October 2, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Pacific Paddle Games: Overall Results from the Biggest Race of the Year as Candice Appleby and Connor Baxter Go Back-to-Back

Pacific Paddle Games results

Hectic start to the men’s distance race on the final day of the Pacific Paddle Games (photo: Greg Panas/SUP the Mag)

The 2016 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life are complete. And what an event it was. The words “drama”, “action” and “excitement” don’t even begin to describe what we saw out there, especially on the final day as it all came down to the wire for the overall results. I don’t even know where to begin…

Congratulations to Candice Appleby and Connor Baxter for rising above the all-star field and claiming back-to-back PPGs titles. And huge efforts from Shae Foudy, Annabel Anderson, Michael Booth and Travis Grant to stand on the podium with them.

Big effort from Kai Lenny to claim second in the hectic surf race final, with defending champ Mo Freitas third, James Casey fourth and Slater Trout fifth. Georges Cronsteadt turned the clock back, finishing half a second behind Connor to claim a well-deserved third in the distance and fourth overall. Titouan Puyo looked very good in the distance race as well, lapping up the small bumps that were on offer.

Also a special shout out to the Pro Junior stars: Champions Martin Vitry and Kali’a Alexiou, runners-up Ryan Funk and Jade Howson (who was also on fire in the elite women’s surf race final), and third place-getters Noa Hopper and Honoka Araki. You’ll be hearing these names a lot more in the future. Very impressive.

But anyway, here’s what you really want: The complete, full, final, overall results.

Recap? For once I’m actually kinda speechless… I couldn’t even sit down in the commentary booth during those surf race finals. It was intense. There will be absolutely no recap until at least tomorrow, but fortunately you can go and read the official recap of what happened here in Doheny today over on the PPGs site.

You can also watch the full webcast replay from both days, while you might want to check out the official final day photo gallery as well.

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(click here for the quarter-finals, open division and grom race results)


Pacific Paddle Games

L-R: Terrene, Candice and Annabel in the women’s tech final (photo: Greg Panas/SUP the Mag)

Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny in pursuit (photo: Greg Panas/SUP the Mag)

Pacific Paddle Games open race (photo: SUP the Mag)

Pacific Paddle Games open race (photo: SUP the Mag)

Pacific Paddle Games from above

Pacific Paddle Games from above (photo: SUP the Mag)



Pro Men’s Overall

Race Index: 92.5%
View the latest World Rankings

#AthletePointsWorld RankingsAge
1Connor Baxter190092.5022
2Michael Booth150069.3825
3Travis Grant140055.5033
4Georges Cronsteadt125046.2536
5Arthur Arutkin120139.3119
6Danny Ching120032.3833
7Kai Lenny117527.7523
8James Casey115023.1325
9Lincoln Dews100020.8120
10Mo Freitas82518.5020
11Titouan Puyo80016.6525
12Slater Trout77514.8021
13Casper Steinfath63013.8823
14Bullet Obra59012.9526
15Giorgio Gomez53512.0320
16Leonard Nika51511.1029
17Vinnicius Martins47110.1820
18Bruno Hasulyo4469.2521
19Jake Jensen4458.3321
20Zane Schweitzer4307.4023
21Matt Nottage4206.9421
22Niuhiti Buillard4156.4824
23Lorenzo Bennett3856.0119
24Guilherme Batista de Souza3735.5518
25Martin Letourneur3705.0920
26Trevor Tunnington3604.8119
27Noa Hopper3504.5317
28Kody Kerbox3004.2622
29Thomas King2933.9832
30Paolo Marconi2763.7025
31Manatea Bopp du Pont2663.5227
32Bernd Roediger2503.3319
32Dylan Frick2503.1521
34Guy Barel2482.9618
35Toby Cracknell2422.7822
36Joshua Riccio2332.5927
37Daniel Hasulyo2142.4125
38Beau O'Brian2052.2233
39Chase Kosterlitz2002.0430
40Kenny Kaneko1771.8528
41Claudio Nika1661.7620
42Eric Leou On1561.6730
43Kelly Margetts1481.5744
44Garrett Fletcher1471.4825
45Martin Vitry1401.3917
45Ryan Helm1401.3042
47Fernando Stalla1371.2029
48Kieran Grant1181.1124
49Gregory Closier1161.0241
50Martino Rogai1150.9328
51Tomoyasu Murabayashi1110.0038
52Carlos Gomez1100.0027
53Lucas Do Camo Belchior1090.0031
54Kaihe Chong1080.0026
55Cyril Burguiere1030.0037
55Dave Boehne1030.0040
57Vincent Verhoeven1000.0031
58Belar Diaz940.0039
59Jeramie Vaine920.0037
60Daniel Russell910.0019
61Chuck Glynn900.0028
62Michael Tavares870.0033
63Ryan Funk860.0016
63Callan Dick860.0023
65Yann Lauletta850.0022
65Taylor Rambo850.0029
67Patrick Vero840.0027
68Byron Kurt830.0052
69Caio Vaz820.0022
70Norman Hann800.0047
70Tommy Buday800.0040
72Riggs Napoleon790.0018
73Maui Harehoe760.0034
73Brian Meyer760.0029
75Jayden Jensen740.0024
76Rob Rojas730.0043
77Jeremie Mandin690.0041
78Chance Fielder680.0044
79Damien Girault660.0031
79Itzel Delgado660.0017
81Nick Scheel650.0017
82Brennan Rose620.0027
82Sean Poynter620.0027
84Jeffrey Spencer560.0015
85Andrew Dima550.0029
86Ricardo Chiari530.0047
87Spencer Lacy520.0024
87Brenden Clark520.0046
89Daniel Parres-Puerto500.0048
89Colin McPhillips500.0041
91Larry Cain460.0053
91Kyle O'Kelly460.0043
93Jorge Quintana-450.0034
94Ryan Knysh440.0029
94Zibi Wadzynski440.0043
96Matt Hartnett380.0031
96George Plsek380.0047
98Rodney Ellis270.0043
99Chris Murphy100.0034

* UPDATED October 11th with a few corrected results (most notably Zane Schweitzer, who finished 20th, not 38th as originally listed)



Pro Women’s Overall

Race Index: 71.5%
View the latest World Rankings

#AthletePPGs PointsWorld RankingsAge
1Candice Appleby182571.5031
2Shae Foudy172553.6317
3Annabel Anderson165042.9035
4Olivia Piana145035.7525
5Terrene Black140030.3933
6Fiona Wylde130025.0319
7Sonni Honscheid120021.4535
8April Zilg102517.8830
9Jenny Kalmbach100016.0933
10Morgan Hoesterey80114.3035
11Seychelle Hattingh80012.8729
12Lexi Alston75111.4414
13Hannah Hill75010.7316
14Jade Howson70210.0114
15Kimberly Barnes7019.3040
16Tarryn King7008.5826
17Susak Molinero6257.8728
18Shannon Bell5257.1542
19Jennifer Lee4256.4435
20Alyson Fromm3805.7222
21Kenzie Carlstrom3505.3619
22Teanatea Tetoe3405.0136
23Bailey Rosen3304.6520
24Genna Flinkman3104.2929
25Giannisa Vecco2603.9337
26Isabella Gomez2513.7216
27Stephanie Shideler2503.5041
28Natalie Tiralongo1603.2917
29Alejandra Brito1403.0733
30Jolieanne Marxen1302.8639



Pro Men’s Distance Race

#AthleteTimePPGs PointsAge
1Michael Booth48:25.27100025
2Connor Baxter48:32.5290022
3Georges Cronsteadt48:32.8882536
4Travis Grant49:27.3175033
5Titouan Puyo49:27.3570025
6Danny Ching49:34.5865033
7Arthur Arutkin49:34.6060019
8Lincoln Dews50:03.5155020
9Bullet Obra50:07.5950026
10Casper Steinfath50:16.1645023
11Leonard Nika50:21.0242529
12James Casey50:36.7940025
13Vinnicius Martins50:43.8337520
14Bruno Hasulyo50:44.2835021
15Niuhiti Buillard50:56.5332524
16Matt Nottage50:57.1030021
17Kai Lenny51:20.6027523
18Zane Schweitzer51:20.9325023
19Lorenzo Bennett51:21.0422519
20Trevor Tunnington51:21.2520019
21Paolo Marconi51:22.3719025
22Manatea Bopp du Pont51:24.5218027
23Guy Barel51:41.5817018
24Giorgio Gomez51:53.6616020
25Bernd Roediger52:19.4615019
26Daniel Hasulyo52:20.3214025
27Chase Kosterlitz52:48.4113030
28Martin Letourneur52:53.6912020
29Dylan Frick52:53.9411021
30Eric Leou On53:11.9010030
31Kenny Kaneko53:13.249528
32Ryan Helm53:23.019042
33Beau O'Brian53:25.728533
34Claudio Nika53:45.718020
35Slater Trout53:47.057521
36Kelly Margetts54:30.107044
37Garrett Fletcher54:31.606525
38Gregory Closier54:32.026041
39Fernando Stalla54:36.245529
40Vincent Verhoeven54:41.285031
41Martino Rogai54:55.904928
42Guilherme Batista de Souza54:56.604818
43Cyril Burguiere55:08.014737
44Larry Cain55:08.014653
45Jake Jensen55:13.484521
46Carlos Gomez55:17.184427
47Thomas King55:17.624332
48Toby Cracknell55:18.834222
49Daniel Russell55:35.824119
50Kieran Grant55:48.074024
51Lucas Do Camo Belchior55:48.333931
52Belar Diaz55:49.003839
53Tomoyasu Murabayashi55:50.043738
54Tommy Buday55:51.723640
55Riggs Napoleon55:54.323518
56Patrick Vero55:55.753427
57Joshua Riccio56:26.773327
58Maui Harehoe56:56.973234
59Michael Tavares56:58.293133
60Kaihe Chong57:30.673026
61Dave Boehne57:43.332940
62Damien Girault58:02.932831
63Rodney Ellis58:08.372743
64Brian Meyer58:32.092629
65Jeremie Mandin58:32.772541
66Norman Hann58:57.282447
67Yann Lauletta59:13.352322
68Jeramie Vaine59:14.122237
69Byron Kurt59:43.372152
70Brenden Clark59:48.482046
71Taylor Rambo1:00:131929
72Chance Fielder1:00:151844
73Rob Rojas1:00:321743
74Callan Dick1:00:371623
75Nick Scheel1:00:571517
76Spencer Lacy1:01:141424
77Jorge Quintana-1:02:161334
78Daniel Parres-Puerto1:02:451248
79Andrew Dima1:05:211129
80Chris Murphy1:07:541034
81Ricardo Chiari1:09:46947
82Kyle O'Kelly1:12:23843

* UPDATED October 11th with a few corrected results (most notably Zane Schweitzer, who finished 18th, not 57th as originally listed)



Pro Women’s Distance Race

#AthleteAgeTimePPGs Points
1Annabel Anderson3554:18.191000
2Shae Foudy1756:01.81900
3Candice Appleby3156:01.99825
4Fiona Wylde1956:20.47750
5Olivia Piana2556:31.14700
6April Zilg3056:55.32650
7Sonni Honscheid3557:09.23600
8Jenny Kalmbach3357:18.87550
9Terrene Black3357:34.75500
10Hannah Hill1657:45.30450
11Susak Molinero2858:01.95425
12Seychelle Hattingh2958:23.54400
13Kim Barnes4058:42.79375
14Tarryn King261:00:06350
15Lexi Alston141:00:06325
16Morgan Hoesterey351:00:35300
17Shannon Bell421:01:10275
18Stephanie Shideler411:01:54250
19Jennifer Lee351:02:06225
20Alyson Fromm221:02:26200
21Kenzie Carlstrom191:03:08190
22Teanatea Tetoe361:05:52180
23Genna Flinkman291:08:10170
24Natalie Tiralongo171:08:45160
25Bailey Rosen201:09:18150
26Giannisa Vecco371:11:07140
27Jolieanne Marxen391:27:34130



Pro Men’s Technical Final

1Connor Baxter14:31.0822
2Kai Lenny14:43.2723
3Mo Freitas14:43.5320
4James Casey14:57.0325
5Slater Trout14:59.7921
6Travis Grant15:03.2033
7Arthur Arutkin15:11.6919
8Danny Ching15:13.3933
9Michael Booth15:13.4425
10Lincoln Dews15:19.1120
11G Cronsteadt15:32.7436
12Jake Jensen15:39.6121
13Giorgio Gomez15:57.9720
14Noa Hopper16:04.8817
15Guilherme Batista de Souza16:05.0818
16Kody Kerbox16:40.3622



Pro Women’s Technical Final

1Candice Appleby18:11.9331
2Terrene Black18:15.4433
3Shae Foudy18:16.7517
4Olivia Piana18:30.5325
5Jade Howson18:45.8214
6Annabel Anderson18:59.6535
7Sonja Honscheid19:20.5635
8Fiona Wylde19:32.1119
9Morgan Hoesterey19:32.2135
10Jennifer Kalmbach19:33.9033
11Lexi Alston19:37.7314
12Seychelle Hattingh19:48.7929
13April Zilg19:49.0030
14Tarryn King20:22.0726
15Kimberly Barnes20:40.6040
16Hannah Hill20:55.3616



Pro Men’s Technical Semi-Final #1

Top 8 advanced to the final

1Connor Baxter13:31.9022
2Kai Lenny13:33.3323
3Danny Ching13:35.8533
4Travis Grant13:37.9033
5James Casey13:38.1925
6Arthur Arutkin13:39.4119
7Noa Hopper13:40.2617
8Georges Cronsteadt13:42.7736
9Martin Letourneur13:59.5120
10Joshua Riccio14:02.2627
11Zane Schweitzer14:07.8223
12Lorenzo Bennett14:19.0519
13Dylan Frick14:22.0221
14Matt Nottage14:22.0621
15Titouan Puyo14:22.2925
16Bruno Hasulyo14:35.8921

Pro Men’s Technical Semi-Final #2

Top 8 advanced to the final

1Mo Freitas13:30.5820
2Giorgio Gomez13:36.9920
3Michael Booth13:37.0625
4Slater Trout13:37.1621
5Lincoln Dews13:46.0120
6Kody Kerbox14:01.6822
7Guilherme Batista de Souza14:05.5418
8Jake Jensen14:06.0121
9Thomas King14:06.3332
10Toby Cracknell14:24.9922
11Casper Steinfath14:25.2423
12Trevor Tunnington14:25.4319
13Martin Vitry14:25.5417
14Beau O'Brian15:48.0533
15Bernd Roediger15:50.3319
16Vinnicius Martins17:01.4920



Pro Women’s Technical Semi-Final #1

Top 8 advanced to the final

1Candice Appleby14:13.1331
2Shae Foudy15:01.9117
3April Zilg15:02.9830
4Jenny Kalmbach15:04.8133
5Olivia Piana15:06.9125
6Terrene Black15:20.7933
7Jade Howson15:23.3914
8Morgan Hoesterey16:40.7135
9Isabella Gomez16:41.7416
10Susak Molinero16:42.1228
11Bailey Rosen16:46.9120
12Kenzie Carlstrom17:23.3119
13Genna Flinkman17:34.9829
14Giannisa Vecco17:50.6837

Pro Women’s Technical Semi-Final #2

Top 8 advanced to the final

1Annabel Anderson15:33.5935
2Fiona Wylde16:06.8219
3Tarryn King16:43.2426
4Lexi Alston16:55.9814
5Kimberly Barnes17:10.7140
6Sonja Honscheid17:22.1535
7Hannah Hill18:37.2116
8Seychelle Hattingh19:53.2829
9Shannon Bell21:27.1642
10Jennifer Lee22:17.9335
11Alyson Fromm22:31.3522
12Teanatea Tetoe26:54.6636
13Alejandra Brito28:13.3433



Pro Junior Boys – Overall

1Martin Vitry19007
2Ryan Funk17256
3Noa Hopper17007
4Tiavairau Chang15255
5Jeffrey Spencer14005
6Nick Scheel12017
7Ryland Hart12005
8Christian Anderson10505
9Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen9756
10Itzel Delgado95017
11Tyler Bashor82614
12Trent Carter82514
13Patrick Cleveland72516
14Keahi Agnieray65015
15Elijah Schoenig62515
16Max Fleming60117
17Keoni Sulpice60012
18Charlie Cindric50115
19Hanson Siverts50015



Pro Junior Girls – Overall

1Kali'a Alexiou182515
2Jade Howson180014
3Honoka Araki157514
4Erika Benitez155016
5Annie Reickert140015
6Delila Quinn135012
7Lara Claydon130016
8Valeria Salustri-Soto115015
9Jane Staples100014