October 2, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Pacific Paddle Games: Connor Baxter, Candice Appleby Win on Dramatic Final Day


And that’s a wrap.

Check out the overall 2016 Pacific Paddle Games RESULTS to see how it all ended up.

You can also watch a full Pacific Paddle Games webcast replay in case you missed it.




Candice Appleby and Connor Baxter claim the overall titles here on the final day of the Pacific Paddle Games after an absolutely hectic day of racing.

Let me catch my breath and I’ll have a recap and overall results for you…


(provisional results)

1st: Connor Baxter (1900 points)
2nd: Michael Booth (1500)
3rd: Travis Grant (1450)
4th: Georges Cronsteadt (1250)
5th: Arthur Arutkin (1250)*
6th: Kai Lenny (1175)
7th: Danny Ching (1150)
8th: James Casey (1050)
9th: Titouan Puyo (1025)
10th: Lincoln Dews (1000)

1st: Candice Appleby (1825 points)
2nd: Shae Foudy (1725)
3rd: Annabel Anderson (1650)
4th: Olivia Piana (1450)
5th: Terrene Black (1400)
6th: Fiona Wylde (1300)

*course race was the tie-breaker


1 Connor Baxter 14:31.1
2 Kai Lenny 14:43.3
3 Mo Freitas 14:43.6
4 James Casey 14:57.1
5 Slater Trout 14:59.8
6 Travis Grant 15:03.2
7 Arthur Arutkin 15:11.7
8 Danny Ching 15:13.4
9 Michael Booth 15:13.5
10 Lincoln Dews 15:19.2
11 G Cronsteadt 15:32.8
12 Jake Jensen 15:39.7
13 Giorgio Gomez 15:58.0
14 Noa Hopper 16:04.9
15 Guilherme Batista de Souza 16:05.1
16 Kody Kerbox 16:40.4

1 Candice
2 Terrene
3 Shae
4 Olivia
5 Jade
6 Annabel
7 Sonni
8 Fiona
9 Morgan
10 Jenny
11 Lexi
12 April
13 Seychelle
14 Tarryn
15 Kim Barnes
16 Hannah Hill




Annabel Anderson and Michael Booth have each claimed massive victories in the PPGs distance race here @ Doheny State Beach this morning.

Annabel put on a masterclass to finish well clear of the chase pack that featured Shae Foudy (2nd), Candice Appleby (3rd), Fiona Wylde (4th) and the impressive Frenchwoman Olivia Piana (5th).

Boothy’s strategy was similar and just as simple as Annabel’s: Break the field off the line and never look back. The Aussie powerhouse pulled clear of a mammoth draft chase pack that was headed by the likes of Connor Baxter, Travis Grant, Georges Cronsteadt and Lincoln Dews.

The field eventually started splintering as a moderate breeze whipped up a plenty of small bumps, which made it a headwind grind for half the race and a slight downwinder for the other half. But as hard as Connor tried to milk the bumps, he couldn’t close the gap on Boothy.


The Starboard team rider crossed the line well clear to draw first blood on the overall event championship standings (results are combined between distance and surf race to find the overall winner). Connor out-sprinted a strong-looking Georges to claim second, while Titouan Puyo, who is out of contention after missing the surf race finals, politely let his NSP/Quickblade team mate Travis Grant run past him up the beach to claim 4th.

Danny Ching and Arthur Arutkin were locked in a photo finish for 6th and 7th, while Casper Steinfath, James Casey and Lincoln Dews battled for the minor spots inside the top 10.

Full results from the distance race below. Stick around for the main event this afternoon: The pro surf race finals from 2:15pm (women up first then the men; pre-show starts on the live webcast @ 1:45pm California time).

Quick note: This event is going to have a massive impact on the SUP Racer World Rankings; the men’s event has come in at a world record 92.5%, while the women’s is pegged at 71.5%, which is one point behind the Gorge. We’ll update the rankings on Monday morning.




#AthleteAgeTimePPGs Points
1Michael Booth2548:25.281000
2Connor Baxter2248:32.53900
3G Cronsteadt3648:32.89825
4Travis Grant3349:27.31750
5Titouan Puyo2549:27.35700
6Danny Ching3349:34.58650
7Arthur Arutkin1949:34.61600
8Lincoln Dews2050:03.51550
9Bullet Obra2650:07.59500
10Casper Steinfath2350:16.16450
11Leonard Nika2950:21.02425
12James Casey2550:36.79400
13Vinnicius Martins2050:43.84375
14Bruno Hasulyo2150:44.28350
15Niuhiti Buillard2450:56.54325
16Matt Nottage2150:57.10300
17Kai Lenny2351:20.60275
18Lorenzo Bennett1951:21.04250
19Trevor Tunnington1951:21.25225
20Paolo Marconi2551:22.37200
21Manatea Bopp du Pont2751:24.52190
22Guy Barel1851:41.59180
23Giorgio Gomez2051:53.66170
24Bernd Roediger1952:19.46160
25Daniel Hasulyo2552:20.33150
26Chase Kosterlitz3052:48.41140
27Martin Letourneur2052:53.70130
28Dylan Frick2152:53.95120
29Eric Leou On3053:11.90110
30Kenny Kaneko2853:13.24100
31Jake Jensen2153:13.4895
32Ryan Helm4253:23.0190
33Beau O'Brian3353:25.7285
34Claudio Nika2053:45.7180
35Slater Trout2153:47.0575
36Riggs Napoleon1853:54.3270
37Joshua Riccio2754:26.7765
38Kelly Margetts4454:30.1060
39Garrett Fletcher2554:31.6055
40Gregory Closier4154:32.0350
41Fernando Stalla2954:36.2449
42Vincent Verhoeven3154:41.2848
43Martino Rogai2854:55.9047
44Guilherme Batista de Souza1854:56.6046
45Cyril Burguiere3755:08.0145
46Larry Cain5355:08.0244
47Thomas King3255:17.6243
48Toby Cracknell2255:18.8342
49Kaihe Chong2655:30.6741
50Daniel Russell1955:35.8240
51Kieran Grant2455:48.0739
52Lucas Do Camo Belchior3155:48.3438
53Belar Diaz3955:49.0037
54Tomoyasu Murabayashi3855:50.0436
55Tommy Buday4055:51.7235
56Patrick Vero2755:55.7534
57Zane Schweitzer2356:18.5833
58Maui Harehoe3456:56.9732
59Michael Tavares3356:58.2931
60Dave Boehne4057:43.3330
61Damien Girault3158:02.9329
62Rodney Ellis4358:08.3728
63Chance Fielder4458:15.0127
64Brian Meyer2958:32.0926
65Jeremie Mandin4158:32.7825
66Norman Hann4758:57.2924
67Yann Lauletta2259:13.3623
68Jeramie Vaine3759:14.1322
69Byron Kurt5259:43.3721
70Brenden Clark4659:48.4920
71Taylor Rambo291:00:1319
72Rob Rojas431:00:3218
73Callan Dick231:00:3717
74Nick Scheel171:00:5716
75Spencer Lacy241:01:1415
76Jorge Quintana-341:02:1614
77Daniel Parres-Puerto481:02:4513
78Andrew Dima291:05:2112
79Chris Murphy341:07:5411
80Ricardo Chiari471:09:4610
81Kyle O'Kelly431:12:239




#AthleteAgeTimePPGs Points
1Annabel Anderson3554:18.191000
2Shae Foudy1756:01.81900
3Candice Appleby3156:01.99825
4Fiona Wylde1956:20.47750
5Olivia Piana2556:31.14700
6April Zilg3056:55.32650
7Sonni Honscheid3557:09.23600
8Jenny Kalmbach3357:18.87550
9Terrene Black3357:34.75500
10Hannah Hill1657:45.30450
11Susak Molinero2858:01.95425
12Seychelle Hattingh2958:23.54400
13Kim Barnes4058:42.79375
14Tarryn King261:00:06350
15Lexi Alston141:00:06325
16Morgan Hoesterey351:00:35300
17Shannon Bell421:01:10275
18Stephanie Shideler411:01:54250
19Jennifer Lee351:02:06225
20Alyson Fromm221:02:26200
21Kenzie Carlstrom191:03:08190
22Teanatea Tetoe361:05:52180
23Genna Flinkman291:08:10170
24Natalie Tiralongo171:08:45160
25Bailey Rosen201:09:18150
26Giannisa Vecco371:11:07140
27Jolieanne Marxen391:27:34130




Well that sure was an entertaining day of racing.

Day 2 of the Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life certainly delivered the goods, with some intense heats in the quarter-finals and semis that saw a lot of action, plenty of chaos and more than a few big names eliminated ahead of Sunday afternoon’s grand finale.

A lot of the star athletes are through to the final (including Danny, Travis, Connor and Kai), but a lot are missing.


Titouan Puyo, Casper Steinfath, Toby Cracknell, Beau O’Brian, Vinni Martins, Matt Nottage, Trevor Tunnington and Zane Schweitzer were just some of the famous faces to get cut out in the cut-throat semis, while the likes of Kelly Margetts, Fernando Stalla and several more had already exited in the morning’s quarter-finals.

Just take a look at the lineup for the final. “Stacked” doesn’t even begin to describe it. There’s a reason why this event has scored 92.5% on the Race Index (making it the most-competitive race of all time).

And while the women’s field has been smaller this weekend, now that we’re down to the final it’s also set to be a super competitive showdown, with Candice, Annabel, Fiona and Shae all looking very sharp in today’s semis.

Make sure you tune in from 8am Sunday to catch all the action as it happens on the official live webcast. Early in the morning we’ve got the mass-start distance race, before the 16 guys and 16 women that survived the opening two days of the event will battle it out in the headline act in the afternoon: the pro surf race finals.

While you’re waiting for the festivities to resume, you can check out a FULL REPLAY of today’s webcast below. Scroll down for the finals athlete lineups + today’s results.

Live webcast resumes @ 8am Sunday

8am Sunday in California = 5am in Hawaii; 11am Eastern (Florida, New York, etc); 5pm in Central Europe (France, Spain, etc); and 1am Monday morning on the East Coast of Australia


8:00am: Live webcast begins (pre-show with Dave Kalama)
8:30am: Pro Women’s and Pro Junior Girls Distance Race (6 miles)
9:45am: Pro Men’s and Pro Junior Boys Distance Race (6 miles)
2:15pm: Pro Women’s Surf Race Final
2:45pm: Pro Men’s Surf Race Final
3:25pm: Awards ceremony

See the full event schedule









Semi-Final Results

Get the full results from today


Top 8 advance to Sunday’s final

1st: Connor Baxter / 13:31.90
2nd: Kai Lenny / 13:33.33
3rd: Danny Ching / 13:35.85
4th: Travis Grant / 13:37.90
5th: James Casey / 13:38.19
6th: Arthur Arutkin / 13:39.41
7th: Noa Hopper / 13:40.26
8th: Georges Cronsteadt / 13:42.77
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9th: Martin Letourneur / 13:59.51
10th: Joshua Riccio / 14:02.26
11th: Zane Schweitzer / 14:07.82
12th: Lorenzo Bennett / 14:19.05
13th: Dylan Frick / 14:22.02
14th: Matt Nottage / 14:22.06
15th: Titouan Puyo / 14:22.29
16th: Bruno Hasulyo / 14:35.89


Top 8 advance to Sunday’s final

1st: Mo Freitas / 13:30.58
2nd: Giorgio Gomez / 13:36.99
3rd: Michael Booth / 13:37.06
4th: Slater Trout / 13:37.16
5th: Lincoln Dews / 13:46.01
6th: Kody Kerbox / 14:01.68
7th: Guilherme de Souza / 14:05.54
8th: Jake Jensen / 14:06.01
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9th: Thomas King / 14:06.33
10th: Toby Cracknell / 14:24.99
11th: Casper Steinfath / 14:25.24
12th: Trevor Tunnington / 14:25.43
13th: Martin Vitry / 14:25.54
14th: Beau O’Brian / 15:48.05
15th: Bernd Roediger / 15:50.33
16th: Vinnicius Martins / 17:01.49



Top 8 advance to Sunday’s final

1st: Candice Appleby / 14:13.13
2nd: Shae Foudy / 15:01.91
3rd: April Zilg / 15:02.98
4th: Jennifer Kalmbach / 15:04.81
5th: Olivia Piana / 15:06.91
6th: Terrene Black / 15:20.79
7th: Jade Howson / 15:23.39
8th: Morgan Hoesterey / 16:40.71
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9th: Izzi Gomez / 16:41.74
10th: Susak Molinero / 16:42.12
11th: Bailey Rosen / 16:46.91
12th: Kenzie Carlstrom / 17:23.31
13th: Genna Flinkman / 17:34.98
14th: Giannisa Vecco / 17:50.68


Top 8 advance to Sunday’s final

1st: Annabel Anderson / 15:33.59
2nd: Fiona Wylde / 16:06.82
3rd: Tarryn King / 16:43.24
4th: Lexi Alston / 16:55.98
5th: Kimberly Barnes / 17:10.71
6th: Sonni Honscheid / 17:22.15
7th: Hannah Hill / 18:37.21
8th: Seychelle Hattingh / 19:53.28
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
9th: Shannon Bell / 21:27.16
10th: Jennifer Lee / 22:17.93
11th: Alyson Fromm / 22:31.35
12th: Teanatea Tetoe / 26:54.66
13th: Alejandra Brito / 28:13.34

Get the full results from today, including the men’s quarter-finals, the junior pro and the open race.