the leaderboard on the final day, with Bruno Hasulyo and Seychelle Hattingh claiming their crowns after crossing the line in Leeuwarden, which is the exact same place they started five days earlier.

Seychelle was pushed all the way to the line by Petronella van Malsen once again today, who takes a much deserved runner-up finish on the overall leaderboard. However Seychelle was too strong all week, breaking away towards the end of the first four stages to accumulate a six minute lead. Switzerland’s Siri Schubert was also impressive, finishing less than 15 minutes behind the champ to claim third place overall.

Despite the dark horse performances, Seychelle made it a perfect 5-0 sweep of the stage wins for the second year in a row, much to the delight of Team Mistral. The current 24 hour world record holder is making something of a name for herself in the endurance racing world, and will be tough to beat this race in the future as her paddling matures.

Seychelle was clearly elated after crossing the line on stage 5, commentating on Instagram that she was “on top of the world” following her successful title defense.

On the men’s side, Team Starboard and the Hasulyos performed a perfect lock-out, with Bruno and his brother Daniel Hasulyo claiming every stage win in addition to the overall top two spots. Although they crossed the line together almost every day, Bruno officially won four of the five stages, with Daniel getting a stage win on day two; Bruno’s final winning margin of 17 seconds over his brother came almost entirely on the third stage.

This was a hugely well-deserved one-two finish for the Brothers (or SUPBROz as they’re known), who have established themselves as top-level athletes after a string of solid results over the past 12 months. But this week’s effort was their biggest one yet, and comes on the back of months and months of tireless, intense training. Indeed, the Hasulyos have probably been preparing for this moment for exactly 12 months, after finishing 3rd and 4th in last year’s Tour.

Although the 11 Cities is a five day event, the race was really won on the first stage, with the Hasulyos gapping Steeve Teihotaata and the other contenders by nine minutes to build a virtually-insurmountable lead. All they had to do for the next four days was defend, which is exactly what they did.

The 11 City Tour is famous for the camaraderie between the competitors, however there were several moments of tension at the front of the men’s elite race, with the Hasulyos using the old “rubbing is racing” theme to keep their main rival at bay. Steeve didn’t have much to say about the close attention he was receiving (nothing seems to bother that guy too much, he’s such a laid-back and mellow character), however the Mistral crew didn’t hold back. Team boss Steve West posted a photo sequence on Facebook titled “Hungarian Hospitality in Holland” that included a dig at the seemingly-aggressive tactics the Hasulyos were using to defend their lead. Apparently there was a sit-down between the Mistral and Starboard camps before the fourth stage to hash out a gentleman’s agreement.

But despite the interesting rivalry between the two race teams, in the end it was a draw, with Starboard and Mistral each winning five stages between the men’s and women’s elite tours.

Further down the leaderboard, it was a great performance from Italian dark horse Martino Rogai, who gave the Jimmy Lewis team a great result in 4th place. Martino, who’s part of the strong new wave of talent coming out of Italy, was just 40 seconds behind Steeve at the end of the week.

Rounding out the top five was Marcus Hansen from New Zealand, who gave NSP a new name to watch in addition to their superstar duo (Travis and Titouan). Marcus held pace with Steeve and Marcus on all but one of the stages, and kept up with the Hasulyos for three of the five days.

Leading the charge in the bottom half of the top 10 was Tour veteran Martijn van Deth (Starboard), who seemed to get stronger as the week progressed and finished well clear of the other top 10 contenders in 6th place.

Those others included Chilean turned Holland local Ricardo Haverschmidt (Fanatic), who worked his way up the leaderboard to 7th, and Spain’s highly under-rated distance paddler Pepe Oltra (SIC), who took 8th place. Pepe was one of the work horses that drove the peleton for much of the week, alongside four-time 11 Cities champion Bart de Zwart, who was two minutes behind the Spaniard by Sunday afternoon.

Bart’s 9th place is the lowest result of his 11 City Tour career, which includes all eight editions of the race. That just goes to show how much the level is increasing in an event that is growing to become an iconic race on the international calendar. I talked to Bart mid-week and he told me he felt like he could match the lead group endurance wise, but that he didn’t have the pace to go with them at the start. Indeed, the Hasulyo Brothers set a blistering pace off the line each morning, treating it like a sprint race despite the fact there was five hours of paddling a day.

Rounding out the top 10 this year was the unheralded Zoltan Erdelyi (Jimmy Lewis) who, just like the Hasulyo brothers, hails from Hungary, giving the Eastern European nation the equal most spots inside the top 10 alongside the host nation of the Netherlands (Tahiti, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain were the other four nations represented at the top of the men’s leaderboard).

There were plenty of great performances all the way down the leaderboard though. And that’s what really makes the 11 City Tour so special: There are dozens of “races within the race” as paddlers try to get the last spot inside the top 15/top 20/top 30, or just try and beat their friends or move one spot higher each day.

Some of the stand out stand up performances included young James van Drunen, who was sitting in the overall top 10 after stages 2 and 3, but who hit the wall over the final two days to settle for 14th. That’s a big improvement from the 27th place he got last year though, and is reward for the hard work and dedicated training schedule he had in the lead up to Holland; something that James chronicled via his Instagram.

A special mention also goes to Jonas Letieri, the always-smiling Brazilian who has overcome big odds (Jonas is a double-amputee, losing his forearms in an electrical accident at his local church) to compete at some of hte biggest races in the world. The SUP 11 City Tour was surely his greatest challenge to date, and Jonas conquered it with great success, crossing the line in Leeuwarden alongside compatriots Americo Pinheiro and Clayton Eduardo after 33 hours of paddling that is as much a mental challenge as a physical one.

It was an interesting battle for the title of Masters Champion – a new division this year I believe – between Charles Higgins and Tour veteran (and Supskin founder) Wolfgang Leeb. The duo traded the lead all week, before Higgins pulled away on the final stage to win by four minutes.

Another special shout out goes to Caren Forbes, who successfully completed the non-competitive “tour division” alongside her brother Todd Philips (below) after almost 37 hours of determined paddling. Anyone who has ever dealt with Starboard HQ will know Caren; she’s the brand’s international marketing manager and team manager.

Caren said it was an amazing feeling to complete the epic five day journey, something shared by almost every paddler that takes on the 11 City Tour. For many of the participants, this isn’t really a race at all; it’s an adventure.

Apart from the massive achievement of finishing the race herself, will also be stoked that her team riders finished top two in the men’s side, especially because they were riding the new 21.5″ wide Starboard Sprint models that will be part of the 2017 range.

Today’s final stage saw the biggest turnout of participants, with many paddlers choosing to do just one stage of the Tour, and most of those choosing the final, 27km route from Dokkum back to the start/finish town of Leeuwarden.

11 City Tour

And that’s a wrap on the 11 City Tour for 2016 (photo credit: Ydwer/11 City Tour)

It was a very successful year for the Tour, with more than 150 paddlers representing 27 nations, and with beautiful sunshine making it one of the nicest Tours in recent memory (this event has a reputation for encountering some wild weather).

Congratulations to Bruno, Seychelle and all the paddlers that conquered the 11 City Tour this year, and a huge thank you to the organising team that works so tirelessly behind the scenes to make this iconic event happen. The 11 Cities is a very special race that has built a unique reputation within the sport, offering “The Ultimate Challenge” as its tagline says. I’m looking forward to the 2017 edition already, where hopefully I’ll be back on the start line alongside the other 11 City Tour die-hards.

The final leaderboard is below, while raw times from stage 5 are available on Race Splitter.

1Bruno Hasulyo4:43:29.75:03:14.94:27:36.04:43:53.02:56:19.821:54:33.4Elite
2Daniel Hasulyo4:43:30.85:03:13.84:27:53.84:43:54.52:56:18.021:54:50.9Elite
3Steeve Teihotaata4:52:58.25:03:18.84:27:47.14:44:01.32:56:22.022:04:27.4Elite
4Martino Rogai4:53:03.55:03:32.74:27:56.34:44:03.32:56:33.522:05:09.3Elite
5Marcus Hansen4:53:02.35:03:29.04:38:09.64:44:08.72:56:24.022:15:13.6Elite
6Martijn van Deth5:07:01.45:09:37.74:33:00.14:45:55.02:57:31.522:33:05.7Elite
7Ricardo Haverschmidt5:03:30.35:19:03.04:32:58.64:48:50.72:58:43.422:43:06.0Elite
8Pepe Oltra5:03:25.05:19:08.84:38:12.04:50:05.32:57:26.022:48:17.1Elite
9Bart de Zwart5:05:02.15:18:58.04:38:09.64:50:02.12:58:44.222:50:56.0Elite
10Zoltan Erdelyi5:21:20.55:19:00.04:38:42.64:48:52.32:56:46.623:04:42.0Elite
11Richard Proost5:17:41.55:19:19.04:38:31.34:51:23.02:58:56.923:05:51.7Elite
12Simone Veschi5:19:10.35:27:50.54:44:56.24:51:34.32:59:24.623:22:55.9Elite
13Arthur Santacreu5:38:54.25:19:14.24:38:16.94:49:35.32:58:53.523:24:54.1Elite
14James van Drunen5:17:24.65:19:12.04:38:37.55:06:01.73:09:12.123:30:27.9Elite
15Charlie Jones5:20:03.25:37:10.04:47:14.85:01:22.63:09:12.123:55:02.7Elite
16Charles Higgins5:25:46.05:31:56.04:53:02.15:01:27.43:04:00.023:56:11.5Masters
17Wolfgang Leeb5:25:46.05:31:44.64:53:00.45:01:52.03:07:49.724:00:12.7Masters
18Ruben Salvador5:30:25.85:31:41.84:51:05.15:02:41.73:05:35.324:01:29.7Masters
19Dirk Bickert5:28:25.75:31:47.24:53:46.25:01:59.43:09:06.524:05:05.0Competition
20Jochum Steur5:29:54.95:38:23.84:55:12.45:02:15.43:05:10.424:10:56.9Competition
21Thomas Soeters5:42:04.25:31:49.04:53:06.75:02:01.43:06:37.724:15:39.0Masters
22Marco Bracci5:28:09.65:38:33.24:57:26.05:08:11.63:15:56.224:28:16.6Elite
23Furio Vitali5:32:33.35:58:48.34:53:27.05:02:08.23:07:29.224:34:26.0Competition
24Jelle Steenbeek5:56:09.25:41:07.94:53:24.05:04:12.13:06:40.724:41:33.9Competition
25Armin Zeitler5:32:30.75:43:33.15:01:34.05:17:59.13:09:15.024:44:51.9Competition
26Yuval Botzer5:18:16.55:19:24.04:51:35.15:57:50.63:18:34.524:45:40.7Elite
27Dirk de Beuf5:32:27.45:42:38.55:01:34.05:18:27.13:18:13.124:53:20.1Masters
28Rory Smyth5:42:32.95:47:09.34:57:26.05:08:11.63:23:56.224:59:16.0Elite
29Bruno Pitanga6:12:08.65:48:07.24:59:35.75:02:13.73:03:58.425:06:03.6Masters
30Karl Roels5:38:44.25:44:39.85:10:13.65:15:20.63:20:39.125:09:37.3Competition
31Torsten Ahrens5:53:55.75:57:20.55:16:32.45:18:00.03:18:49.125:44:37.7Masters
32Supskool Leeuwarden6:37:47.15:35:14.35:12:43.75:28:54.63:07:09.026:01:48.7Team
33Vladimir Saveliev5:56:39.46:07:14.75:18:38.95:28:40.93:25:36.126:16:50.0Competition
34Team Starboard6:11:21.35:46:25.65:13:43.06:00:36.73:07:09.026:19:15.6Team
35Michiel van der Pol5:59:44.66:13:39.75:12:43.75:29:23.23:25:03.026:20:34.2Competition
36Guy Bubb5:57:32.96:12:41.55:26:15.85:32:52.53:38:56.226:48:18.9Masters
37Wayne Druian6:03:32.26:12:41.55:26:10.15:32:52.53:38:56.226:54:12.5Masters
38Takaaki Ishii6:18:09.16:18:47.35:31:07.65:34:33.93:25:03.927:07:41.8Masters
39Jan (leszek) Klimaszyk6:17:34.56:21:02.65:31:43.25:40:09.93:26:45.127:17:15.3Competition
40Pieter Paauw7:05:16.86:19:36.05:31:07.65:31:11.03:25:03.927:52:15.3Competition
41Rebel For A Cause6:40:50.46:23:17.25:55:02.45:40:17.83:28:21.828:07:49.6Team Tour
42Terence Chong6:43:46.66:18:47.35:38:25.25:47:19.73:40:22.228:08:41.0Competition
43Sergiy Duko6:41:49.96:21:09.25:58:43.75:56:46.53:37:19.528:35:48.8Competition
44Menno de Groot6:55:34.66:46:23.25:45:45.15:45:56.63:47:13.929:00:53.4Tour
45Juerg Geser6:56:51.66:54:25.45:52:43.35:49:27.33:32:47.329:06:14.9Masters
46Hugo Vernhout7:09:01.26:41:41.85:49:57.96:01:37.53:43:52.429:26:10.8Tour
47Hasan Ismail6:51:26.97:04:02.45:51:02.66:15:17.33:46:18.529:48:07.7Masters
48Martyn Geurts7:16:52.37:18:23.05:46:48.66:10:01.03:58:04.130:30:09.0Tour
49Martin Luitwieler7:00:25.56:58:55.06:40:39.66:33:57.73:50:02.231:04:00.0Masters
50Marcus Pozzetta7:06:13.88:29:15.66:01:13.96:01:46.33:49:07.831:27:37.4Masters
51Rachman Djajakusuma7:28:34.27:43:36.56:24:06.56:20:24.04:08:08.532:04:49.7Masters
52Rene Van Woerkom7:44:01.47:25:03.36:17:30.16:54:03.24:06:43.632:27:21.6Tour
53Steven Leus8:12:10.17:42:05.06:19:42.56:18:35.23:57:21.832:29:54.6Competition
54Jonas Letieri7:10:03.87:44:26.66:36:36.96:48:05.54:23:36.832:42:49.6Elite
55Clayton Eduardo7:27:42.57:44:26.66:36:36.96:48:05.54:23:36.833:00:28.3Elite
56Americo Pinheiro7:27:45.77:44:26.66:36:36.96:48:05.54:23:36.833:00:31.5Elite
57Bernhard Jacob8:11:56.37:24:20.15:57:49.66:53:07.84:33:49.533:01:03.3Tour
58Alex de Sain7:36:13.17:49:51.86:30:31.56:57:28.04:14:34.633:08:39.0Competition
59Christopher Rode7:44:19.98:14:56.86:45:56.16:52:21.04:39:55.334:17:29.1Masters
60Simon de Jager7:39:22.87:48:22.97:25:33.17:09:18.64:51:25.034:54:02.4Tour
61Johnny Fockenier8:15:46.28:03:07.37:10:08.87:08:02.54:49:14.035:26:18.8Competition
62Todd Phillips9:05:33.18:40:53.17:14:59.97:09:50.34:45:06.836:56:23.2Tour
63James Brennan8:16:00.28:35:23.16:52:31.98:47:34.36:23:45.538:55:15.0Tour
64Ben Beachell6:18:23.66:35:41.25:50:07.46:10:08.4DNSn/aStages 1,2,3,4
65Hub Dekkers5:15:00.3DNSDNS4:59:13.93:06:27.2n/aStages 1,4,5
66Jeroen Boks6:30:29.56:42:26.46:06:39.4DNSDNSn/aStages 1,2,3,4
67Bas Brouwer6:50:38.46:46:23.2DNSDNS4:53:23.2n/aStages 1,2,5
68Zeev BotzerDNSDNS6:16:54.86:32:16.94:12:21.0n/aStages 3,4,5
69Filip Andreas HosteDNSDNSDNS6:05:09.83:47:05.2n/aStages 4,5
70Ed ReichmanDNSDNSDNS6:52:35.03:50:53.1n/aStages 4,5
71Iwen ChenDNSDNSDNS6:40:27.54:30:17.5n/aStages 4,5
72Ihung ChenDNSDNSDNS7:03:18.34:41:04.9n/aStages 4,5
73Meron LevyDNSDNSDNS7:11:01.74:56:23.9n/aStages 4,5
74Stefan GroschDNSDNSDNS5:40:17.8DNSn/aStage 4
75Volker WohnlichDNSDNSDNS5:46:05.5DNSn/aStage 4
76Patrick GenglerDNSDNSDNS6:17:43.8DNSn/aStage 4
77Ken Gengler - KrugerDNSDNSDNS6:27:32.1DNSn/aStage 4
78Wieger BoonstraDNSDNSDNS7:23:48.9DNSn/aStage 4
79Harry BautelsDNSDNSDNSDNS3:49:45.0n/aStage 5
80Frank HettingaDNSDNSDNSDNS3:53:06.4n/aStage 5
81Ypie GroenewoudDNSDNSDNSDNS4:02:20.3n/aStage 5
82Leszek KlimaszykDNSDNSDNSDNS4:14:15.9n/aStage 5
83Albert GrossguthDNSDNSDNSDNS4:18:45.0n/aStage 5
84Amnon ZloofDNSDNSDNSDNS4:19:42.0n/aStage 5
85Niels KomduurDNSDNSDNSDNS4:24:26.2n/aStage 5
86Ernst DisseDNSDNSDNSDNS4:30:25.0n/aStage 5
87Genco AnitDNSDNSDNSDNS4:32:50.8n/aStage 5
88Sebastiaan De RanitzDNSDNSDNSDNS4:32:57.8n/aStage 5
89Alex Van SlotenDNSDNSDNSDNS4:56:29.2n/aStage 5
90Jorg BossackDNSDNSDNSDNS5:16:22.0n/aStage 5
91Arnold ZijlstraDNSDNSDNSDNS5:24:16.0n/aStage 5
92Marco KoopmanDNSDNSDNSDNS5:35:07.3n/aStage 5
93Gerben VernhoutDNSDNSDNSDNS6:05:45.0n/aStage 5

1Seychelle Hattingh5:40:29.85:43:17.25:01:25.65:19:143:19:03.325:03:29.8Competition
2Petronella van Malsen5:43:10.85:44:30.45:03:00.85:19:373:19:06.925:09:26.2Competition
3Siri Schubert5:44:49.75:45:23.75:05:03.05:20:523:21:28.925:17:37.7Competition
4Orly Kesten6:00:17.85:58:31.45:10:20.15:21:253:22:06.025:52:39.9Competition
5Meirav Yung6:20:48.46:24:23.05:45:35.45:45:313:38:21.627:54:39.1Competition
6Diva Hatami6:29:47.86:27:19.45:45:34.05:57:533:42:54.728:23:28.7Competition
7Supskool Leewarden6:20:46.46:48:05.66:17:08.45:45:313:49:26.929:00:58.0Team
8Sabine Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.15:57:59.76:08:273:50:16.329:41:24.2Competition
9Sandra Ruitenbeek-Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.15:57:59.76:08:273:50:16.329:41:24.2Competition
10Krista van Beek7:09:41.37:10:06.66:17:25.06:08:404:06:40.830:52:34.1Tour
11Elske Wind7:11:30.08:05:23.06:19:30.66:33:054:05:05.932:14:34.3Competition
12Heleen Straatman7:27:20.17:21:20.46:55:41.16:53:274:28:27.633:06:16.0Competition
13Shir Raanan8:34:20.07:24:18.16:17:26.76:52:574:06:42.433:15:44.1Tour
14Sharon Zaal7:25:19.38:05:23.06:34:13.77:12:284:01:13.933:18:37.9Competition
15Miriam Leistenschneider8:12:01.57:24:18.16:35:33.56:53:064:33:49.533:38:49.0Tour
16Tjallien Kalsbeek8:06:09.98:38:04.56:54:46.17:08:574:24:26.235:12:23.4Tour
17Paula Rode8:50:33.18:44:07.06:46:41.57:03:104:37:54.036:02:26.0Competition
18Caren Forbes9:05:33.18:41:41.27:14:59.97:09:504:45:06.836:57:11.3Tour
19Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon8:39:15.49:12:14.97:41:44.67:53:135:08:08.638:34:36.9Tour
20Valerie Hirschfield8:54:10.19:04:51.87:37:06.48:23:025:17:05.239:16:15.9Tour
21Maira Menezes de Azevedo8:01:34.8DNS6:44:00.1DNS4:27:45.0n/aStages 1,3,5
22Geraldine Reffreger8:39:01.8DNS6:59:16.0DNS5:02:06.8n/aStages 1,3,5
23Joanne MccallumDNSDNS7:55:21.78:25:555:37:38.9n/aStages 3,4,5
24Shira BrodetzkyDNSDNSDNS6:13:114:18:34.5n/aStages 4,5
25Sivan ShkolnikDNSDNSDNS7:12:455:02:05.6n/aStages 4,5
26Keren MagdasiDNSDNSDNS7:13:145:02:06.8n/aStages 4,5
27Elena LebedevaDNSDNSDNS8:47:346:22:56.1n/aStages 4,5
28Carin Van VlietDNSDNSDNSDNS3:36:22.3n/aStage 5
29Renee AkkermanDNSDNSDNSDNS3:49:46.0n/aStage 5
30Aukje HofmanDNSDNSDNSDNS4:02:20.3n/aStage 5
31Margriet VisserDNSDNSDNSDNS4:06:43.6n/aStage 5
32Janneke SmitsDNSDNSDNSDNS4:18:45.0n/aStage 5
33Marleen BackxDNSDNSDNSDNS4:32:50.8n/aStage 5
34Juliette BallDNSDNSDNSDNS4:39:45.0n/aStage 5
35Lorne FarquaharsonDNSDNSDNSDNS4:39:45.0n/aStage 5
36Fleur KampDNSDNSDNSDNS4:48:50.8n/aStage 5
37Frieda RiezebosDNSDNSDNSDNS4:48:50.8n/aStage 5
38Irene BijlsmaDNSDNSDNSDNS4:49:48.5n/aStage 5
39Paulien StollmeijerDNSDNSDNSDNS5:16:11.1n/aStage 5
40Carola WaldenierDNSDNSDNSDNS5:26:38.0n/aStage 5
41Loana CobzaruDNSDNSDNSDNS5:27:14.1n/aStage 5
42Loesanne VelstraDNSDNSDNSDNS5:35:59.6n/aStage 5
43Baukje HuizengaDNSDNSDNSDNS5:35:59.6n/aStage 5
44Marieke PostmaDNSDNSDNSDNS5:38:11.7n/aStage 5
45Alexandra Van Der BurgDNSDNSDNSDNS5:38:35.7n/aStage 5
46Harriet Van DalfsenDNSDNSDNSDNS5:38:51.7n/aStage 5
47Miranti BeerdaDNSDNSDNSDNS5:45:39.9n/aStage 5
48Wikje De RoosDNSDNSDNSDNS5:45:50.0n/aStage 5
49Anneke WindDNSDNSDNSDNS5:57:40.8n/aStage 5
50Jolanda SchoonoordDNSDNSDNSDNS6:12:47.9n/aStage 5
51Eva LuikDNSDNSDNSDNS6:12:47.9n/aStage 5
52Caroline DijkstraDNSDNSDNSDNS6:42:38.1n/aStage 5
53Jantine Van Der ZeeDNSDNSDNSDNS6:42:38.1n/aStage 5



Stage 4 (42.6km) — COMPLETE

“Tensions Ease as Race Draws Towards Conclusion; Hasulyos Unbeatable”

Saturday SUPtember 10th

Quick recap: It was the same story again today, with the Hasulyo Brothers controlling the pace and defending champ Steeve Teihotaata unable to break away and peg back their massive lead. Once again the top five of Daniel and Bruno Hasulyo, Steeve, Marcus Hansen and Martino Rogai crossed the line together.

Tour veteran Martijn van continues his impressive run, sticking with the front pack almost all the way to cross less than two minutes behind the leaders. As always, Bart de Zwart and Pepe Oltra led home the peleton, with the top 14 finishers all registering under five hours today.

11 City Tour paddle race

Start of the open division this morning; stage 4 is famous for it’s narrow, hectic start (photo: Mayola Dijksman/SUP 11 City Tour)

I spoke with Bart yesterday and he said that while he’s a bit frustrated with his relatively poor result, he gave big credit to the Hasulyo Brothers, saying they were clearly better prepared and hungrier to win than anyone. Bart told me he was feeling good, endurance wise, but didn’t have the pace to match the leaders in the opening part of each stage. The four-time 11 Cities champion also suggested that he was perhaps still feeling the effects of the two ultra ultra marathons he recently completed (Bart has paddled 1,280kms of racing in the past two months).

The top nine spots on the men’s leaderboard remained the same; It was a tough day on the water for James van Drunen though, the hard training youngster whose progress I’ve been following closely in the lead-up to this event. James who was holding down 10th this morning but slipped to 12th after losing the peleton in today’s stage.

On the women’s side, Seychelle Hattingh made it four from four stage wins, however the very impressive Petronella van Malsen stuck with her all the way until the finish today. Seychelle won this race comfortably last year, but the Dutchwoman Petronella, and also Siri Schubert from Switzerland, have given her some very close checking this time around.

I heard there was been a bit of tension at the front of the men’s race during the second and third stages, as the brothers aggressively defended their lead and made sure Steeve couldn’t get in a position to make a break.

Or rather, there was a bit of tension off the water. Apparently Steeve was fine with the “rubbing is racing” tactics, but his team bosses at Mistral were rather upset at the treatment their star rider was getting. It was spoken about before today’s fourth stage, and now I hear everything’s cool again.

Stage 4 is famous for the hectic start in a narrow canal that forces paddlers to sprint and scramble for clean water. The starts are intense on every stage, but the 4th is a particularly interesting little battle. It always produces some great photos.

The stage is also famous (or infamous) for the portage run, where paddlers have to get off their boards, hop out of the canal, run across a “lock” for 50 metres then jump back in and continue paddling. It’s always a mildly chaotic scramble that often breaks up the draft trains.

So that’s four out of the five stages completed, with only tomorrow’s 27km “sprint” to the line. The short stage has no rest break, and the pace is always high as competitors throw everything they’ve got left. But it would seem impossible for anyone to catch the Hasulyo Brothers now. The only question left is whether Daniel can make up the 19 seconds that his brother Bruno has over him.

Updated leaderboards are below, while the raw times from today are posted over on Race Splitter.

11 City Tour stage 4

All aboard the draft train… (photo from today’s 4th stage by Mayola Dijksman/SUP 11 City Tour)

1 (-)Bruno Hasulyo4:43:29.75:03:14.94:27:36.04:43:53.018:58:13.6Elite
2 (-)Daniel Hasulyo4:43:30.85:03:13.84:27:53.84:43:54.518:58:32.9Elite
3 (-)Steeve Teihotaata4:52:58.25:03:18.84:27:47.14:44:01.319:08:05.4Elite
4 (-)Martino Rogai4:53:03.55:03:32.74:27:56.34:44:03.319:08:35.8Elite
5 (-)Marcus Hansen4:53:02.35:03:29.04:38:09.64:44:08.719:18:49.6Elite
6 (-)Martijn van Deth5:07:01.45:09:37.74:33:00.14:45:55.019:35:34.2Elite
7 (-)Ricardo Haverschmidt5:03:30.35:19:03.04:32:58.64:48:50.719:44:22.6Elite
8 (-)Pepe Oltra5:03:25.05:19:08.84:38:12.04:50:05.319:50:51.1Elite
9 (-)Bart de Zwart5:05:02.15:18:58.04:38:09.64:50:02.119:52:11.8Elite
10 (+1)Richard Proost5:17:41.55:19:19.04:38:31.34:51:23.020:06:54.8Elite
11 (+1)Zoltan Erdelyi5:21:20.55:19:00.04:38:42.64:48:52.320:07:55.4Elite
12 (-2)James van Drunen5:17:24.65:19:12.04:38:37.55:06:01.720:21:15.8Elite
13 (+1)Simone Veschi5:19:10.35:27:50.54:44:56.24:51:34.320:23:31.3Elite
14 (+1)Arthur Santacreu5:38:54.25:19:14.24:38:16.94:49:35.320:26:00.6Elite
15 (+1)Charlie Jones5:20:03.25:37:10.04:47:14.85:01:22.620:45:50.6Elite
16 (+2)Charles Higgins5:25:46.05:31:56.04:53:02.15:01:27.420:52:11.5Masters
17 (-)Wolfgang Leeb5:25:46.05:31:44.64:53:00.45:01:52.020:52:23.0Masters
18 (+1)Ruben Salvador5:30:25.85:31:41.84:51:05.15:02:41.720:55:54.4Masters
19 (+1)Dirk Bickert5:28:25.75:31:47.24:53:46.25:01:59.420:55:58.5Competition
20 (+1)Jochum Steur5:29:54.95:38:23.84:55:12.45:02:15.421:05:46.5Competition
21 (+2)Thomas Soeters5:42:04.25:31:49.04:53:06.75:02:01.421:09:01.3Masters
22 (-)Marco Bracci5:28:09.65:38:33.24:57:26.05:08:11.621:12:20.4Elite
23 (+3)Furio Vitali5:32:33.35:58:48.34:53:27.05:02:08.221:26:56.8Competition
24 (-11)Yuval Botzer5:18:16.55:19:24.04:51:35.15:57:50.621:27:06.2Elite
25 (+3)Jelle Steenbeek5:56:09.25:41:07.94:53:24.05:04:12.121:34:53.2Competition
26 (-2)Dirk de Beuf5:32:27.45:42:38.55:01:34.05:18:27.121:35:07.0Masters
27 (-)Rory Smyth5:42:32.95:47:09.34:57:26.05:08:11.621:35:19.8Elite
28 (-3)Armin Zeitler5:32:30.75:43:33.15:01:34.05:17:59.121:35:36.9Competition
29 (-)Karl Roels5:38:44.25:44:39.85:10:13.65:15:20.621:48:58.2Competition
30 (-)Bruno Pitanga6:12:08.65:48:07.24:59:35.75:02:13.722:02:05.2Masters
31 (-)Torsten Ahrens5:53:55.75:57:20.55:16:32.45:18:00.022:25:48.6Masters
32 (+1)Vladimir Saveliev5:56:39.46:07:14.75:18:38.95:28:40.922:51:13.9Competition
33 (+1)Supskool Leeuwarden6:37:47.15:35:14.35:12:43.75:28:54.622:54:39.7Team
34 (+1)Michiel van der Pol5:59:44.66:13:39.75:12:43.75:29:23.222:55:31.2Competition
35 (+1)Guy Bubb5:57:32.96:12:41.55:26:15.85:32:52.523:09:22.7Masters
36 (-4)Team Starboard6:11:21.35:46:25.65:13:43.06:00:36.723:12:06.6Team
37 (-)Wayne Druian6:03:32.26:12:41.55:26:10.15:32:52.523:15:16.3Masters
38 (-)Takaaki Ishii6:18:09.16:18:47.35:31:07.65:34:33.923:42:37.9Masters
39 (-)Jan (leszek) Klimaszyk6:17:34.56:21:02.65:31:43.25:40:09.923:50:30.2Competition
40 (+2)Pieter Paauw7:05:16.86:19:36.05:31:07.65:31:11.024:27:11.4Competition
41 (-1)Terence Chong6:43:46.66:18:47.35:38:25.25:47:19.724:28:18.8Competition
42 (+1)Rebel For A Cause6:40:50.46:23:17.25:55:02.45:40:17.824:39:27.8Team Tour
43 (-2)Ben Beachell6:18:23.66:35:41.25:50:07.46:10:08.424:54:20.6Masters
44 (-)Sergiy Duko6:41:49.96:21:09.25:58:43.75:56:46.524:58:29.3Competition
45 (+1)Menno de Groot6:55:34.66:46:23.25:45:45.15:45:56.625:13:39.5Tour
46 (+2)Juerg Geser6:56:51.66:54:25.45:52:43.35:49:27.325:33:27.6Masters
47 (-)Hugo Vernhout7:09:01.26:41:41.85:49:57.96:01:37.525:42:18.4Tour
48 (+1)Hasan Ismail6:51:26.97:04:02.45:51:02.66:15:17.326:01:49.2Masters
49 (+1)Martyn Geurts7:16:52.37:18:23.05:46:48.66:10:01.026:32:04.9Tour
50 (+1)Martin Luitwieler7:00:25.56:58:55.06:40:39.66:33:57.727:13:57.8Masters
51 (+5)Marcus Pozzetta7:06:13.88:29:15.66:01:13.96:01:46.327:38:29.6Masters
52 (+3)Rachman Djajakusuma7:28:34.27:43:36.56:24:06.56:20:24.027:56:41.2Masters
53 (-)Jonas Letieri7:10:03.87:44:26.66:36:36.96:48:05.528:19:12.8Elite
54 (-2)Rene Van Woerkom7:44:01.47:25:03.36:17:30.16:54:03.228:20:38.0Tour
55 (-1)Bernhard Jacob8:11:56.37:24:20.15:57:49.66:53:07.828:27:13.8Tour
56 (+4)Steven Leus8:12:10.17:42:05.06:19:42.56:18:35.228:32:32.8Competition
57 (-)Clayton Eduardo7:27:42.57:44:26.66:36:36.96:48:05.528:36:51.5Elite
58 (-)Americo Pinheiro7:27:45.77:44:26.66:36:36.96:48:05.528:36:54.7Elite
59 (-)Alex de Sain7:36:13.17:49:51.86:30:31.56:57:28.028:54:04.4Competition
60 (+1)Christopher Rode7:44:19.98:14:56.86:45:56.16:52:21.029:37:33.8Masters
61 (+1)Simon de Jager7:39:22.87:48:22.97:25:33.17:09:18.630:02:37.4Tour
62 (+1)Johnny Fockenier8:15:46.28:03:07.37:10:08.87:08:02.530:37:04.8Competition
63 (+3)Todd Phillips9:05:33.18:40:53.17:14:59.97:09:50.332:11:16.4Tour
64 (+1)James Brennan8:16:00.28:35:23.16:52:31.98:47:34.332:31:29.5Tour
65 (-)Jeroen Boks6:30:29.56:42:26.46:06:39.4DNSn/aStage 1, 2, 3
66 (-)Bas Brouwer6:50:38.46:46:23.2DNSDNSn/aStage 1, 2
67 (-)Hub Dekkers5:15:00.3DNSDNS4:59:13.9n/aStages 1,3,5
68 (-)Zeev BotzerDNSDNS6:16:54.86:32:16.9n/aStage 3, 4
69 (-)Stefan GroschDNSDNSDNS5:40:17.8n/aStage 4
70 (-)Volker WohnlichDNSDNSDNS5:46:05.5n/aStage 4
71 (-)Filip Andreas HosteDNSDNSDNS6:05:09.8n/aStage 4
72 (-)Patrick GenglerDNSDNSDNS6:17:43.8n/aStage 4
73 (-)Ken Gengler - KrugerDNSDNSDNS6:27:32.1n/aStage 4
74 (-)Iwen ChenDNSDNSDNS6:40:27.5n/aStage 4
75 (-)Ed ReichmanDNSDNSDNS6:52:35.0n/aStage 4
76 (-)Ihung ChenDNSDNSDNS7:03:18.3n/aStage 4
77 (-)Meron LevyDNSDNSDNS7:11:01.7n/aStage 4
78 (-)Wieger BoonstraDNSDNSDNS7:23:48.9n/aStage 4
1 (-)Seychelle Hattingh5:40:29.85:43:17.25:01:25.65:19:1421:44:26.5Competition
2 (-)Petronella van Malsen5:43:10.85:44:30.45:03:00.85:19:3721:50:19.3Competition
3 (-)Siri Schubert5:44:49.75:45:23.75:05:03.05:20:5221:56:08.8Competition
4 (-)Orly Kesten6:00:17.85:58:31.45:10:20.15:21:2522:30:33.9Competition
5 (-)Meirav Yung6:20:48.46:24:23.05:45:35.45:45:3124:16:17.5Competition
6 (-)Diva Hatami6:29:47.86:27:19.45:45:34.05:57:5324:40:34.0Competition
7 (-)Supskool Leewarden6:20:46.46:48:05.66:17:08.45:45:3125:11:31.1Team
8 (-)Sabine Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.15:57:59.76:08:2725:51:07.9Competition
9 (-)Sandra Ruitenbeek-Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.15:57:59.76:08:2725:51:07.9Competition
10 (-)Krista van Beek7:09:41.37:10:06.66:17:25.06:08:4026:45:53.3Tour
11 (-)Elske Wind7:11:30.08:05:23.06:19:30.66:33:0528:09:28.4Competition
12 (-)Heleen Straatman7:27:20.17:21:20.46:55:41.16:53:2728:37:48.4Competition
13 (+1)Miriam Leistenschneider8:12:01.57:24:18.16:35:33.56:53:0629:04:59.5Tour
14 (+1)Shir Raanan8:34:20.07:24:18.16:17:26.76:52:5729:09:01.7Tour
15 (-)Sharon Zaal7:25:19.38:05:23.06:34:13.77:12:2829:17:24.0Competition
16 (-)Tjallien Kalsbeek8:06:09.98:38:04.56:54:46.17:08:5730:47:57.2Tour
17 (-)Paula Rode8:50:33.18:44:07.06:46:41.57:03:1031:24:32.0Competition
18 (+1)Caren Forbes9:05:33.18:41:41.27:14:59.97:09:5032:12:04.5Tour
19 (+1)Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon8:39:15.49:12:14.97:41:44.67:53:1333:26:28.3Tour
20 (+1)Valerie Hirschfield8:54:10.19:04:51.87:37:06.48:23:0233:59:10.7Tour
21 (-3)Maira Menezes de Azevedo8:01:34.8DNS6:44:00.1DNSn/aStage 1,3
22 (-)Geraldine Reffreger8:39:01.8DNS6:59:16.0DNSn/aStage 1,2,3
23 (-)Joanne MccallumDNSDNS7:55:21.78:25:55n/aStage 3,4
24 (-)Shira BrodetzkyDNSDNSDNS6:13:11n/aStage 4
25 (-)Sivan ShkolnikDNSDNSDNS7:12:45n/aStage 4
26 (-)Keren MagdasiDNSDNSDNS7:13:14n/aStage 4
27 (-)Elena LebedevaDNSDNSDNS8:47:34n/aStage 4



Stage 3 (41.3km) — COMPLETE

“Stalemate at the Front of the Field…”

Friday SUPtember 9th

Quick update: Stage 3 has just finished. The raw times are posted on posted on Race Splitter, and I’ve just updated the overall leaderboards below.

Looks like it was another good day on the water, with the favourites sticking together all the way til the line just like yesterday.

After crossing the line together to claim victory on the first two days, Bruno Hasulyo has taken the outright lead from his brother after sprinting away in the final few hundred metres, with Steeve, Daniel and Martino not far behind. Marcus Hansen was dropped from the front pack today, which has seen Martino move up to fourth on the leaderboard.

In the women’s, Seychelle Hattingh made it three from three, however once again the impressive duo of Petronella van Malsen and Siri Schubert held on for most of the day, crossing just a couple of minutes behind.

11 City Tour

Although it’s a marathon every day, the start of each stage is always a mad sprint (photo: Mayola Dijksman/SUP 11 City Tour)

1Bruno Hasulyo4:43:29.75:03:14.94:27:36.014:14:20.6Elite
2Daniel Hasulyo4:43:30.85:03:13.84:27:53.814:14:38.4Elite
3Steeve Teihotaata4:52:58.25:03:18.84:27:47.114:24:04.1Elite
4Martino Rogai4:53:03.55:03:32.74:27:56.314:24:32.5Elite
5Marcus Hansen4:53:02.35:03:29.04:38:09.614:34:40.9Elite
6Martijn van Deth5:07:01.45:09:37.74:33:00.114:49:39.2Elite
7Ricardo Haverschmidt5:03:30.35:19:03.04:32:58.614:55:31.9Elite
8Pepe Oltra5:03:25.05:19:08.84:38:12.015:00:45.8Elite
9Bart de Zwart5:05:02.15:18:58.04:38:09.615:02:09.7Elite
10James van Drunen5:17:24.65:19:12.04:38:37.515:15:14.1Elite
11Richard Proost5:17:41.55:19:19.04:38:31.315:15:31.8Elite
12Zoltan Erdelyi5:21:20.55:19:00.04:38:42.615:19:03.1Elite
13Simone Veschi5:19:10.35:27:50.54:44:56.215:31:57.0Elite
14Arthur Santacreu5:38:54.25:19:14.24:38:16.915:36:25.3Elite
15Charlie Jones5:20:03.25:37:10.04:47:14.815:44:28.0Elite
16Yuval Botzer5:18:16.55:35:56.34:51:35.115:45:47.9Elite
17Wolfgang Leeb5:25:46.05:31:44.64:53:00.415:50:31.0Masters
18Charles Higgins5:25:46.05:31:56.04:53:02.115:50:44.1Masters
19Ruben Salvador5:30:25.85:31:41.84:51:05.115:53:12.7Masters
20Dirk Bickert5:28:25.75:31:47.24:53:46.215:53:59.1Competition
21Jochum Steur5:29:54.95:38:23.84:55:12.416:03:31.1Competition
22Marco Bracci5:28:09.65:38:33.24:57:26.016:04:08.8Elite
23Thomas Soeters5:42:04.25:31:49.04:53:06.716:06:59.9Masters
24Dirk de Beuf5:32:27.45:42:38.55:01:34.016:16:39.9Masters
25Armin Zeitler5:32:30.75:43:33.15:01:34.016:17:37.8Competition
26Furio Vitali5:32:33.35:58:48.34:53:27.016:24:48.6Competition
27Rory Smyth5:42:32.95:47:09.34:57:26.016:27:08.2Elite
28Jelle Steenbeek5:56:09.25:41:07.94:53:24.016:30:41.1Competition
29Karl Roels5:38:44.25:44:39.85:10:13.616:33:37.6Competition
30Bruno Pitanga6:12:08.65:48:07.24:59:35.716:59:51.5Masters
31Torsten Ahrens5:53:55.75:57:20.55:16:32.417:07:48.6Masters
32Team Starboard6:11:21.35:46:25.65:13:43.017:11:29.9Team
33Vladimir Saveliev5:56:39.46:07:14.75:18:38.917:22:33.0Competition
34Supskool Leeuwarden6:37:47.15:35:14.35:12:43.717:25:45.1Team
35Michiel van der Pol5:59:44.66:13:39.75:12:43.717:26:08.0Competition
36Guy Bubb5:57:32.96:12:41.55:26:15.817:36:30.2Masters
37Wayne Druian6:03:32.26:12:41.55:26:10.117:42:23.8Masters
38Takaaki Ishii6:18:09.16:18:47.35:31:07.618:08:04.0Masters
39Jan (leszek) Klimaszyk6:17:34.56:21:02.65:31:43.218:10:20.3Competition
40Terence Chong6:43:46.66:18:47.35:38:25.218:40:59.1Competition
41Ben Beachell6:18:23.66:35:41.25:50:07.418:44:12.2Masters
42Pieter Paauw7:05:16.86:19:36.05:31:07.618:56:00.4Competition
43Rebel For A Cause6:40:50.46:23:17.25:55:02.418:59:10.0Team Tour
44Sergiy Duko6:41:49.96:21:09.25:58:43.719:01:42.8Competition
45Jeroen Boks6:30:29.56:42:26.46:06:39.419:19:35.3Masters
46Menno de Groot6:55:34.66:46:23.25:45:45.119:27:42.9Tour
47Hugo Vernhout7:09:01.26:41:41.85:49:57.919:40:40.9Tour
48Juerg Geser6:56:51.66:54:25.45:52:43.319:44:00.3Masters
49Hasan Ismail6:51:26.97:04:02.45:51:02.619:46:31.9Masters
50Martyn Geurts7:16:52.37:18:23.05:46:48.620:22:03.9Tour
51Martin Luitwieler7:00:25.56:58:55.06:40:39.620:40:00.1Masters
52Rene Van Woerkom7:44:01.47:25:03.36:17:30.121:26:34.8Tour
53Jonas Letieri7:10:03.87:44:26.66:36:36.921:31:07.3Elite
54Bernhard Jacob8:11:56.37:24:20.15:57:49.621:34:06.0Tour
55Rachman Djajakusuma7:28:34.27:43:36.56:24:06.521:36:17.2Masters
56Marcus Pozzetta7:06:13.88:29:15.66:01:13.921:36:43.3Masters
57Clayton Eduardo7:27:42.57:44:26.66:36:36.921:48:46.0Elite
58Americo Pinheiro7:27:45.77:44:26.66:36:36.921:48:49.2Elite
59Alex de Sain7:36:13.17:49:51.86:30:31.521:56:36.4Competition
60Steven Leus8:12:10.17:42:05.06:19:42.522:13:57.6Competition
61Christopher Rode7:44:19.98:14:56.86:45:56.122:45:12.8Masters
62Simon de Jager7:39:22.87:48:22.97:25:33.122:53:18.8Tour
63Johnny Fockenier8:15:46.28:03:07.37:10:08.823:29:02.3Competition
64Bas Brouwer6:50:38.46:46:23.29:59:59.023:37:00.6Tour
65James Brennan8:16:00.28:35:23.16:52:31.923:43:55.2Tour
66Todd Phillips9:05:33.18:40:53.17:14:59.925:01:26.1Tour
67Hub Dekkers5:15:00.39:59:59.09:59:59.025:14:58.3Stages 1,3,5
68Zeev Botzer9:59:59.09:59:59.06:16:54.826:16:52.8Stage
1Seychelle Hattingh5:40:29.85:43:17.25:01:25.616:25:12.6Competition
2Petronella van Malsen5:43:10.85:44:30.45:03:00.816:30:42.0Competition
3Siri Schubert5:44:49.75:45:23.75:05:03.016:35:16.4Competition
4Orly Kesten6:00:17.85:58:31.45:10:20.117:09:09.3Competition
5Meirav Yung6:20:48.46:24:23.05:45:35.418:30:46.8Competition
6Diva Hatami6:29:47.86:27:19.45:45:34.018:42:41.2Competition
7Supskool Leewarden6:20:46.46:48:05.66:17:08.419:26:00.4Team
8Sabine Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.15:57:59.719:42:41.4Competition
9Sandra Ruitenbeek-Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.15:57:59.719:42:41.4Competition
10Krista van Beek7:09:41.37:10:06.66:17:25.020:37:12.9Tour
11Elske Wind7:11:30.08:05:23.06:19:30.621:36:23.6Competition
12Heleen Straatman7:27:20.17:21:20.46:55:41.121:44:21.6Competition
13Sharon Zaal7:25:19.38:05:23.06:34:13.722:04:56.0Competition
14Miriam Leistenschneider8:12:01.57:24:18.16:35:33.522:11:53.1Tour
15Shir Raanan8:34:20.07:24:18.16:17:26.722:16:04.8Tour
16Tjallien Kalsbeek8:06:09.98:38:04.56:54:46.123:39:00.5Tour
17Paula Rode8:50:33.18:44:07.06:46:41.524:21:21.6Competition
18Maira Menezes de Azevedo8:01:34.89:59:59.06:44:00.124:45:33.9Stage 1
19Caren Forbes9:05:33.18:41:41.27:14:59.925:02:14.2Tour
20Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon8:39:15.49:12:14.97:41:44.625:33:14.9Tour
21Valerie Hirschfield8:54:10.19:04:51.87:37:06.425:36:08.3Tour
22Geraldine Reffreger8:39:01.89:59:59.06:59:16.025:38:16.8Stage 1
23Joanne Mccallum9:59:59.09:59:59.07:55:21.727:55:19.7Stage 1



Stage 2 (45.5km) — COMPLETE

“Hasulyo Brothers Defend Lead as Perfect Weather Keeps the Trains Tight”

Thursday SUPtember 8th

It was a beautiful day in Friesland on Thursday, with blue skies and light winds making conditions perfect for racing. Or perhaps a little too perfect, as the draft trains held together strong all the way along the 45.5km (28.3 mile) stage.

The top of the leaderboards are unchanged, with the top five guys crossing the line together to keep stage 1’s time gaps in place, however several paddlers further down the order made some moves.

11 City Tour

Daniel and Bruno Hasulyo maintain their strong position on the overall leaderboard (photo from day 1 by Mayola Dijksman/SUP 11 City Tour)

Full recap coming soon.

Follow the 11 City Tour on Facebook and Instagram for more.

Here’s the men’s leaderboard after the first two stages (click here for raw times from stage 2).

1 (-)Daniel Hasulyo4:43:30.85:03:13.89:46:44.6Elite
2 (-)Bruno Hasulyo4:43:29.75:03:14.99:46:44.6Elite
3 (-)Steeve Teihotaata4:52:58.25:03:18.89:56:17.0Elite
4 (-)Marcus Hansen4:53:02.35:03:29.09:56:31.3Elite
5 (-)Martino Rogai4:53:03.55:03:32.79:56:36.2Elite
6 (+3)Martijn van Deth5:07:01.45:09:37.710:16:39.1Elite
7 (-)Ricardo Haverschmidt5:03:30.35:19:03.010:22:33.3Elite
8 (-2)Pepe Oltra5:03:25.05:19:08.810:22:33.8Elite
9 (-1)Bart de Zwart5:05:02.15:18:58.010:24:00.1Elite
10 (+1)James van Drunen5:17:24.65:19:12.010:36:36.6Elite
11 (+1)Richard Proost5:17:41.55:19:19.010:37:00.5Elite
12 (+4)Zoltan Erdelyi5:21:20.55:19:00.010:40:20.5Elite
13 (+1)Simone Veschi5:19:10.35:27:50.510:47:00.8Elite
14 (-1)Yuval Botzer5:18:16.55:35:56.310:54:12.8Elite
15 (-)Charlie Jones5:20:03.25:37:10.010:57:13.2Elite
16 (+1)Wolfgang Leeb5:25:46.05:31:44.610:57:30.6Masters
17 (+1)Charles Higgins5:25:46.05:31:56.010:57:42.0Masters
18 (+9)Arthur Santacreu5:38:54.25:19:14.210:58:08.4Elite
19 (+1)Dirk Bickert5:28:25.75:31:47.211:00:12.9Competition
20 (+2)Ruben Salvador5:30:25.85:31:41.811:02:07.6Masters
21 (-2)Marco Bracci5:28:09.65:38:33.211:06:42.8Elite
22 (-1)Jochum Steur5:29:54.95:38:23.811:08:18.7Competition
23 (+5)Thomas Soeters5:42:04.25:31:49.011:13:53.2Masters
24 (-1)Dirk de Beuf5:32:27.45:42:38.511:15:05.9Masters
25 (-1)Armin Zeitler5:32:30.75:43:33.111:16:03.8Competition
26 (-)Karl Roels5:38:44.25:44:39.811:23:24.0Competition
27 (+2)Rory Smyth5:42:32.95:47:09.311:29:42.2Elite
28 (-3)Furio Vitali5:32:33.35:58:48.311:31:21.6Competition
29 (+2)Jelle Steenbeek5:56:09.25:41:07.911:37:17.1Competition
30 (-)Torsten Ahrens5:53:55.75:57:20.511:51:16.2Masters
31 (+5)Team Starboard6:11:21.35:46:25.611:57:46.9Team
32 (+5)Bruno Pitanga6:12:08.65:48:07.212:00:15.8Masters
33 (-1)Vladimir Saveliev5:56:39.46:07:14.712:03:54.1Competition
34 (-1)Guy Bubb5:57:32.96:12:41.512:10:14.4Masters
35 (+7)Supskool Leeuwarden6:37:47.15:35:14.312:13:01.4Team
36 (-2)Michiel van der Pol5:59:44.66:13:39.712:13:24.3Competition
37 (-2)Wayne Druian6:03:32.26:12:41.512:16:13.7Masters
38 (+1)Takaaki Ishii6:18:09.16:18:47.312:36:56.4Masters
39 (-1)Jan (leszek) Klimaszyk6:17:34.56:21:02.612:38:37.1Competition
40 (-)Ben Beachell6:18:23.66:35:41.212:54:04.8Masters
41 (+4)Terence Chong6:43:46.66:18:47.313:02:33.9Competition
42 (+2)Sergiy Duko6:41:49.96:21:09.213:02:59.1Competition
43 (-)Rebel For A Cause6:40:50.46:23:17.213:04:07.6Team Tour
44 (-3)Jeroen Boks6:30:29.56:42:26.413:12:55.9Masters
45 (+6)Pieter Paauw7:05:16.86:19:36.013:24:52.8Competition
46 (-)Bas Brouwer6:50:38.46:46:23.213:37:01.6Tour
47 (+1)Menno de Groot6:55:34.66:46:23.213:41:57.8Tour
48 (+5)Hugo Vernhout7:09:01.26:41:41.813:50:43.0Tour
49 (-)Juerg Geser6:56:51.66:54:25.413:51:17.0Masters
50 (-3)Hasan Ismail6:51:26.97:04:02.413:55:29.3Masters
51 (-1)Martin Luitwieler7:00:25.56:58:55.013:59:20.5Masters
52 (+3)Martyn Geurts7:16:52.37:18:23.014:35:15.3Tour
53 (+1)Jonas Letieri7:10:03.87:44:26.614:54:30.4Elite
54 (+7)Rene Van Woerkom7:44:01.47:25:03.315:09:04.7Tour
55 (+1)Clayton Eduardo7:27:42.57:44:26.615:12:09.1Elite
56 (+2)Rachman Djajakusuma7:28:34.27:43:36.515:12:10.7Masters
57 (-)Americo Pinheiro7:27:45.77:44:26.615:12:12.3Elite
58 (-48)Hub Dekkers5:15:00.39:59:59.015:14:59.3Stages 1,3,5
59 (-)Alex de Sain7:36:13.17:49:51.815:26:04.9Competition
60 (-)Simon de Jager7:39:22.87:48:22.915:27:45.7Tour
61 (-9)Marcus Pozzetta7:06:13.88:29:15.615:35:29.4Masters
62 (+1)Bernhard Jacob8:11:56.37:24:20.115:36:16.4Tour
63 (+1)Steven Leus8:12:10.17:42:05.015:54:15.1Competition
64 (-2)Christopher Rode7:44:19.98:14:56.815:59:16.7Masters
65 (-)Johnny Fockenier8:15:46.28:03:07.316:18:53.5Competition
66 (-)James Brennan8:16:00.28:35:23.116:51:23.3Tour
67 (-)Todd Phillips9:05:33.18:40:53.117:46:26.2Tour
1 (-)Seychelle Hattingh5:40:29.85:43:17.211:23:47.0Competition
2 (-)Petronella van Malsen5:43:10.85:44:30.411:27:41.2Competition
3 (-)Siri Schubert5:44:49.75:45:23.711:30:13.4Competition
4 (-)Orly Kesten6:00:17.85:58:31.411:58:49.2Competition
5 (+1)Meirav Yung6:20:48.46:24:23.012:45:11.4Competition
6 (+1)Diva Hatami6:29:47.86:27:19.412:57:07.2Competition
7 (-2)Supskool Leewarden6:20:46.46:48:05.613:08:52.0Team
8 (-)Sabine Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.113:44:41.7Competition
9 (-)Sandra Ruitenbeek-Pas6:54:59.66:49:42.113:44:41.7Competition
10 (-)Krista van Beek7:09:41.37:10:06.614:19:47.9Tour
11 (+2)Heleen Straatman7:27:20.17:21:20.414:48:40.5Competition
12 (-1)Elske Wind7:11:30.08:05:23.015:16:53.0Competition
13 (-1)Sharon Zaal7:25:19.38:05:23.015:30:42.3Competition
14 (+2)Miriam Leistenschneider8:12:01.57:24:18.115:36:19.6Tour
15 (+2)Shir Raanan8:34:20.07:24:18.115:58:38.1Tour
16 (-1)Tjallien Kalsbeek8:06:09.98:38:04.516:44:14.4Tour
17 (+3)Paula Rode8:50:33.18:44:07.017:34:40.1Competition
18 (+4)Caren Forbes9:05:33.18:41:41.217:47:14.3Tour
19 (-)Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon8:39:15.49:12:14.917:51:30.3Tour
20 (+1)Valerie Hirschfield8:54:10.19:04:51.817:59:01.9Tour
21 (-7)Maira Menezes de Azevedo8:01:34.89:59:59.018:01:33.8Stage 1
22 (-4)Geraldine Reffreger8:39:01.89:59:59.018:39:00.8Stage 1



Stage 1 (43.3km) — COMPLETE

“Hasulyo Brothers Take Commanding Lead; Seychelle Hattingh Sets Her Own Pace”

Wednesday SUPtember 7th

The Hasulyo Brothers, Bruno and Daniel, have opened up a massive advantage on the overall leaderboard after the first stage of the 2016 SUP 11 City Tour in the Netherlands, with the Starboard duo from Hungary finishing almost 10 minutes clear of defending champ Steeve Teihotaata (Mistral/Tahiti), Marcus Hansen (NSP/New Zealand) and Martino Rogai (Jimmy Lewis/Italy).

The brothers, or SUPBROz as they’re known, followed the same routine as last year, sprinting away at the start in the town of Leeuwarden to quickly build up a two minute lead over the opening few kilometres. But unlike last year, when Steeve was eventually able to catch and pass them each day, Bruno and Daniel not only maintained their lead but grew it, eventually crossing the line virtually side by side in a time of 4 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds.

SUP 11 City Tour

Daniel Hasulyo and his younger brother Bruno en route to a stellar one-two finish on the opening stage (photo via SUP 11 City Tour on Facebook)

The defending champion fought hard to finish well under five hours, however Steeve’s time of 4:52:58 gives his key rivals a huge head advantage heading into tomorrow’s second stage, where all paddlers will once again have a “mass start” in the morning, with daily times being combined on the Tour de France-style leaderboard.

Sticking with the Tahitian today were the impressive debutantes Marcus and Martino, who are now looking odds-on favourites for a top five finish after breaking up the main chase pack in the second half of the race.

Crossing the finish line in the small town of Sloten just after 3pm local time was Pepe Oltra from Spain. The highly under-rated competitor from Team SIC was in and out of trains for much of the race, paddling a long stretch on his own before gaining ground towards the finish.

In his caption above, Pepe talks about the heat being a big factor today. The Menorcan is looking to improve on his 7th place finish from the 2015 Tour; after teh first stage he’s in 6th place and on track to go one better than last year.

Right on his tail at the finish was Chilean turned Dutch local Ricardo Haverschmidt (Fanatic), who is also now one spot higher on the virtual leaderboard after finishing in 8th place 12 months ago. Ricardo was actually ahead in 6th place as he approached the lake at the end of the stage, but was reeled in and eventually overtaken by Pepe before the finish line.

Surprisingly, four-time champion Bart de Zwart was another two minutes adrift, crossing in 8th place today to record what is perhaps his lowest single stage result in the eight years he’s been competing in this classic event. Bart is already a massive 22 minutes behind the lead duo, so his goal now will be to push for an individual stage win and get back inside the overall top five.

Dutch duo Martijn van Deth (Starboard) and Hub Dekkers (JP Australia) rounded out the top 10 times, while 17-year-old James van Drunen (Spain/AquaInc) was just a couple of minutes outside the elite club. However the youngster, who has been chronicling his dedicated 11 Cities training schedule on Instagram the past couple of months, will have a good chance of cracking the top 10 tomorrow because Dekkers is only doing stages 1, 4 and 5.

After finishing 3rd and 4th respectively in last year’s Tour, Bruno and Daniel set a clear goal of finishing first and second in this year’s event, and so far they seem to be well on track to achieve it. The pair, who train harder than any paddlers I’ve ever met, have skipped all the other big international races over the past two months to focus solely on their 11 City Tour mission.

Although there are still four days, four stages and 160 odd kilometres of racing left to go, it will take a monumental effort for anyone to reel in the Hasulyos from here.

Interestingly, the brothers were paddling the new 21.5 inch wide Starboard Sprint (the new 2017 model). All other things being equal, that would give them a slight improvement in efficiency, which in a race as long as the 11 Cities, can turn into a big improvement on the leaderboard.

Having done the hard work on day 1, the Broz can now afford to play it safe for the rest of the week. All they have to do is sit on the tail of Steeve and defend their big lead. However knowing these two, that’s the last thing that’ll be on their mind…

Bruno and Daniel are hungry competitors. They will want to win every single stage by 10 minutes and make a real statement, which means they will most likely continue to attack the field each morning, just as they did today. However that would leave the door slightly open for Steeve, Marcus and Martino; if the brothers push too hard at the start of one stage, they could potentially hit the wall and give the other guys a chance to strike back.

But given the form they’ve shown today, that all seems rather unlikely; Bruno and Daniel will be odds-on favourite to win every stage from here on, with the only real question being which of the two will take the overall title. They were clearly working well as a two-man team today, but I daresay on the final day the sibling rivalry will kick in and they’ll both go for broke.

While much of the focus was on the arm-wrestle in the elite men’s field, the women’s race was much close than expected.

The 2015 champ Seychelle Hattingh (Mistral/USA), who went five and zip to make it a clean sweep of last year’s event and is a hot favourite to defend her title, took the stage win but received some close checking along the way.

SUP 11 City Tour

Seychelle Hattingh and Petronella van Malsen way out in front during stage 1 (photo credit: Mayola Dijksman/SUP 11 City Tour)

Sticking with Seychelle the longest was Dutchwoman Petronella van Malsen (Fanatic), who was only three minutes behind at the finish after sharing the lead with Seychelle early on, while Siri Schubert (AquaInc/Swizertland) is only another minute behind after the first of five stages.

Judging by the impressive times of today’s top trio, and considering there’s already a further 16 minutes back to 4th place, the women’s podium is probably already out.

Steeve and Seychelle’s Mistral team mate, Jonas Letieri (below), is another one of the many debutantes in this year’s Tour, and the inspirational, every-smiling Brazilian put in a great effort to finish in just over seven hours and take a spot in the middle of the pack.

It was a tough day on the water for many, with (I believe) a record amount of competitors taking more than eight hours to reach the finish line. There was a stiff headwind for the final 10kms or so, which would have played havoc with paddlers on the infamous “Slotermeer” lake that creates a physical (and mental) barrier right before the end of stage 1.

The competitors will have enjoyed their free massages and meal this afternoon, but will be heading to bed early to get ready for tomorrow morning’s second stage, which is a mammoth 45.5km (28.3 miles) from Sloten to Workum.

The weather looks good, with mostly sunny 22°C (72°F) temps forecast for Thursday. However there might be a moderate side-wind in the first half of the course, which could cause some grief on the series of short but exposed lakes that paddlers must navigate in the opening hour of the stage.

You can follow the paddlers on the live GPS tracking map, and you can get a better understanding of where in the world this race is happening via the official course map.

Also be sure to follow the 11 City Tour on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates throughout the day.

Full times from stage 1 below…

1Bruno Hasulyo4:43:294:43:29Elite
2Daniel Hasulyo4:43:304:43:30Elite
3Steeve Teihotaata4:52:584:52:58Elite
4Marcus Hansen4:53:024:53:02Elite
5Martino Rogai4:53:034:53:03Elite
6Pepe Oltra5:03:255:03:25Elite
7Ricardo Haverschmidt5:03:305:03:30Elite
8Bart de Zwart5:05:025:05:02Elite
9Martijn van Deth5:07:015:07:01Elite
10Hub Dekkers5:15:005:15:00Stage
11James van Drunen5:17:245:17:24Elite
12Richard Proost5:17:415:17:41Elite
13Yuval Botzer5:18:165:18:16Elite
14Simone Veschi5:19:105:19:10Elite
15Charlie Jones5:20:035:20:03Elite
16Zoltan Erdelyi5:21:205:21:20Elite
17Wolfgang Leeb5:25:465:25:46Masters
18Charles Higgins5:25:465:25:46Masters
19Marco Bracci5:28:095:28:09Elite
20Dirk Bickert5:28:255:28:25Competition
21Jochum Steur5:29:545:29:54Competition
22Ruben Salvador5:30:255:30:25Masters
23Dirk de Beuf5:32:275:32:27Masters
24Armin Zeitler5:32:305:32:30Competition
25Furio Vitali5:32:335:32:33Competition
26Karl Roels5:38:445:38:44Competition
27Arthur Santacreu5:38:545:38:54Elite
28Thomas Soeters5:42:045:42:04Masters
29Rory Smyth5:42:325:42:32Elite
30Torsten Ahrens5:53:555:53:55Masters
31Jelle Steenbeek5:56:095:56:09Competition
32Vladimir Saveliev5:56:395:56:39Competition
33Guy Bubb5:57:325:57:32Masters
34Michiel van der Pol5:59:445:59:44Competition
35Wayne Druian6:03:326:03:32Masters
36Team Starboard6:11:216:11:21Team
37Bruno Pitanga6:12:086:12:08Masters
38Jan (leszek) Klimaszyk6:17:346:17:34Competition
39Takaaki Ishii6:18:096:18:09Masters
40Ben Beachell6:18:236:18:23Masters
41Jeroen Boks6:30:296:30:29Masters
42Supskool Leeuwarden6:37:476:37:47Team
43Rebel For A Cause6:40:506:40:50Team Tour
44Sergiy Duko6:41:496:41:49Competition
45Terence Chong6:43:466:43:46Competition
46Bas Brouwer6:50:386:50:38Tour
47Hasan Ismail6:51:266:51:26Masters
48Menno de Groot6:55:346:55:34Tour
49Juerg Geser6:56:516:56:51Masters
50Martin Luitwieler7:00:257:00:25Masters
51Pieter Paauw7:05:167:05:16Competition
52Marcus Pozzetta7:06:137:06:13Masters
53Hugo Vernhout7:09:017:09:01Tour
54Jonas Letieri7:10:037:10:03Elite
55Martyn Geurts7:16:527:16:52Tour
56Clayton Eduardo7:27:427:27:42Elite
57Americo Pinheiro7:27:457:27:45Elite
58Rachman Djajakusuma7:28:347:28:34Masters
59Alex de Sain7:36:137:36:13Competition
60Simon de Jager7:39:227:39:22Tour
61Rene Van Woerkom7:44:017:44:01Tour
62Christopher Rode7:44:197:44:19Masters
63Bernhard Jacob8:11:568:11:56Tour
64Steven Leus8:12:108:12:10Competition
65Johnny Fockenier8:15:468:15:46Competition
66James Brennan8:16:008:16:00Tour
67Todd Phillips9:05:339:05:33Tour
1Seychelle Hattingh5:40:295:40:29Competition
2Petronella van Malsen5:43:105:43:10Competition
3Siri Schubert5:44:495:44:49Competition
4Orly Kesten6:00:176:00:17Competition
5Supskool Leewarden6:20:466:20:46Team
6Meirav Yung6:20:486:20:48Competition
7Diva Hatami6:29:476:29:47Competition
8Sabine Pas6:54:596:54:59Competition
8Sandra Ruitenbeek-Pas6:54:596:54:59Competition
10Krista van Beek7:09:417:09:41Tour
11Elske Wind7:11:307:11:30Competition
12Sharon Zaal7:25:197:25:19Competition
13Heleen Straatman7:27:207:27:20Competition
14Maira Menezes de Azevedo8:01:348:01:34Competition
15Tjallien Kalsbeek8:06:098:06:09Tour
16Miriam Leistenschneider8:12:018:12:01Tour
17Shir Raanan8:34:208:34:20Tour
18Geraldine Reffreger8:39:018:39:01Stage
19Wilma Zwikker-Killgallon8:39:158:39:15Tour
20Paula Rode8:50:338:50:33Competition
21Valerie Hirschfield8:54:108:54:10Tour
22Caren Forbes9:05:339:05:33Tour

(raw results available on Race Splitter)



SUP 11 City Tour: Non-Stop Race

We must also give a big shout out to the finishers of the “Non-Stop Tour”, which is exactly what it sounds like: paddling the entire 220km in one non-stop stretch (instead of the usual five days/five stages). All day. All night. It’s an extraordinary challenge of both physical and mental stamina.

The non-stop race began Monday morning and finished on Tuesday afternoon. Frenchman Florent Dode, who was the five day runner-up last year, won this year’s non-stop tour in record time. Janneke Smits and Joanne Hamilton-Vale enjoyed a see-sawing battle in the women’s race, with Janneke outlasting Jo after almost 30 hours of paddling.

1st: Florent Dode (25 hours, 36 minutes, 38 seconds) *record time
2nd: Oliviera Darrieumerlou (26:06:37)
3rd: Ike Frans (26:32:56)
4th: Janneke Smits (28:58:18) *1st female
5th: Joanne Hamilton-Vale (29:42:01) *2nd female
6th: Albert Grossgruth (30:45:42)
7th: Miguel Martorell (31:10:11)
8th: Supaway Team (31:27:27)
9th: Jorg Bossack (33:35:54)